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United Service Organization

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United Service Organization. D.E.P.T.H.S. Demanding Engagement of the Population Through Holistic Service . What’s Wrong?.

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United Service Organization

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united service organization

United Service Organization


Demanding Engagement of the Population Through Holistic Service

what s wrong
What’s Wrong?
  • The USO suffers from lack of brand recognition and donations from younger markets. In addition, the USO does not effectively use technology and distinct advertising campaigns to reach these markets.
media objectives
Media Objectives
  • Use spot advertising on cable television and radio in the rural and suburban areas surrounding Philadelphia and New York City to provide coverage over a six (6) month period.
  • Increase fans on Facebook from 39,967 to 100,000 or by 60.04% and followers on Twitter from 5,651 to 25,000 or by 77.396%. This will be used to drive target markets to actively communicate with the USO and donate on-line. We will use print, television, and online media (i.e. Hulu and Pandora) to drive traffic to twitter and Facebook.
  • Utilize locations that have been deemed patriotic such as war memorials to engage the public. Placing donation boxes at these locations will target a specific audience of people who have demonstrated pre-existing interest in the activities of the US armed forces.
  • Create a consistent and attractive web layout for state and local USOs, ultimately fostering higher site traffic.
  • Giving to the USO is essential because all people are affected by the selfless acts of military servicemen or the devastations of war time. Brothers, sisters, fathers, and friends give their all for us, let’s give them something back. For 68 years, the USO has dedicated all of its services to providing morale-boosting programs for these troops. If you want to help the troops give to the USO.
  • Monthly online contests featured on social media websites such as the USOs Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Sponsored Partnerships
  • Use cable spot advertising provided by the New York InterConnect to reach the target audience (initially East Coast citizens).
  • Use revamped USO logo-a Red, White, and Blue ribbon which says Support the Troops with USO printed on in the ad campaign.
  • Strategically place donation boxes at patriotic tourist locations such as the Arlington Cemetery.
evaluation control
Evaluation & Control
  • Indicators of Change
    • Donations should increase, stemming from the target market areas that were specified.
    • The amount of fans, followers, and friends on social networking sites associated with the USO should increase.
  • Measures of Evaluation
    • Surveys
    • Number of fans and followers increase
thanks for your time
Thanks for your time!
  • Any questions?