making multimedia quizzes using moodle l.
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Making Multimedia Quizzes Using Moodle PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Multimedia Quizzes Using Moodle

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Making Multimedia Quizzes Using Moodle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Multimedia Quizzes Using Moodle. Timothy Takemoto Department of Tourism Studies Faculty of Economics Yamaguchi University. Media Sources. Voice of America Creative Commons Audio Recording your own audio Recording your own video Using text to speech. Text to Speech.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript
making multimedia quizzes using moodle
MakingMultimedia Quizzes Using Moodle

Timothy Takemoto

Department of Tourism Studies

Faculty of Economics

Yamaguchi University

media sources
Media Sources
  • Voice of America
  • Creative Commons Audio
  • Recording your own audio
  • Recording your own video
  • Using text to speech
text to speech
Text to Speech
  • Good for non native speakers
  • Good for lone native speakers
    • TOEIC questions use male and female voices
  • There are various voices
  • The free ones such as in “Wavepad” are bad
  • AT&T produce the best.
  • Cepstral has an audio file broadcasting licence for only about $230, which is quite reasonable. Alas however their voices are not quite at the same quality. They specialise in lighter faster voices. “Diane” may just about do.
record your own
Record your own

You will need:

  • Recording Software
  • Hardware
  • Moodle Pre-Setup
  • Audacity Set-up
  • Script Writing
  • Importing Questions
  • To cover computer, to reduce noise of fan
  • Problem in Summer
setting up audacity 1
Setting up Audacity 1
  • Download Lame Encoder (Google “Lame encoder”)
flash compatible sample rates
Flash Compatible Sample Rates
  • Sample rates are 44Khz, 22Khz or 11Khz. (Thread)
  • The bit rate should not matter
  • This should be simple
audacity changes things martin using 44khz
Audacity Changes things! (Martin)Using 44Khz
  • 44Khz changed to 11Khz 16bs okay
  • 44Khz changed to 16Khz 24bs super chipmunk
  • 44Khz changed to 22Khz 32bs okay
  • 44Khz changed to 32Khz 40bs chipmunk
  • 44Khz changed to 32Khz 48bs chipmunk
  • 44Khz 56bs okay
  • 44Khz 64bs okay
  • 44Khz 80bs okay
  • 44Khz 128bs okay
  • Dialogue (Questions and Answers)
  • Question about dialogue
  • Four answers
  • Improvisation from initial dialogue question?
toeic tips
  • The correct answer and the question-about-dialogue use different language to the dialogue: triple paraphrase.
  • Distractors use dialogue language OR homonyms OR paraphrases of dialogue language.
  • All answers different: reduces “strategy.”
  • All about the same length: correct NOT longer
  • All answers require dialogue: Non-grammatical / non-sequitur / counter common sense answers not allowed.
how many audio files
How many audio files?
  • Six
  • 1) Dialogue
  • 2) Question
  • 3,4,5,6) Four answers including one correct answer
  • Can reduce to three but then the correct answer can not be randomized and the students can cheat.
where to store the files
Where to store the files
  • External Server – anyone can listen to them
  • Course files – only when logged in
  • Course files – big backups
  • Course files – exchange backups
  • External Server – exchange gift files
noise removal 1
Noise removal 1

Select Noise

noise removal 2
Noise removal 2

Go to the noise removal tool first time

noise removal 3
Noise removal 3

Get noise profile

noise removal 4
Noise removal 4

Control A to select everything and then Noise removal tool a second time

noise removal 5
Noise removal 5

Remove Noise

noise removal 6
Noise removal 6

The result: Sounds awful (example). Use that blanket

normalisation 1
Normalisation 1
  • Select all the audio: Control A
normalisation 2
Normalisation 2
  • Select Normalize effect from the Effect Menu
normalisation 3
Normalisation 3
  • Defaults OK for low volume audio
normalisation 4
Normalisation 4
  • Result – Spreads out the wave pattern to use the dynamic range. Effectively reduces noise.
compression 1
Compression 1
  • Compression from Effect menu
compression 2
Compression 2
  • Defaults okay, or increase ratio
compression 3
Compression 3
  • Click Okay
importing questions to moodle
Importing Questions to Moodle
  • GUI or TEXT file
  • Text file is faster
  • GUI may be easier to use
  • Allows attachment of images via quiz interface but not yet audio files.
  • Can attach audio files using the html editor
  • Can be slow if using server.
  • I recommend installing “Moodle for Windows” or “Moodle for Mac” into your desktop
gift format
GIFT format
  • This is the way to go.
  • The file format is the same for every question!
  • Just change the question title.
gift gotchas
GIFT Gotchas
  • Escape character \ before = in links
  • Escape character \ before ~ in urls
  • Save as UTF-8 or EUC to suit your Moodle’s encoding
  • Notepad only saves in SJIS so need “Sakura Editor” (Google it)
  • Correct answer random position
  • Do not use file names that give away the correct answer.
universal audio gift question
Universal Audio GIFT question
  • Please listen to the dialogue <a href\="URLXquestion1_dialogue.mp3"><img src\="URLXchime.gif"></a> <br/>Now listen to the question <a href\="question1_question.mp3"><img src\="URLXchime.gif"></a><br/>Now listen to the responses, and select the one that best answers the question.{~<a href\="URLXquestion1_response1_a.mp3""><img src\="URLXchime.gif"></a>#No. ~<a href\="URLXquestion1_response1_b.mp3""><img src\="URLXchime.gif"></a>#No.=<a href\="URLXquestion1_response1_c.mp3""><img src\="URLXchime.gif"></a>#Yes!~<a href\="URLXquestion1_response1_d.mp3""><img src\="URLXchime.gif"></a> #No. }
  • Using gif for audio – makes it a little more difficult to get the URL. Html entity “&nbsp” also okay
  • URLX replace later for server or course file URL
  • Escape character \ before “= ”
  • Feedback should be better than this in reality.
  • Not universal: change position of right answer
download it
Download it
  • I hope so
  • Please have a textbook
  • Make online tests with me (with distribution restrictions for security)