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DELIVERING GROWTH BY PARTNERSHIP Developing Sustainable PPP Opportunities for Jamaica - Airports Mr. Earl Richards, President Airports Authority of Jamaica February 2014. Presentation Overview.

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DELIVERING GROWTH BY PARTNERSHIPDeveloping Sustainable PPP Opportunities for Jamaica - AirportsMr. Earl Richards, President Airports Authority of Jamaica February 2014

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • International Civil Aviation Structure

  • Jamaica’s Airport Governance Structure

  • Airport Ownership Models

  • Jamaica’s Airports PPP –

    • Sangster International Airport – PPP

    • Norman Manley International Airport – Shadow PPP

  • Airports Revenue Streams

  • NMIA Opportunities

Airports governance


Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing (MTWH)



Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA)

Airports Governance

Aaj organizational chart







Norman Manley International Airport


Sangster International Airport


  • Aerodromes

  • Ken Jones

  • Negril

  • Tinson Pen

Ian Fleming International Airport


AAJ organizational chart

Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) - Established under JCAA Act and responsible for both technical regulation of aviation sector and economic regulation of airports.

  • Both JCAA and AAJ operate under Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing but under separate Legislation and with separate Boards.

  • Airports (Economic Regulations) Act of 2002 mandated the JCAA to provide for the economic regulation of air transport.

  • The Act establishes the legal framework, criteria and methodology for the economic regulation of Scheduled Airports (currently SIA and NMIA)

Airports authority of jamaica aaj
Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ)

  • Established under Airports Authority Act of 1974

  • Independent statutory body to own, manage, and operate both Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) in Kingston and Sangster International Airport (SIA) in Montego Bay

  • AAJ given additional responsibility for four domestic airports in 1990

    • Tinson Pen (Kingston)

    • Ken Jones (Portland)

    • Boscobel (St. Mary)

    • Negril (Westmorland)

Airport ownership models
Airport Ownership Models

  • Government Ownership

    • Owned and Operated

    • Owned and Management outsourced to private sector

  • Private Ownership

    • Sale of government assets to private operator (Note UK)

  • PPP – Master Concession & Lease

    • Long Term Agreement; ownership resides with the government

      Jamaica has opted for the PPP model

Airport privatization
Airport Privatization

“ Since 1987, when Margaret Thatcher’s government privatized (via a 100% public share offering) the former British Airports Authority (now BAA), airport privatization has become a global phenomenon. Governments in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America and the Caribbean have privatized major airports. Some of these privatized entities have subsequently acquired full or partial ownership interests in other airports (in their own country and elsewhere), as have some government-owned airports. Today’s global airport industry is often characterized by airport groups, rather than just individual airports.”

Extract from Annual Privatization Report (April 2012)

Jamaican airports public private partnerships ppp

Jamaican Airports Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Jamaica airports ppp government action
Jamaica Airports PPP: Government Action Airports

  • Government declared its policy on airports PPP (1990s)

  • Established Legal Framework

    • Airports Authority (Amendment) Act of 1996 permitted administration, control, and management of designated airports to be undertaken by companies or entities other than the AAJ (enables airports PPP)

    • Airports Economic Regulations Act (2002)

  • Approved and published PPP Policy (November 2012)

Sia is jamaica s principal tourism gateway
SIA is Jamaica’s principal tourism gateway Airports

  • SIA made priority airport for first PPP as it had the better prospects for a successful outcome

  • PPP model: Master Concession and Lease

  • Concession Agreement became effective in April 2003

  • Then had twice the passenger throughput of Kingston’s airport

Sia ppp implementation
SIA PPP Implementation Airports

  • Government established Enterprise Team to manage process

  • International bidding process followed two stages:

    Stage 1:

    • Prepare Information Memorandum

    • Invite expressions of interest

    • Prequalify and short-list prospective bidders

      Stage 2:

    • RFP issued to short-listed prospective bidders

    • Following the bid evaluation and approval, the preferred bidder and a stand-by bidder were selected and notified.

    • Following extensive negotiations, a 30-year concession and lease agreement was signed with MBJ Airports Limited

Airport i mprovement fee
Airport AirportsImprovement Fee

  • Airport improvement fee (AIF) approved by Government under Airports Economic Regulation Act

  • AIF for use exclusively by the concessionaire for approved capital projects – construction and debt service

  • Fee is levied on departing passengers and was the result of negotiations between the Government and MBJ as part of the Concession deal

Economic regulation of sia airport charges follows price cap incentive model cpi x
Economic Regulation of SIA airport charges follows Price Cap Incentive Model (CPI-X)

  • The regulated airport charges were set prior to the commencement of the MBJ concession and were ‘grand-fathered’ as the year-one rate

  • Regulated airport charges are adjusted annually using a USA Consumer Price Index formula. Note that all regulated charges are denominated in USD.

  • Preparations for full rate review in progress; a new rate regime will become effective on January 01, 2015

April 2013 marked 10 years of the 30 year concession agreement between aaj and mbj

April 2013 marked Incentive Model (CPI-X)10 years of the 30-year Concession Agreement between AAJ and MBJ..

SIA PPP deemed to be a successful model.

Nmia terminal

Norman Manley International Airport Incentive Model (CPI-X)

NMIA Terminal

Shadow ppp at norman manley airport
Shadow PPP at Norman Manley Incentive Model (CPI-X)Airport

  • AAJ incorporated NMIA Airports Limited as wholly owned subsidiary to manage and operate NMIA as authorized airport operator

  • AAJ and NMIAL signed Concession and Agreement and Lease, modelled on the MBJ format

  • Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) made available to NMIAL to fund capex and debt service.

  • Commercial, “private sector” business model adopted

Nmia terminal needed significant improvements
NMIA terminal needed significant improvements Incentive Model (CPI-X)

  • Much of the terminal infrastructure had served its economic life and could not be sustained by routine maintenance

  • Passenger growth led to overcrowding with unsatisfactory service levels

  • New equipment / technology needed to be implemented for efficiency and cost effective operations management

    • CUTE/CUPPS, CUSS, and Access Control

    • X-Ray screening equipment, CCTV, FIDS, and BIDS

  • Undertook Master Plan study

Nmia currently in ppp preparation phase
NMIA currently in PPP Preparation phase Incentive Model (CPI-X)

  • Enterprise Team appointed and at work

  • Development Bank of Jamaica, PPP Secretariat managing process

  • International Finance Corporation appointed as Lead Advisor

  • Initial Due Diligence completed

  • Transaction Structure Report completed

  • Report and recommendations to be submitted presently to Government for Cabinet decision

NMIA Revenue Structure/Streams Incentive Model (CPI-X)

Aeronautical revenue streams
Aeronautical Revenue Streams Incentive Model (CPI-X)

  • Landing Fees

  • Passenger processing Fees

  • Aviation Security Fees

  • Common Use passenger Processing System Fees

  • Aircraft Parking Fees

  • Runway Lighting Fees (not presently in place)

Non aeronautical revenue streams
Non-aeronautical Revenue Streams Incentive Model (CPI-X)

  • Space Rental Revenues

  • Concession Revenues

    • Duty Free (Liquor, Perfumes & Tobacco)

    • Food & Beverage

    • Retail

    • Specialty Items

  • Aviation Fuel sales

  • Car park

    Good potential for private sector initiatives

Non aeronautical revenue streams trends
Non-aeronautical Incentive Model (CPI-X)Revenue Streams - Trends

  • The following services are offered at different airports globally:

  • Airport Hotel

  • Auto Detailing

  • Museum

  • Saunna & Spa

  • Baggage Storage

  • Kid zones

  • Dog Hotel

  • Venue for events (Concerts, music shows, etc.)

Potential f uture revenue sources for nmia
Potential Incentive Model (CPI-X)Future Revenue Sources for NMIA

  • Port Royal Development

  • Home Port for Cruise Shipping

  • Airport Hotel

  • Palisadoes Commercial Centre

  • Increased passenger traffic from new markets after runway extension

Thank you
Thank You! Incentive Model (CPI-X)