A Quick Overview Of Outpatient Treatment
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A quick overview of outpatient treatment programs

A Quick Overview Of Outpatient Treatment


Putting an end to drug or substance addiction problem is a lifelong battle, both to the patient and his or

her family. In fact, with the many available outpatient treatment programsbeing offered, it’s crucial

that careful assessment is given to the patient in order to bring the most appropriate care and

treatment. So, how can we come close to determining which is the best treatment program for a patient

dealing with addiction? Well, let me give you a quick overview of this type of program and what to

expect during the period of treatment.

What is an outpatient program?

Treating all sorts of addiction problem can be really quite challenging. There are some patients who

have the capacity to get treated on their own, while for others the whole process can be truly

complicated and require immediate intervention of an expert in drugs and alcohol addiction. If the

patient is willing to seek addiction treatment, but prefer to go on with his or her normal life and not stay

in a rehab facility would be recommended to undergo an outpatient drug treatment or outpatient

alcohol treatment program.

What to expect with the outpatient treatment programs?

A quick overview of outpatient treatment programs

Outpatient treatment programs do vary and depend mostly on the case of the patient seeking

professional help. Among the activities that the patient admitted under this type of program may

include the following:

Complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol is expected from the patient.

Series of assessments will normally take place upon admission to the outpatient treatment

program. This assessment will be used as reference on the ideal treatment plan suited for the


Patient is strictly required to attend the schedule therapy sessions.

Other activities that a patient will have to attend are seminar and other events that will help the

patient reach his or her goal.

Rules are discussed with the patient concerning his or her behavior while attending the various

treatment programs.

If found to have violated any rule, patient could be removed from the program. In other cases,

modification of the patient’s treatment plan is carried out to assess which is effective and not

producing desired results.

There will be sessions where a patient is expected to share his or her personal information to

the assigned therapist, either one-on-one or during a group session.

Advantages of the outpatient program

A quick overview of outpatient treatment programs

the case of the patient seeking The patient has the freedom to resume to his or her work, life obligations while still under the

outpatient treatment program.

There will be no adjustment period on the side of the patient because he or she can still go back

to his or her comfort zone after attending an outpatient session.

Undergoing addiction treatment as outpatient is a lot easier.

Cost for an outpatient treatment is cheaper as compared to an inpatient program.

Disadvantages of the outpatient program

The potential risk of patient giving in to his or her cravings to drugs or alcohol is unstoppable

because no one will be in strict supervision 24/7 while under the outpatient program.

No professional care and guidance will be administered after the outpatient treatment session

ends at a given day.

All types of distractions are eminent to a patient choosing the outpatient program.

Withdrawal symptoms could be life threatening without the direct monitoring of an expert in

addiction and patient is exposed to these side effects on his or her own when admitted as


The road to full recovery could be really tough because the patient has to deal with his or her

addiction problems even while under the outpatient treatment program, unlike when the

patient is admitted in a residential treatment facility, he or she is completely removed from all


Patients under the outpatient program may not take this seriously and be tempted to go back to

his or her bad habits.

The outside world is full of temptations and patient undergoing outpatient treatment may find it

hard to resist. No level of professional care or support is readily available when the need arise.

I do hope this topic shed some valuable insight on the outpatient treatment programs. Remember, not

all patients with addiction problem can be treated to just one type of treatment program. The treatment

depends on the patient’s specific needs, level of addiction problem and once diagnosed by an expert,

the right treatment plan is discussed.