vocational training at the sheltered workshops of fab n.
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Vocational Training at the sheltered workshops of FAB PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocational Training at the sheltered workshops of FAB

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Vocational Training at the sheltered workshops of FAB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocational Training at the sheltered workshops of FAB
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  1. Vocational Training at the sheltered workshops of FAB

  2. Our Claim In the centre there is the man www.fab.at

  3. External Environment I • Inhabitants: 1,4 Mio • Working population: 620.000 • Rate of unemployment: 4,8% • Average gross salary: 1778 Euro www.fab.at

  4. About us • Establishment of assistance by means of sheltered work according to the Upper Austrian Law • Non-profit association • Sheltered workshops: 440 jobs at 9 locations in Upper Austria • Supported employment: 50 persons • Staff: 100 persons www.fab.at

  5. Education as a human right • Holistic education • Development of personality, emancipatory, improvement of quality of life • Education creates ties • Social cohesion by means of collective learning • Enables integration • Education is not a merchandise • Access to education for EVERYONE • Participation in society (possibilities of communication and information) • Lifelong Learning • For strengthening self-worth and in order to keep up with the requirements of the daily life www.fab.at

  6. Personnel development • Assessment Phase • Profiles of abilities • finding individual possibilities for vocational training • Appraisal interview and agreement on objectives • Professional training • General programme, access for everyone • Education as a human right • Outplacement • Conflict settlement scheme • Representation of interests – works committee • Employee attitude survey • Social work – „further and challenge“ • Additional offers for our employees www.fab.at

  7. Assessment Phase • Selection process • Normally 3 months, can be expanded up to 6 months • Evaluation according to the profiles of abilities • Practical, technical testing • Clarification of culture techniques • Social competence training • Interim result and decision www.fab.at

  8. Profiles of abilities • Identify and evaluate the personal and work-related skills • Individual analysis of potentials • 13 criteria concerning work-competences and 7 criteria related to social-competences • Basis for further training measures • Process- and development-orientated • Permanent monitoring – continuous analysis (yearly) www.fab.at

  9. Annual appraisal interview • Appreciative management tool • Value for all participants • Time, attention and appretiation for every single person • Attention to wishes and ideas of the employees with disabilities • High compliance in self assessment and assessment by others • Feedback and orientation • Development of individual perspectives and objectives www.fab.at

  10. Further education I • systematically • Annual information brochure, free choice of various courses • Access for everyone • Motivation and information by the social workers • 65% of our employees have already attended one or more courses • Quality-assured • Professional trainers • Written invitation to the course and confirmation of participation in the course • Evaluation of the course (feedback/reply-form) • Reflection with the trainers • Holistic • Academic advancement, culture techniques • Development of personality • Health insurance • Professional training • Social integration – „being like everybody else“ www.fab.at

  11. Further education II • Pedagogy • Instead of accenting deficits, we try to develop and discover strengths, talents, resources and abilities • Continuing learning process • Respect and appreciation • Further education is worthwhile • Latest survey of the Kepler University Linz • Increased productivity (4%) by further education/personnel development • Training of personal abilities leads to higher outcomes than training professional abilities www.fab.at

  12. Outplacement A new approach to sheltered work • Temporary placement of employees with disabilities to companies of the general labour market • Further development of professional qualifications • Social integration in internal structures • Sensitization of the labour market for the abilities of people with disabilities • Objective: Permanent placement in companies of the general labour market www.fab.at

  13. Conflict settlement model • Clarity and transparency lead to security and shelter • Conscious handling of rules and limitations • Preventive measure for avoiding dismissals – management instrument • Stage model www.fab.at

  14. Representatives of employee´s interests „Betriebsvertrauenspersonen“ (BVPs) • Elected for 4 years, 2 persons/location • Seat and vote in the work council • All BVPs meet 4 times a year for exchanging experiences, information and knowledge, supported by an external coach • Networking with stakeholders from other institutions • Agreement on their rights and duties • Enough time for mentoring • Necessary IT-Equipment is available • Special company leave for further education with respect to their work as a BVP • Financed by FAB www.fab.at

  15. Employee attitude survey • Anonymous, standardised, individual interview • Done by an external institute (triennial) • Survey on the general job satisfaction, satisfaction with supervisors, colleagues, working climate, work environment, job requirements,… • Objective: gaining knowledge and information about the whole organisation, uncover potentials for improvement (e.g. need for a new name) www.fab.at

  16. Social work • Promotion of individual resources of the employees • Supporting self-determined and self dependent accomplishment of every day life • Support with respect to dealing with agencies and public authorities • Acute crisis intervention • Mental crisis, trauma • Social competence training • Assistance in individual cases – Mentoring and Tutoring • depts, custodian, accommodation, retirement,… www.fab.at

  17. Additional Offers • Holiday trips • Works outings, excursions • Celebration of jubilees • Occupational health consultancy • Social capital • FAB Pro.Work Newspaper • Sports Association • General employee benefits • Additional days off www.fab.at

  18. Change of View Further and Challenge I can do it! Living like everybody else… You better count on us! Being different is normal! You can count on us! Integrate me and I will understand We dare to do it! Rising with new challenges! Keep up with us! www.fab.at

  19. Thank you for your attention! www.fab.at