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Abc book of U.S history PowerPoint Presentation
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Abc book of U.S history

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Abc book of U.S history - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genni Vega 2 nd pd. May 16 2011. Abc book of U.S history. Abstain- to not take part in some activity; such as voting. Affluence- the state of having much wealth. Ambush-a surprise attack Archeology- the study of the earth. Back country- a region of hills & forest west of tidewater.

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Abc book of U.S history

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Abstain- to not take part in some activity; such as voting.

Affluence- the state of having much wealth.

Ambush-a surprise attack

Archeology- the study of the earth.


Back country- a region of hills & forest west of tidewater.

  • Bicaremel- consisting of two houses or chambers or especially in a legislative.
  • Blockade runner- ship that sails out of blockaded area.
  • Burgesses- elected representatives to an assembly.

Californianos- Mexicans who lived in california .

  • Cabinet- a group of advisees to the president.
  • Canal- artificial waterway
  • Capital- money for investment

Depreciate- to fall in value.

  • Desert- to leave without permission.
  • Disarming- removal of weapons.
  • Diversity- variety or difference.

Effigy- rag figure representing an unpopular individual.

  • Emancipate- to free from slavery.
  • Entrenched- occupying a strong defense position.
  • Export- to sell goods aboard.

Famine- an extreme shortage of food.

  • Federalists- supports of the constitution
  • Fugitive- runaway or trying to runaway.
  • Frigate- warship.

Global warming- a steady increase in average world temperatures.

  • Genocide- the deliberate destruction of a racial political group.
  • Greenback- a piece of us paper money 1st issued by the north.
  • Guerrilla warfare- referring to a surprise attack.

Habeas- a legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned.

  • Holocaust- name given to the mass slaughter of Jews & other groups by the Nazis during ww2.
  • Hieroglyphics- an ancient form of writing using symbols & pictures to represent words sounds & concepts

Impeach-to formly charge a public official with misconduct in office.

Imperils - the actions used by one nation to exercise political or economic control over smaller or weaker nations.

Implied powers- powers not specially mentioned in the constitution.

Import- to buy goods from foreign countries.


Joint occupation- the position & setting of an area shared by two or more countries .

  • Joint stock company- a company which investors buy stock in the companies in return for a share of its future profits.
  • Judicial branch- the branch of government including the federalist court system that intercepts the nations laws.
  • Judicial Review- the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violets the constitution.

Kansas- state in the united states fighting over slavery issues in 1850’s gave territory the name belling Kansas.

  • Kentucky- state in the south central united states borders that sided with the union during the civil war.
  • Bleeding Kansas- mini civil war.

Landslide- an overwhelming victory.

Literacy- the ability to read and write.

Lock -in a canal, an enclosure with gates at the end used to lower in raising or lowering boats to level.

Lynching- putting to death a person by the illegal action of a mob


Maize- an early form of corn grown b y Native Americans.

Majority- more than half.

Manumission- the freeing of enslaved persons.

Martyr- a person who sacrifices his or her life for a principle or cause.


National debt- the amount of money a national government owns to other governments or its people.

  • Nationalism- loyalty to a nation & promotion of its interests above all others.
  • Neutral- taking no side in a conflict.
  • Neutral rights- the right to sail the seas and not take sides in a war.

Offence- position of attacking or the attack itself.

  • Ozone- the layer of gas composed by a form of oxygen that protects the earth & its people from cancer causing sun rays.
  • Overseer- person who survives a large operation or its workers.
  • Ordinance- a law or regulation.

Purism- favoring one side of an issue.

Perjury- lying when one has sworn an oath to tell the truth.

Petition- a formal request

Pilgrims- a journey to a holy place.


Ranchero- Mexican rancher.

  • Recruit- to enlist soldiers in the army
  • Ratify- to give approval to.
  • Revenue- incoming $.

Secede- to leave or withdraw.

  • Secessionists – withdraw from union.
  • Sectionalism- Loyalty to a region.
  • Suffrage-right to vote.

Tariffs- tax on imported goods.

  • Tolerance- the acceptance of different beliefs.
  • Total war- war on all aspects of enemies like.
  • Tribute- $ paid for protection.

Unalienable rights- a right that cant be surrendered.

  • Unconstitutional-not agreeing with the constitution.
  • Underground railroad-escape routes for African Americans.
  • Utopia- perfect society.

Veto- to reject a bill.

  • Vigilantes- people who take the law into their own hands.
  • Virginia house of burgesses- 1st group appointed to creating laws.
  • Vicksburg- city of a battle of the civil war- union victory.

Washington D.C- us capital

  • War of 1812- revolutionary war
  • Woman's rights – gave woman the right to vote.
  • Writs of assistance- legal document that enabled officers to search homes & war houses for smuggled homes.