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Abc book of U.S history PowerPoint Presentation
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Abc book of U.S history

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Abc book of U.S history - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genni Vega 2 nd pd. May 16 2011. Abc book of U.S history. Abstain- to not take part in some activity; such as voting. Affluence- the state of having much wealth. Ambush-a surprise attack Archeology- the study of the earth. Back country- a region of hills & forest west of tidewater.

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Abstain- to not take part in some activity; such as voting.

Affluence- the state of having much wealth.

Ambush-a surprise attack

Archeology- the study of the earth.


Back country- a region of hills & forest west of tidewater.

  • Bicaremel- consisting of two houses or chambers or especially in a legislative.
  • Blockade runner- ship that sails out of blockaded area.
  • Burgesses- elected representatives to an assembly.

Californianos- Mexicans who lived in california .

  • Cabinet- a group of advisees to the president.
  • Canal- artificial waterway
  • Capital- money for investment

Depreciate- to fall in value.

  • Desert- to leave without permission.
  • Disarming- removal of weapons.
  • Diversity- variety or difference.

Effigy- rag figure representing an unpopular individual.

  • Emancipate- to free from slavery.
  • Entrenched- occupying a strong defense position.
  • Export- to sell goods aboard.

Famine- an extreme shortage of food.

  • Federalists- supports of the constitution
  • Fugitive- runaway or trying to runaway.
  • Frigate- warship.

Global warming- a steady increase in average world temperatures.

  • Genocide- the deliberate destruction of a racial political group.
  • Greenback- a piece of us paper money 1st issued by the north.
  • Guerrilla warfare- referring to a surprise attack.

Habeas- a legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned.

  • Holocaust- name given to the mass slaughter of Jews & other groups by the Nazis during ww2.
  • Hieroglyphics- an ancient form of writing using symbols & pictures to represent words sounds & concepts

Impeach-to formly charge a public official with misconduct in office.

Imperils - the actions used by one nation to exercise political or economic control over smaller or weaker nations.

Implied powers- powers not specially mentioned in the constitution.

Import- to buy goods from foreign countries.


Joint occupation- the position & setting of an area shared by two or more countries .

  • Joint stock company- a company which investors buy stock in the companies in return for a share of its future profits.
  • Judicial branch- the branch of government including the federalist court system that intercepts the nations laws.
  • Judicial Review- the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violets the constitution.

Kansas- state in the united states fighting over slavery issues in 1850’s gave territory the name belling Kansas.

  • Kentucky- state in the south central united states borders that sided with the union during the civil war.
  • Bleeding Kansas- mini civil war.

Landslide- an overwhelming victory.

Literacy- the ability to read and write.

Lock -in a canal, an enclosure with gates at the end used to lower in raising or lowering boats to level.

Lynching- putting to death a person by the illegal action of a mob


Maize- an early form of corn grown b y Native Americans.

Majority- more than half.

Manumission- the freeing of enslaved persons.

Martyr- a person who sacrifices his or her life for a principle or cause.


National debt- the amount of money a national government owns to other governments or its people.

  • Nationalism- loyalty to a nation & promotion of its interests above all others.
  • Neutral- taking no side in a conflict.
  • Neutral rights- the right to sail the seas and not take sides in a war.

Offence- position of attacking or the attack itself.

  • Ozone- the layer of gas composed by a form of oxygen that protects the earth & its people from cancer causing sun rays.
  • Overseer- person who survives a large operation or its workers.
  • Ordinance- a law or regulation.

Purism- favoring one side of an issue.

Perjury- lying when one has sworn an oath to tell the truth.

Petition- a formal request

Pilgrims- a journey to a holy place.


Ranchero- Mexican rancher.

  • Recruit- to enlist soldiers in the army
  • Ratify- to give approval to.
  • Revenue- incoming $.

Secede- to leave or withdraw.

  • Secessionists – withdraw from union.
  • Sectionalism- Loyalty to a region.
  • Suffrage-right to vote.

Tariffs- tax on imported goods.

  • Tolerance- the acceptance of different beliefs.
  • Total war- war on all aspects of enemies like.
  • Tribute- $ paid for protection.

Unalienable rights- a right that cant be surrendered.

  • Unconstitutional-not agreeing with the constitution.
  • Underground railroad-escape routes for African Americans.
  • Utopia- perfect society.

Veto- to reject a bill.

  • Vigilantes- people who take the law into their own hands.
  • Virginia house of burgesses- 1st group appointed to creating laws.
  • Vicksburg- city of a battle of the civil war- union victory.

Washington D.C- us capital

  • War of 1812- revolutionary war
  • Woman's rights – gave woman the right to vote.
  • Writs of assistance- legal document that enabled officers to search homes & war houses for smuggled homes.

Xyz affair-Three French agents, publicly referred to as X, Y, and Z, but later revealed as Jean Conrad Hottinguer, Pierre Bellamy and Lucien Hauteval, demanded major concessions from the United States as a condition for continuing bilateral peace negotiations.


John Peter Zenger- was a German-American printer, publisher, editor, and journalist in New York City. He was a defendant in a landmark legal case in Americanjurisprudence that determined that truth was a defense against charges of libel and "laid the foundation for American press freedom.