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Blue Planet Divers is a PADI 5 star rated dive center which provides scuba diving classes and day trips in Thailand.

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Open Water Scuba Diving With

Blue Planet Divers

Blue Planet Divers is basically a dive center in Thailand which provides scuba diving

courses. Scuba diving is a fun water sport which can be pursued professionally or

indulged in for recreational purposes.

Scuba Diving is done using a SCUBA which is a self contained underwater breathing

apparatus. Since the diver carries his supply of air underwater, he has more flexibility

of movement.

Scuba Diving Course is learned in three stages:

Stage 1: Studying the theory of diving

This could be by attending theory classes about diving where diving techniques are

explained. The learner is provided study material in the form of text and videos. There

is an option for self-study also.

Stage 2: Diving in confined waters

Here, the diver puts into practice whatever he has learned in the classroom. Diving is

done in a spot where the diver's feet can touch the ground. It could be a swimming

pool or the shallow part of the sea. The diver is made to practice diving till he becomes

comfortable in water.

Stage 3: Diving in open waters

This is the final stage of diving. This is when the diver finally dives in the sea at greater

depths. However, this diving should not be attempted alone. This is where PADI divers

feature. PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Diving is done

with PADI divers who train the divers about the nuances of open water diving.

The confined and open water diving courses can be completed in three to four days

after passing the theory exam.

Blue Planet Divers have 5 star rated PADI divers who provide excellent training to their

learners. In addition, the center is a reliable center from where one can complete a

scuba diving certification course. The professional divers at this center can train

tourists who aspire to learn in a short span of time. Some tourists complete the first

two stages and come directly to learn open water diving.

If you aim to become a PADI diver, you can get a basic certificate from any dive center

and then enroll for PADI open water diver course.

In addition to diving courses, Blue Planet Divers also provide day trips to various

islands of Thailand. This center is especially famous for its resorts on Koh Lanta