The flat cap or bonnet
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The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet. Tutor/Renaissance Flat Cap. The Flat Cap today!.

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The flat cap or bonnet
The “Flat Cap” or Bonnet

Tutor/Renaissance Flat Cap

The Flat Cap today!

The “Flat Cap” can be traced back to 14th century Brittan and Ireland. A 1571 Act of Parliament requiring all men over the age of 6 (except nobility and persons of degree) to wear a woolen cap. This was to stimulate wool sales.

Warm up

  • At the bottom of your Hamlet notes, please write the following themes:

  • Death, Love, Madness, Revenge, Ambition, and Betrayal

  • Your task is to identify images from the montage (French for put together) which reflect these themes.

  • Now…sit back…relax…and watch these Hamlet themes in ACTION!

  • Jude Law's Hamlet Montage

Hamlet theme collage

Hamlet Theme Collage

Betrayal, Death, Madness, Revenge,

Ambition, Love

Shakespeare s themes in hamlet are relevant today
Shakespeare’s Themes in Hamlet are relevant today!

  • Have you or someone you know ever fallen in love, only to be betrayed? Has a friend betrayed your trust?

  • Turn on the nightly news; almost every night we read about death and revenge (Gang wars, jealous rages). What about our recent infatuation with the “living dead”, vampires?

The themes are still relevant
The Themes are STILL Relevant!

  • Think about the news recently, excessive ambition and greed has brought down corporations (ie. Enron) and executives (Ken Skilling, R. Allen Stanford’s ponzi scheme).

  • Madness is sadly also a part of our society. (Andrea Yates, the insanity defense).

Your task
Your task?

  • Analyze, then select modern day images and words from magazines and create a collage that reflects a theme in Hamlet.

  • Revenge

  • Madness

  • Love

  • Death

  • Ambition




Theme collage requirements
Theme Collage Requirements

  • Due: Tomorrow by the end of class.

  • Criteria

    • Creative (Think symbolically!)

    • Fully covers the paper

    • Represents your theme

    • Arrangements of pictures and words are neat and thoughtful.

    • Make this a TEAM effort!

    • Make me say WOW!

    • Think about the Jude Law montage when making your collage. VISUALIZE!