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When to Rewire Your House?

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When to Rewire Your House? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • You could be wondering about house rewiring because it’s been years since you moved into your house in Melbourne or you’ve just bought an old house and are looking to renovate it but aren’t sure if you need to include rewiring too in your budget.
  • Whatever be the scenario, it is important to have your house’s wiring up-to-date. For this, you need to know when to rewire as sometimes a total rewiring is not required and at other times, it is required. But first, you need to know why you need to rewire.
the dangers of ignoring rewiring for your house
The Dangers of Ignoring Rewiring for Your House
  • A house that is running on an old wiring system is a potential landmine of disaster.
  • You could get electrical shocks from everyday appliances, or get fuses often, and even have your appliances burnt out from the overload on the wiring system.
  • This is not just a waste of money if your appliances get burnt out and can’t be used anymore, but it also a matter of health and safety for your loved ones and you.
  • Especially if you have small children at home, it is absolutely essential that you don’t take risks with the wiring.
signs that your house needs rewiring
Signs that Your House Needs Rewiring
  • Your house will give off several signs that it is in need of a rewiring if you look closely enough. Some of these signs are the following:
  • -> Electrical cables look worn out
  • -> Cords and outlets get warmer with use
  • -> Sockets, switches, and appliances are giving off electrical shocks more frequently
  • -> Fuses are getting blown out more frequently
  • -> You experience power outages on a more frequent basis for no reason (and your neighbours don’t)
signs that your house needs rewiring1
Signs that Your House Needs Rewiring

-> Your outlets are not three pronged but two pronged ones

-> If your home was built anywhere from the 50s to the 80s, then you can be pretty sure that it needs rewiring. There is a lot of difference in the capacities and requirements of electrical gadgets today compared to the days of old and a rewiring is definitely in order since you will be using modern appliances for sure.

-> If your home is being renovated or you are adding an extension, or even converting your garage or attic, then a rewiring is in order in order to ensure that the additional electrical load can be safely handled by the wires.

advantages of rewiring your house in melbourne
Advantages of Rewiring Your House in Melbourne
  • If you are looking to put your house up for sale, getting a rewiring done prior to that will help to attract more customers in Melbourne.
  • Mortgage lenders and potential home buyers are more interested in a house which has updated wiring than one in which they may have to do the wiring themselves.
  • If your home is a very old one, then a rewiring can definitely help to sell it faster.
  • If you are not looking to sell your house, rewiring still has advantages.
  • You can add more switches and outlets that can be used for all your appliances. You can also make sure that your wiring is not overloaded with the demands of modern day appliances, resulting in burnouts of expensive equipment.
what to do for house rewiring
What to do For House Rewiring?
  • In Melbourne, any rewiring of your house is best left to the experts. This is not a job that you can take up as a DIY project.
  • In fact, it is safer not to even try but to hand it over to the professionals to complete in a systematic and meticulous manner.
  • A qualified, professional, licensed, and experienced electrician or electrical contractor will be the best person to entrust this task with.
  • You can be then sure that your house rewiring is set for the next couple of decades at least.
  • You can take this as one-time investment that is well worth the money so that your home and your family is safe from the dangers of this.
what to do for house rewiring1
What to do For House Rewiring?
  • All you need to do is contact a professional electrical company, who will then conduct a survey and give you the quote for the job.
  • There could be many ways in which this is done, from a partial rewiring to a complete rewiring, so it is best to trust the experts with this.
  • Need more information about Electrical Safety Measures for Your Home or Business?
  • Get in touch with us:
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