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Renzulli Learning Systems

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Renzulli Learning Systems. Personal Success Plan Collaborative Groups. Hall County Schools Educational Technology Conference, July 29, 2010. Our Objectives. Renzulli Learning – a tool for our most important work, not “one more thing” Self assessment Personal Success Plan

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Renzulli Learning Systems

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    1. Renzulli Learning Systems Personal Success Plan Collaborative Groups Hall County Schools Educational Technology Conference, July 29, 2010

    2. Our Objectives • Renzulli Learning – a tool for our most important work, not “one more thing” • Self assessment • Personal Success Plan • RLS Collaborative Grouping Tool • Action Plan

    3. Technology Integration Matrix • Where are you today?

    4. Response to Intervention Response to Intervention (RTI) RTI is a tiered instructional model that provides tailored student support and intervention. RTI combines assessment and intervention to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems. Outcome: Meets each child’s individual learning needs and catch students when they begin to struggle as opposed toafter they are failing.

    5. What is Renzulli Learning? Renzulli Learning Renzulli Learning is an online, web-based tool that empowers teachers to differentiate instruction based on individual student interest areas, learning styles, product styles and abilities in a practical, cost-effective and time-saving manner. Outcome: Meets each child’s individual learning needs.

    6. Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1 Renzulli Student Profile A foundation assessment for effective differentiation for ALL students! A better way… Interest, Learning & Expression Assessment for ALL Students

    7. What if . . . . . . the best way to improve our schools is to focus on EXCELLENCE, not ADEQUACY? . . . schools could help their students climb WAY beyond PROFICIENCY by focusing on their STRENGTHS and INTERESTS? . . . the answer is to “pull from the TOP,” rather than focusing on the bottom?

    8. Hall County Schools Commitment to Excellence (Rigor for ALL) • Begins with a PROFICIENCY view of learners • Asks us to focus on students’ strengths and interests and use these as connections to the content and skills we’re required to teach • Calls on us to recognize, value and then develop those passions

    9. Renzulli Profile Report Top 3 Interest Areas Top 3 Learning Styles Top 3 Product Styles

    10. Do students care about learning?

    11. Students come to school needing: AFFIRMATION • People here care about me; they listen to me. • People acknowledge my interests and perspectives and act upon them. CONTRIBUTION • I bring unique and valuable perspectives and abilities to this place. • I am connected to others through mutual work on common goals. PURPOSE • I see significance in what we do. • What we do reflects me and my world. POWER • What I learn here is useful to me now. • I make choices that contribute to my success. CHALLENGE • The work stretches me. • I am accountable for my own growth, and I contribute to the growth of others. Tomlinson, Ed Leadership, Sept 2002

    12. RLS Helps You Address Those Student Needs Personal Success Plan (PSP) Connects students with positive role models, career exploration, goal setting, and planning skills Collaborative Learning Groups Includes a variety of new ways to moderate and facilitate students working in groups

    13. Subject Area Starters A quick way to link standards-based instructional activities to the interests and career goals that make learning relevant for students and engage them long enough to achieve deep understanding!

    14. But how do I manage all this?! I can’t be with all my students all day! RLS Collaborative Groups Tool Links students to your class and allows them to work together on projects, even when they’re not in the same room.

    15. To See How Easy Collaboration Can Be, Join Our ETC Collaborative Group! 1- In Renzulli Learning, select your Inbox 2- Accept the invitation to join our ETC Group 3- Follow the Group Instructions

    16. Today’s RLS Tools For Your Tool Belt • Personal Success Plan • RLS Collaborative Grouping Tool • NEW! Differentiation Engine

    17. Technology Integration Matrix • Where do you want to go this year? • In what ways might PSP and RLS Collaborative Groups help you get there?

    18. Teachers rock! Questions? Thank you!