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Moodle:. Free On-line Classroom Tools. 2008 MBEA Summer Conference Springfield, MO Carla Boulton, Presenter. What is Moodle?. M odular O bject- O riented D ynamic L earning Environment Free, open source software Can be used on any computer with Internet

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Moodle l.jpg


Free On-line Classroom Tools

2008 MBEA Summer Conference

Springfield, MO

Carla Boulton, Presenter

What is moodle l.jpg
What is Moodle?

  • Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

  • Free, open source software

  • Can be used on any computer with Internet

  • May be downloaded to your school server or hosted on outside sources

School server or outside host l.jpg
School Server or Outside Host?

  • School servers are the best place to host Moodle.

  • Outside hosts exist for a small fee or for free with limited capabilities.


Outside host links l.jpg
Outside Host Links

  • – FREE, but limited space

  • $0.95/mo hosting for

  • More expensive options

    •$500-$600 year

    •$500-$600 year

Getting started l.jpg
Getting Started

  • Every student must have a valid e-mail account, regardless of whether or not it is active.

  • Create an ENROLLMENT KEY so that only your students can be in your classes!

  • Explore

Course settings l.jpg
Course Settings

  • Name of class

  • Course description

Course settings7 l.jpg
Course Settings

  • Set start date/end date

  • Course format


Course settings8 l.jpg
Course Settings

  • Guest log-in?

  • Upload size

Class design l.jpg
Class Design

  • Format Choice for Class

    • Weekly: standard class setup with beginning and ending dates

    • Topics: dates are removed and topics are highlighted

    • Social: forum based

Class design13 l.jpg
Class Design

  • Module choices:

    • Assignments

    • Choice (great polling tool)

    • Forum

    • Resource

    • Quiz

    • Survey

    • Glossary

    • Journal

    • MORE!

Customizing your class l.jpg
Customizing Your Class


  • Add files and web pages through “Add Resource”

  • Add assignments, quizzes, forums, wiki, and other items through “Add Activity”

Editing icons l.jpg
Editing Icons


Assignments upload options l.jpg
Assignments: Upload Options

  • Decide on file size max

  • Decide on resubmissions

Assignments easy grading l.jpg
Assignments: Easy Grading

For multiple sections of a course, you can view all at once and then sort

Don’t forget to save your work!

Forum creation l.jpg
Forum: Creation

Be sure to allow kids the right to post

Forum kids at work l.jpg
Forum: Kids at Work

  • Monitor what they write!

  • Kids are very eager to use this to express ideas and course content

Resources l.jpg

  • Upload .pdf or other format files for student reference

  • Link to websites for references/study

Quizzes l.jpg

  • Create quizzes with different types of questions

    • Multiple choice

    • Matching

    • Essay

    • Short Answer

    • Numerical

    • MORE!

Quizzes setting the options l.jpg
Quizzes: Setting the Options

How many times do you want the quizzes to be taken??

Quizzes24 l.jpg

Be sure to limit attempts……

Benefits of using moodle l.jpg
Benefits of Using Moodle

  • Anytime, anywhere learning

  • The software is FREE

  • Students love anything on-line

  • Grade homework without touching a single piece of paper or using printer ink!

Cons of using moodle l.jpg
Cons of Using Moodle

  • Not as “pretty” as Blackboard

  • Navigation not 100% user friendly

  • Occasional “bugs” in software require patience

Uses outside the box l.jpg
Uses Outside the Box

  • Teacher collaboration

  • FBLA

  • Foreign pen-pal/sister classes

Questions l.jpg

  • Visit

  • E-mail me at