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Vocational Training

Vocational Training . Net Link. Contacts: . Primary Contacts: Lisa Buss or Amy Sevdy (503) 945-7017. Vocational Training Is:. Training is two to four months long but no more that six months Training will result in either a job offer or a certificate

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Vocational Training

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  1. Vocational Training Net Link

  2. Contacts: Primary Contacts: Lisa Buss or Amy Sevdy (503) 945-7017

  3. Vocational Training Is: • Training is two to four months long but no more that six months • Training will result in either a job offer or a certificate • Training is focused on an occupation that is high-wage or high-demand or will provide a living wage for the family • A JOBS activity that counts toward federal participation rates

  4. Vocational Training Is: • Not JOBS Skills training (JS – activity code), which is short term training of less than a month • Not the Parents as Scholars (PaS) program (PS – activity code) which is the completion of a 4 or 2 year degree • Not High School or GED completion (HS), Adult Basic Education (AB), or English as a Second Language (ES)

  5. Vocational Training Enrollment Requires: Client Application to the program and Branch Approval get enrolled in Vocational Training... • An application process has to be followed • Approval has to be granted by a local Vocational Training branchapproval process.

  6. Vocational Training Application Process • Client contacts case manager to request a vocational training opportunity; • Case manager gives the client the TANF Vocational Training (VT) Packet (DHS 7786) and the My Self Assessment (DHS 7823) forms (unless there is a current copy in client file), and explains the requirements. • Case manager reviews the DHS 7786 and prints TRACS attendance and relevant narration to bring to the VT approval process; • Case manager will sign client up for the next VT approval process appointment and give client a JOBS appointment notice, and bring completed VT packet and supporting documents to theapproval process appointment; • If the packet is incomplete, the appointment cannot be scheduled; • VT branch approval process must include: Branch leadership, case manager and client; • If VT is approved, case manager will set up an appointment time to develop a new PDP with the client. Support services approved by the staffing committee should be treated like any other JOBS activity with a case plan, as should attendance, good cause and the re-engagement process.

  7. When the Vocational Training has been approved • Set up the activity under the VT activity code • Document attendance with the required DHS 7861 educational attendance form.

  8. Attendance that can be counted • Class time • Lab work • Field Study • Clinical time • Internship • Study time – if in a supervised setting • Excused Absences • Holiday • BUT, not break time

  9. Vocational Training Branch Approval Process • Is local • Makes the determination of whether Vocational Training should be approved or not • Is made up of at least: • Branch leadership • Case Manager • Client

  10. Vocational Training is not a new JOBS activity....It does have new requirements for approval

  11. Can we pay for tuition, books, and supplies? • If authorized under OAR 461‑190‑0211 and subject to a case-by-case determination by the district considering available funding and slots, the participant may also get support services through the JOBS program such as transportation, day care, and other costs for books, supplies, tools, etc. With manager approval, support services for tuition and fees may also be available to the participant.

  12. Always partner with other agencies who might be able to assist with educational costs • Vocational Rehabilitation • WIA • Oregon Student Assistance Commission • Clients should always apply for financial aid – we do not encourage clients to take out student loans to finance their education

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