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Life-Work Balance. OPNAV Office of Diversity and Inclusion (N134) 01 April 2014. Unclassified. Agenda. Organizational Impact Players Task Force Life-Work (2006-2008) Addressing the Issue Today Tools to Help Sailors Balance Life and Work Recent Command-level Initiatives Wrap Up.

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Life-Work Balance

OPNAV Office of Diversity and Inclusion (N134)

01 April 2014




  • Organizational Impact Players
  • Task Force Life-Work (2006-2008)
  • Addressing the Issue Today
  • Tools to Help Sailors Balance Life and Work
  • Recent Command-level Initiatives
  • Wrap Up
life work balance organizational impact players
Life-Work Balance Organizational Impact Players


Fleet CDR


Manpower, Personnel,

Training & Education


Naval Installations Command


21st Century Sailor


Military Personnel

Plans & Policy

Wing /

Strike Group

  • 79 Fleet & Family
  • Support Sites
  • 76 Liberty Centers
  • 115 Fitness Centers
  • 131 Child
  • Development
  • Centers
  • 79 Chapels
  • Exceptional Family
  • Member
  • SAPR
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Total Sailor Fitness
  • Transition
  • Assistance


Diversity & Inclusion

Squadron /


  • Parenthood Policies
  • Career Intermission
  • Program


focus on life work balance task force life work 2006 2008
Focus on Life-Work BalanceTask Force Life-Work 2006-2008

Despite Overall Job Satisfaction, Life-Work Balance Issues Existed

Source: 2007-2008 NPRST Navy-wide Personnel Survey. Comparable data from 2006, 2007 NPRST Personnel Quick Polls .

task force life work tflw 2007
Task Force Life-Work (TFLW) 2007
  • Solicited 11,000+ Sailors worldwide on ideas and recommendations to improve Life-Work Balance
  • Asked: “What can the Navy do to remain your employer of choice?”
navy policy initiatives
Navy Policy Initiatives


Geographic Stability

  • Detailing process adjustment
  • Promotion board precepts highlight ‘stability’ as career enhancing
  • Compressed/Flexible Work Schedules
  • Career Intermission Program
  • Military Telework Instruction

Alternative Work Options

  • 10 days Paternity Leave
  • 21 days Adoption Leave
  • Partially Funded In Vitro Fertilization program
  • 12 mo. Operational Deferment for new mothers
  • 4 mo. Operational Deferment for an adopting military parent

Parenthood Support

influencers to leave the navy 2012 addressing the issue today
Influencers to Leave the Navy 2012Addressing the Issue Today

Percentage of 2012 Pregnancy and Parenthood Survey Enlisted participants (n=3137) who indicated the following factors as having influenced their decision to leave the Navy (in order of decreasing frequency)


Impact of Navy career on ability to have a family (60%)

Impact of Navy career on spouse/family (53%)

Work/Personal Life Balance (52%)

Morale at my command (45%)

Leadership at my command (41%)


  • Impact of Navy career on spouse/family (48%)
  • Impact of Navy career on ability to have a family (47%)
  • Work/Personal Life Balance (48%)
  • Morale at my command (36%)
  • Leadership at my command (31%)

Selected as

Influence to Leave:

today s navy
Today’s Navy

153,773 Single Sailors

164,914 Married Sailors

124,184 Parent Sailors

149,404 Sailors married to non-military

14,686 Single-parent Sailors


Sailors in a Dual-Military Marriage

243,699 Navy Children

1,645 Navy Adult Dependents*

14,344 EFM Sponsors

Total Active Duty Navy:


16,999 EFMs

Many different groups…Many different needs

Source: Report Generated by DMDC; data as of 30 SEP 2013

* non-spouse

addressing the issue
Addressing the Issue




Advertise Success

Share Best Practices

Life-Work Balance





Re-Educate Leaders

Command-led Initiatives

Success = Personal Readiness = Mission Readiness

influencing quality of service
Influencing Quality of Service
  • Pay
  • Leave
  • Education opportunities
  • Time at home
  • Access to quality health care
  • Sense of financial security

Quality of Life


Quality of Work


Quality of Service

  • Training for job assigned
  • Tools / Hardware to complete mission
  • Trained Leaders

Quality of Service leads to retention

solutions for today and tomorrow
Solutions for Today and Tomorrow
  • Our competitors to recruit top talent:
  • Our competitors to retain top performers:

Bank of America MasterCard Nokia

Allstate Insurance Yahoo! Shell

Chevron Chrysler Orbitz

Texas Instruments Kraft Foods Deloitte

Need to meet the needs of the force, both present and future!

Sources: Working Mother Magazine, 2013 Best Companies List; Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance 2013

what industry is doing
What Industry is Doing
  • Parenthood:
    • Paid Leave for Mothers, Fathers and Adoptive Parents
  • Child Care:
    • Backup Child Care
    • Sick Child Care
  • Wellness Training
    • Physical / Health
    • Financial
what industry is doing1
What Industry is Doing
  • Flexibility
    • Flexible Work Arrangements: Flexible and/or Compressed Schedules
    • Telework
    • Sabbatical Program
  • Leaders
    • General Leadership Training
    • Managers rewarded for helping employees manage life-work concerns
    • Trained to manage flexible work arrangements
work flexibility tools tools to help sailors balance life and work
Work Flexibility ToolsTools to Help Sailors Balance Life and Work

Compressed Work Schedules

PT Opportunities During Work

  • No paperwork needed!
  • Promoting a culture of fitness at work
  • Health/Wellness = employee benefits
  • Just now being offered by industry
    • But most industry employers do not mandate fitness standards
  • Work longer on most days to get a break on one day
  • Regularly occurring (i.e. Formally scheduled)
  • Constraint: balancing individual vs. the group
    • Sometimes you need all hands on deck
  • Constraint: balancing the group vs. the mission

Flexible Working Hours


  • Start / End Times vary to meet needs of Sailor
  • Everyone works the same # of hours, just at different times
  • Regularly occurring (i.e. Formally scheduled)
  • Constraint: unit-specific evaluations / training can only happen at certain times
  • Constraint: balancing the group vs. the mission
  • Work from home via laptop and NMCI connection
  • Requirements: NIPR only, supervisor approval, work that can be accomplished away from the workplace—office work
  • Benefits: allows for focused effort without office interruptions, saves commute time
  • Why? Evals, Awards, Internet Research, reading studies/reports

Different tools in order to meet different needs


Career Intermission Program


Program Benefits

  • 60 Participants (25 Officers, 35 Enlisted)
    • 19 participants have returned
    • 27 are on sabbatical
    • 14 are approved but awaiting sabbatical
  • 45% / 55% Men and Women
  • Across URL, RL & Staff communities
  • Mixture of Operational & Support Ratings
  • Allows eligible Sailors to leave Active Duty for up to 3 years
  • Retain Active Duty health and dental care
  • Receive Monthly stipend pay
  • PCS move to location of choice
  • Return to Active Duty to continue career path

Influencers to Leave Navy

Reasons for Applications

  • Impact of Navy career on ability to have a family
  • Impact of Navy career on spouse/family
  • Work/Personal Life Balance
  • Geographic stability
  • Length of sea tour/OPTEMPO
  • Availability of childcare
  • To complete bachelors/masters degree
  • Starting a family while on different career timeline as military spouse
  • To be stay at home dad while spouse on surgical residency rotation at Yale
  • Single mother with EFM child in need of several critical surgeries
  • Medical/humanitarian volunteer work

More information is on the NPC-BUBERS website

sea duty command level initiatives
Sea DutyCommand-level Initiatives
  • Underway/Deployed: Preserve 1 day per week at Sea of Holiday Routine / No-Fly Day
    • Allows more rest time for Sailors to exercise, study, call/email family
  • Ashore: USS DDG conducts “Fun Day Fridays”
    • Physical Training from 1100-1200, Liberty Call at 1200
    • Allows for exercise to be completed at work vice Sailors’ free time
    • Allows for Sailors to get a head start on weekend
  • USS LSD conducts “Career Enhancement Seminars”
    • Crew members from different backgrounds (LDO, STA-21, ROTC, CPOs) telling their professional growth stories and how they achieved personal goals
ashore command level initiatives
AshoreCommand-level Initiatives
  • Free child play area at MWR Athletic Facilities
    • Naval Air Station North Island
    • Naval Base Point Loma
  • Telework used on a regular basis:
    • OPNAV N1 / CNP (Washington, D.C. & Millington)
    • JAG
    • CNIC
balance a constant issue summary
Balance: A Constant IssueSummary






  • SEA
  • DUTY

What about pre-deployment work-ups vs. post-deployment maintenance?

Regardless of duty assignment, command leadership is needed to facilitate balance for Sailors

the 21 st century sailor initiative
The 21st Century Sailor Initiative

“We want to provide our Sailors and families with the tools needed to face the challenges of the 21st Century and to help Sailors preserve the skills and talents they bring to the fight.”

The Honorable Ray Mabus

Secretary of the Navy

The Navy will continue to focus on balancing Life-Work


LT Francis (Shannon) Sweeney

703-604-5479 (w)