3 rd annual i m determined youth summit
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3 rd Annual I’m Determined Youth Summit. 2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups. Green Group Topics: Assistive Technology Accommodations. Topic # 1: Assistive Technology. Example: demonstrate an Alpha Smart Hands on technology fair. Demonstrations

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3 rd annual i m determined youth summit l.jpg
3rd Annual I’m Determined Youth Summit

2010 i m determined youth summit small groups l.jpg
2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups

Green Group


  • Assistive Technology

  • Accommodations

Topic 1 assistive technology l.jpg
Topic # 1: Assistive Technology

  • Example: demonstrate an Alpha Smart

  • Hands on technology fair.

  • Demonstrations

  • Explain where and how to purchase/ borrow assistive technology.

Topic assistive technology con t l.jpg
Topic: Assistive Technology (con’t.)

  • A “Day in your shoes” day where a non-disabled student has to use all the assistive technologies used by a person with a disability while experiencing a certain disability for the day.

  • Have the youth summit participants go to schools and teach students and teachers about assistive technology that is available and how it works.

Topic 2 accommodations l.jpg
Topic # 2: Accommodations

  • Have the administrators create an assembly to inform all students and teachers about Accommodations.

  • Explain to the students what a 504/ IEP is and what it does and who is eligible for it.

Topic accommodations con t l.jpg
Topic: Accommodations (con’t.)

  • Have the youth summit participants go to schools and teach students and teachers about accommodations.

2010 i m determined youth summit small groups7 l.jpg
2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups

Red Group


  • Famous People/Leaders with a disability

  • Disability Laws & Rights

Topic 1 famous people leaders with a disability l.jpg
Topic # 1: Famous people/leaders with a disability

  • Matching Game

  • Jeopardy

  • Bingo

  • True and False game

Topic famous people leaders l.jpg
Topic: Famous people/leaders

  • Robin Williams- ADD

  • Edger Allan Poe- Bipolar

  • Dav Pilkey (Children’s Author)- ADHD

  • Stevie Wonder- Blind

Topic famous people leaders10 l.jpg
Topic: Famous people/leaders

  • Ray Charles- Blind

  • NY Governor Patterson- Blind

  • Tom Cruise- Dyslexia

  • Michael J. Fox- Parkinson Disease

Topic 2 disability laws and rights l.jpg
Topic # 2: Disability laws and rights

  • Documentaries

  • Guest Speakers who specifically deal with legislation of disabilities (Mooney: Project Eye-to-Eye; Rebecca Harris works with President Obama on Disability commission)

  • Jeopardy

Topic disability laws rights l.jpg
Topic : Disability laws/rights

  • Memoir of experiences dealing with rights/laws

Topic disability laws rights13 l.jpg
Topic: Disability Laws/Rights

  • 504 plan

  • IDEA

  • Disability History Awareness Month

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • IEP

2010 i m determined youth summit small groups14 l.jpg
2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups

Orange Group


  • Accessibility

  • Transition

Topic 1 accessibility l.jpg
Topic # 1: Accessibility

  • Put students in another person’s shoes

    • Ex. Blindfold someone and have a guide dog guide them around the school

  • Sign language lesson

  • Bullying assembly

Topic accessibility l.jpg
Topic: Accessibility

  • Disability awareness assembly

  • Best Buddies club

    • Kids with disabilities matched up with other students/Big Brothers, Big sisters…

  • Spread the word to end the word

  • Awareness banner for people to sign

  • Stop, look and listen to a person

  • The golden rule

Topic accessibility17 l.jpg
Topic: Accessibility

  • Basic Skills class that teaches study skills needed for the future

Topic 2 transition l.jpg
Topic # 2: Transition

  • Discuss the different transitions people make during their lives such as a new home, new school, new grade level, etc.

  • Go speak to elementary and middle school kids with IEPs and talk about the transition to the next level

  • Talk about your experience with transition to another student

  • Have alumni come back and talk about the transition from high school to College and talk about college accommodations

  • Talk about different views of how people see certain things

Topic transition l.jpg
Topic: Transition

  • Take people to their desired colleges and show them the accessible routes

  • Seniors mentoring Freshmen or rising Freshmen

  • Transition teacher

  • Career Pathways program/class to help with transition from high school to college

2010 i m determined youth summit small groups20 l.jpg
2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups

Blue Group


  • Self-advocacy

  • Goal setting

Topic 1 self advocacy l.jpg
Topic # 1: Self-advocacy

  • Role playing activity

  • Educate yourself and others

  • Announcement activities

  • Video

Topic self advocacy l.jpg
Topic: Self-advocacy

  • Disability assembly

  • Find your:

    • Learning style

    • Strengths

    • Things to improve

Topic 2 goal setting l.jpg
Topic # 2: Goal Setting

  • The PATH

    • Long term goal

    • Each block represents a step towards your goal

  • The Sun

    • Long or Short term goal in school

  • Accomplishments

Self advocacy goal setting l.jpg
Self-Advocacy & Goal Setting

  • Go to the I’m determined website.

    • www.imdetermined.org

2010 i m determined youth summit small groups25 l.jpg
2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups

Purple Group


  • Attitudes/Stereotypes

  • Disability History

Topic 1 attitudes stereotypes l.jpg
Topic # 1: Attitudes/Stereotypes

  • Teach and Use Person First Language

  • Learn how disability can affect:

    • Hearing

    • Speaking

    • Seeing

    • Walking

Topic attitudes stereotypes l.jpg
Topic: Attitudes/Stereotypes

  • Hearing- people find it difficult to hear what other people are saying.

  • Speaking – it can be hard for people to get their words out for people to understand them.

  • Seeing- people can’t get visual information.

  • Walking- people that have limited motor skills have difficulties moving around.

Topic 2 disability history l.jpg
Topic # 2: Disability History

  • Teach students about disability history along with typical history lessons.

  • You could use some movies that have actors with disabilities.

  • You could use a time line on disabilities.

Topic disability history l.jpg
Topic: Disability History

  • Have the student that has a disability talk about their disability.

  • Have the class do a research paper on a individual disability.

  • Have an empathy day, were people learn about disability.

Topic disability history30 l.jpg
Topic: Disability History

  • Teach people about famous people with disabilities:

    • Helen Keller

    • Franklin D Roosevelt

    • Tom Cruise

    • Albert Einstein

    • Winston Churchill

2010 i m determined youth summit small groups31 l.jpg
2010 I’m Determined Youth Summit: Small Groups




Understanding Disability/Acceptance

D self esteem l.jpg
:D Self-Esteem

  • Be sympathetic!

    • Show you care when we come to you with problems

  • Praise us for the work we DO accomplish !

  • Teach us how to work with our strengths!

D self esteem33 l.jpg
:D Self-esteem

  • Be a good Support System & Resource!

  • Believe in the student as an individual!

  • If the teacher thinks we can then we think we can too.

  • Do activities to find out what each student likes & allowing them to embrace it!

D self esteem34 l.jpg
:D Self-esteem

  • Teach others about people with disabilities that have been successful.

  • Show how others have embraced their disability so we can strive to do the same.

  • Teach us in an environment that works best for us.

D self esteem35 l.jpg
:D Self-esteem

  • Show movies or read books to show that not everybody is the same.

  • Give uplifting advice to each individual.

  • Help us organize our thoughts.

  • Show confidence in us!

D self esteem36 l.jpg
:D Self-esteem

  • Teach me how I can use my strengths to my advantage.

  • What kind of jobs could I have when I grow up.

  • Be proud of who we are!

D understanding disability acceptance l.jpg
:D Understanding Disability/Acceptance

  • Teach us how to self-advocate for ourselves.

  • Give us the tools to help us succeed.

  • Be flexible to your students needs!

  • Teach us about all the resources available we need to succeed.

    Example: Share the DVD of “I’m Tyler” with your class.

D understanding disability acceptance38 l.jpg
:D Understanding Disability/Acceptance

  • Let us tell our story!

    • Telling others our story helps us understand ourselves.

  • Inform us about our disability.

  • Use teaching tools on websites.

    • www.imdetermined.org

  • Ask us questions about ourselves .

    • Don’t assume!