the thirteen colonies n.
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The Thirteen Colonies PowerPoint Presentation
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The Thirteen Colonies

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The Thirteen Colonies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Thirteen Colonies. Before the United States looked like this…. The United States looked like this…. Europe.

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The Thirteen Colonies

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    1. The Thirteen Colonies

    2. Before the United States looked like this…

    3. The United States looked like this…

    4. Europe Many people in England did not like the laws that the king was making, so they decided to move to a new land. Although this land was ruled by the King of England they had a lot more freedom. Soon, people from all over Europe began to move to this new land for many reasons. The colonies were still under the control of the King of England. England

    5. Reasons for coming to the USA. • Some wanted to practice their own religion. In England the king made them practice his religion. • Some came to make money. • Some just wanted an adventure!

    6. The 13 Colonies • The 13 colonies were divided into three regions: • The New England Colonies • The Middle Colonies • The Southern Colonies

    7. The New England Colonies Massachusetts (Maine) New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island

    8. New England Economy • Fishing • Some farming • Farming was hard because the soil was hard and rocky • They mainly grew food for their families • Ship Building

    9. New England Life • Religion played a VERY important part of their lives. Children learned the bible in school. • Religious freedom was a law. • Keeping their family together was important.

    10. Middle Colonies • The Middle colonies included: • New York (NY) • New Jersey (NJ) • Delaware (DE) • Pennsylvania (PA) NY PA NJ DE

    11. Middle Colonies Economy • Good farming land • They grew wheat and grain • The farmers raised a surplus so they could sell it • Many factories • They produced iron, paper and textiles • They traded their goods with England

    12. Middle Colonies Life • The Quakers were plain living and very religious. • Others were skilled workers who left their families behind to make money.

    13. Southern Colonies MD VA • The Southern Colonies included • Maryland (MD) • Virginia (VA), • North Carolina (NC) • South Carolina (SC) • Georgia (GA). NC SC GA

    14. Southern Colonies Economy • Almost all farming • Very fertile soil • Long growing season • Grew mostly tobacco • Also grew rice and indigo • They traded their goods with England and other place in the colonies

    15. Southern Colonies Life • Lived on Plantations (very large farms) • Plantation owners were very wealthy. • Plantations were worked by slaves