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community skatepark planning: flyer and petition PowerPoint Presentation
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community skatepark planning: flyer and petition

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community skatepark planning: flyer and petition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on When doing a community skatepark campaign, you need to create information and fact sheets.

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When doing a community skatepark campaign, you need to create information and fact sheets. The campaign starts rolling with the collection of a body of information on skating and skateparks that you'll give to people. Besides from these studies, your group also need to create a flyer and petition in support for the project. Here are the specifics of each tasks:
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Make a Leaflet

Create a flyer that may be a synthesis of the information and fact sheets. The leaflet could be made to let it meet United States Postal Service requirements when printed on 2 sides, folded into thirds, and taped at the top. So, the flyer can be simply sent by mail with no envelope. Spread the flyer, information sheet and fact sheet across the group. Always leave a number of extras. Separate these items up among youth committee members and make them available during speaking engagements. Ensure that the leaflet databases the committee members to get hold of when individuals want to inquire about volunteering and/or intend to make economic or in-kind contributions.

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Develop a Petition

Designing a petition is important to your cause. It provides details to city government and others about how lots of people are in support of your skatepark venture. Generate duplicates of the petition and supply them to friends. Leave them at local skateboarding shops, bike shops and sporting goods stores. Use your imagination to collect as many signatures as you possibly can. Request permission to stand outside grocers, the mall, library or sporting events to solicit signatures.

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Do not be scared, basically talk about your situation, request support and provide every person an information sheet, fact sheet or leaflet to pass along. Then ask them to sign the petition. The more folks you include the better your chances are. Make an attempt to have a local journal to follow your progress. Request schoolteachers for assistance. Request dads and moms to take petitions to work. Think of organizations at a university or college in your town. You'll find literally hundreds of organizations that may be approached for help. Save a few petition pages for businesses and other prominent members of the city. Put those pages right on top.

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Any time you feel that you have ample signatures to show strong grass-roots assistance, make preparations to have your case to the city council. At a city council meeting you can present the requirement and help for a skatepark, and have to have all signed petitions entered into the meeting record. A typical petition heading is as follows:

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Petition in Support of a Free Community Skatepark: We the undersigned, as residents of ___________, support the development of a free public skatepark within our city. All of us recognize the requirement of and the great things about a free public skatepark and have faith in the city should certainly at the minimum present perfect land and conform to retain the skatepark soon after construction, and at one of the most, fund, construct and look after the skatepark as it might a basketball court, tennis court, and other public general use area.

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