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Digits-to-Digits [D2D] Overview and Monthly Project Update 10 January 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Digits-to-Digits [D2D] Overview and Monthly Project Update 10 January 2014

Digits-to-Digits [D2D] Overview and Monthly Project Update 10 January 2014

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Digits-to-Digits [D2D] Overview and Monthly Project Update 10 January 2014

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  1. Digits-to-Digits [D2D] Overview and Monthly Project Update Digits-to-Digits [D2D] Overview and Monthly Project Update 10 January 2014

  2. Agenda • Roll Call Name ,VSO Name, State • D2D Overview • D2D Vision • D2D Goal • Onboarding Overview • Pilot VSO’sParticipants • Pilot VSO’s Milestones • General Information Website • Contact Information

  3. D2D Overview • What is D2D? • D2D is an electronic claims submission solution for VSOs who have proprietary Claims Management System (CMS) • D2D is a data exchange between two systems • D2D is strictly backend functionality • Who are the users of D2D? • D2D’s user base are the VSOs with proprietary CMS • What are the benefits of D2D? • It streamlines the claims management process. Reduces the amount of time it takes to submit a claim • It cuts postage, printing and paper costs • It decreases errors that may occur via manual entry of data • It allows for the claim to be submitted electronically

  4. D2D Overview (cont.)

  5. The D2D Vision D2D will be a generalized data delivery service (like FedEx®) that will enable ANY VA accredited partner to submit digital data captured in ANY VA Form together with associated attachments directly from an authorized partner system to a VA system. Think of D2D like you would FEDEX – it’s a service that gets something where you need it to be very quickly. Digits-to-Digits Service where customers can send packages anywhere, anytime…fast Service where VA partners can send digital claims forms directly to VA back-end systems, anytime…fast.

  6. D2D Goal • D2D the method of choice for volume submissions • Build in Quality control in the submission process to prevent Re-Work • Build in Automation to reduce Claim Cycle Time • Use Checklist to ensure Completeness of submissions • Document Markup model to draw attention to key areas of Evidence • Accelerate speed by which claims are filed, resulting in quicker rating decisions for veterans • Accommodate VSO/CVSO/State partners who already have a substantial investment in their own claims management systems • Eliminate creation of paper documents in VBA claims processing

  7. Onboarding Overview • What is onboarding? • Onboarding is the process of acquiring and absorbing or taking on new users into a system • Importance • It provides a process for the VSOs to follow and learn how they can become users of the D2D functionality • Requirements • Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) • Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) • SSL Certificate • Configuration Matrix • VLER-DAS Request Form

  8. Configuration Matrix Details • What is the Configuration Matrix? • A technical document • Requests Information about the VSO’s Network • Internet Connection Site/Partner • VPN Tunnel Information • Network Traffic Information between VA and Partner ( VSO) • Business POC Information • Technical POC Information • Be careful with information in this document

  9. VLER DAS Details • What is VLER DAS - Implementation Document Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) Data Access Services (DAS) Implementation Form -Permission External vendors that wish to establish internetworking connectivity the Department of Veterans Affairs Gateway. -Support VA Office of Information Technology (OI&T) System Design and Engineering (SDE) efforts to support the connection request with the VA Enterprise Security Configuration Control Board (ESCCB).

  10. D2D Pilot Participants

  11. Digits to Digits (D2D) Pilot Update Phase 3: VBMS Testing Phase 1: Mock VLER DAS Testing Phase 2: VIERS Testing December February January

  12. Pilot VSO Quarterly Milestones Matrix Phases 7 Pilot VSOs Completed Developed Schedule 2 Pilot VSOs Mock VLER DAS 2 Pilot VSOs Silver Env. Connectivity Testing 2 VSO’s   Connectivity Testing 2 VSO’s Silver Env. Connection to VA 1 VSO to VA Silver

  13. Thanks to Our Sponsor! The VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2) is a flagship program designed to tap the talent and expertise of individuals both inside and outside government to contribute new ideas that ultimately produce new, innovative solutions that advance VA's ability to meet the challenges of becoming a 21st-century organization.

  14. D2D Contact Information • • Chris Hluchyj – • Sam Patrick— • Jude Michel—

  15. Questions and Feedback For general and technical questions contact :