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  1. SNOWY OWL By Ryan Matyas

  2. HABITAT • Where in the World is the Snowy Owl from? • The Snowy Owl is typically found in the Northern Polar Region • They live typically in the Artic Tundra in Alaska, Canada and Eurasia • They spend their winters in regions further South and have been seen as far south as Texas on some occasions

  3. HABITAT • What kind of home or shelter does the snowy owl make? • The Snowy Owl makes its nest on the ground • They make a little depression on the ground to lay their eggs

  4. HABITAT • Does the Snowy Owl Live alone or with others? • The Snowy Owl lives alone until mating season in May or June • They pair with a mate and stay together protecting their young owls for the summer until the young owls can survive on their own

  5. DIET • What does the Snowy Owl eat? • The Snowy Owl eats lemmings and field mice primarily, but will eat any other small animals they can catch • Where and when does it find its food? • The Snowy Owl finds its food by watching and listening for any movement in the tundra • When it sees its prey, it flies and grabs it with its talons

  6. BEHAVIORAL CHARACTERISTICS • How does this animal move? • The Snowy Owl moves by flying but it can also hop around on the ground • Does it have any special adaptations that help it survive? • The Snowy Owl can have a wing span of up to 5 feet wide • It has very sharp talons • These adaptations help it hunt for its food

  7. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS • What does the snowy owl look like? • The Snowy Owl is mostly white, females and younger owls can have black feathers • What is the size of the Snowy Owl? • The Snowy Owl can be 20 inches tall, weigh up to 7 pounds and have a wing span of 5 feet • What Special Physical Adaptations does it have? • The Snowy Owl is mostly white so it blends into its environment

  8. OTHER INTERESTING FACTS • A Snowy Owl recently lived at the Hazleton Airport • The airport reminded it of its home in the polar region because it was a wide open grassy area • The migration to Hazleton was very unusual as Snowy Owls do not come this far south often