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Warehousing - A Quick Overview

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Warehousing - A Quick Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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>> The Truth About Warehousing.\n>> Safety Within A Warehouse.\n>> How Warehousing Can Save Small Businesses Big Money.\n>> All You Need to Know about Selecting the Best Warehousing Service.\n>> Learn How to Find the Best Warehousing Service.\n

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warehousing a quick overview


A Quick Overview



The Truth About Warehousing

Safety Within A Warehouse

How Warehousing Can Save Small Businesses

Big Money

All You Need to Know about Selecting the Best

Warehousing Service

Learn How to Find the Best Warehousing


the truth about warehousing

The Truth About Warehousing

More than 145,000 people work throughout 7,000 different warehouses, and

the fatal injury rate in warehousing jobs is higher than the national average in

almost all other industries.

The bulk of injuries that occur in warehousing are due to unsafe use of

forklifts (not following protocol), improper organization of products

(stacking), failure to use protective equipment on your person, failure to

follow proper lockout procedures, improper fire safety procedures, and

repetitive motion injuries such as bending and lifting over 35 pounds.

Many people overestimate how much their bodies can handle. Sure, lifting

fifty pounds is easy. Once. Can you do it all day? Can you do it repetitively?

These are important questions to ask yourself before applying for a

warehouse job. They do have training courses for safety procedures, but over

half of employees don’t follow them; assuming that these injuries couldn’t

happen to them. Sure, workmans’ comp is great, until you can never work


safety within a warehouse

Safety Within A Warehouse

• One being safe while operating or being around machinery. As a safety

measure, certification is needed to drive a forklift. This is to help the individual

who’s operating the forklift, learn how to drive and operate it correctly. Some

of these guidelines include training, driving safety and recommendations for

speed, maintaining the safety of clearances, and any hazardous materials

associated with operating a forklift.

• Another is hazardous material safety. Training is required to inform employees

where the hazardous materials are located in the exterior and interior of a

warehouse. You learn how to handle the materials accurately and what to do in

case you come in contact. All hazard materials contain labels. Protective wear

needs to available to be used when handling, being near and in contact with.

Knowing the specifics on how to store the hazardous materials is also


safety within a warehouse 1

Safety Within A Warehouse

• Electrical wiring is said to be one of the leading causes of injury or damage.

Warehouses should have ground fault circuit interrupters to minimize any risks.

You should be trained on how to use extinguishers and what kind to use to put

out any electrical fires. An evacuation plan should be known by all employees

and have practice drills.

• The products within the warehouse are stored mostly on shelving. Be aware of

what’s being stored and how you are storing. Know when storing goods of

what would be a harmful interaction with other goods. You need to be familiar

with using safety measure on loading, stacking and removal of the goods.

• OSHA has all safety regulations, recommendations on storing and handling,

list of possible interactions and what kind of first aide that would be needed, in

case you come into contact. It’s your employer's responsibility to go over, show

where the OSHA regulations book is kept and any training of safety.

how warehousing can save small businesses

How Warehousing Can Save Small

Businesses Big Money

• Flexibility keeps things easy-and drives down the cost.

• There are many warehouses with a great square footage that can

accommodate the needs of many businesses at once-especially small

ones. Some offer a rate that is not a fixed price but is rather a price for

the amount of storage real estate you’re interested in occupying in

their warehouse.

• Look to warehouses that offer delivery solutions, too.

• There is an increasing desire for a reduction in the third-party

handling of a business’ goods. This costs more money and eats up

more time. As a solution to this and to best serve the businesses with

whom they have a relationship, more and more warehouses are

offering the option of full-service delivery.

how warehousing can save small businesses 1

How Warehousing Can Save Small

Businesses Big Money

• Their company will pick up your product from its shipping arrival,

warehouse it and then deliver it right to the customer’s door. This

saves you, the business owner, money by taking one extra company

to work with out of the equation. That’s one less person that your

money has to go toward.

• A National Network Can Reduce Cost and Lead Times

• If the warehousing company that you’re working with feeds into a

national delivery network, then you’ve found a company that is saving

you some cash. Reduced transportation costs will save you money

while faster arrival times to the customer’s door will guarantee you a

returned customer in the future.

all you need to know about selecting the best

All You Need to Know about Selecting

the Best Warehousing Service

• You should check the layout of the warehouse. Even if a warehouse is large

enough to offer good storage space, it may not be usable if its layout does not

suit your needs. It may never fit the way you run your business.

• You should check the size of the storage space and see if it is enough for you to

store everything effectively. Remember, you should look for space that is

enough to store your products. It should not be too small or too large. If it is too

large, you will not be able to utilize the available space.

• You should check the availability of different facilities when determining if a

warehousing service is going to work for you or not. You should be putting your

money on a service that provides you with easy logistical integration to ensure

smooth deliveries. Moreover, the space you select should be accessible for

lorries for easy transportation.

learn how to find the best warehousing service

Learn How to Find the Best

Warehousing Service

• Make no compromises over location. You have to understand that

spending so much money on using a warehousing service does not make

any sense if you do not choose its location correctly. How careful you are

when selecting your location will determine how efficiently you can store

and transport your equipment and products. The best thing is to select a

warehousing service that is in close proximity to transport routes, such as

motorways, shipping port, and railways. It becomes even more important

to select a right location when you are a small business. In this case, the

warehouse you choose should be near your target market. For a large

business, the selected warehouse needs to be large enough to meet the

demand as conveniently as possible.

• Pay special attention to the overall size of the warehouse you select. The

use of warehousing services makes no sense when you do not get enough

space to store your equipment or products.

learn how to find the best warehousing service 1

Learn How to Find the Best

Warehousing Service

• When checking the space, be sure to check the ceiling height of the

warehouse you are going to select. It needs to be high enough to store

your products in an efficient way, but keep in mind that if it is too high, it

may only add to the costs of real estate, taxes, and utilities.

• Be sure to select a warehousing service after considering the duration of

storage. Some people opt for public warehouses and make it work for

them. You may want to do the same in case you need some storage space

for seasonal inventory. These warehouses work effectively for short-term

storage, but you may not benefit from these if you need storage services

for an extended duration. You will be better off going for contract

warehousing service in this situation.

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