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Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact PowerPoint Presentation
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Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact

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Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slideshow about Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact by Rebecca Lieb

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Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Event hashtag: #ContentMetrics [Webinar] Content Marketing Performance: A Framework to Measure Real Business Impact Rebecca Lieb Digital Media & Advertising Analyst @lieblink Susan Etlinger Industry Analyst @setlinger

    2. Despite a surge of adoption in content marketing….

    3. The ability to measure the impact of content is complex • Content & Analytics still nascent • Standards nonexistent • Vendor proliferation • Multi-functional • Strategic challenges • Low visibility

    4. A true culture of content means metrics and KPIs applied to content must evolve in tandem

    5. The result is metrics measuring VOLUME… not impact.

    6. The need to ‘feed the beast’ is a tremendous organizational imperative, cost, and ongoing requirement.

    7. Welcome! A Framework for Measuring Content Marketing Performance 6 Case Studies of Brands Doing it Well (and what they measured) Next Steps on Crafting a Content Marketing Measurement Strategy

    8. A Framework for Measuring Content Performance

    9. Consider these a starting point… every business will have unique ingredients (tools & sources)

    10. Content Measurement Case Studies

    11. Content and the response to that content that signals how communications augment or detract from the health of the brand. Measures of interest and behavior.

    12. Seattle Seahawks’ objective:Use the digital medium to build more engagement between Seahawks and fans (not just an extension of broadcast)

    13. Their social media team assessed content performance to determine what was resonating with fans (both the community and as individuals)

    14. Engagement and audience across network grew significantly The team used this data to inform its communication strategy and optimize tactics going forward.

    15. Brand Health Metrics

    16. An umbrella term encompassing the many components that can improve existing marketing efforts and take them to the next level.

    17. Specialty toy retailer, Rockenbok looked to YouTube to help demonstrate its product

    18. Rokenbok created YouTube videos both to entertain and demonstrate the products. Then customers started creating their own videos using the product. Both informed keywords, segments, targeting, etc.

    19. Rockenbok’s online video strategy helped transformed their business model from bricks-and-mortar to e-commerce 50% of Rokenbok’s customers now come from #1 source of traffic to the site

    20. Marketing Optimization Metrics

    21. Content to help drive prospects and customers through the funnel

    22. Zenni Optical used search, offsite content, social media to engage customers through the buying process

    23. Zenni’s content experiences drove results across the entire customer journey Consideration Purchase Loyalty Innovation

    24. Revenue Generation Metrics

    25. Content strategy must account for operational efficiencies like cost control, content repurposing, risk management, employee engagement, etc.

    26. Unilever manages numerous brands, hundreds of millions of fans, thousands of people involved in the content process. Efficiency is key--

    27. Investing in collaborative tools to scale content globally across 30 brands, 40 agencies, and 20 markets helped Unilever reduce time to create and publish content and increase output significantly.

    28. Operational Efficiency Metrics

    29. Content can demonstrate value not just in attracting leads and increasing sales but also in the realm of customer support and service, a significant cost center in most organizations.

    30. Sony identified a user-submitted troubleshooting post viewed 42k times in 2 weeks A phone call costs the brand €7; Viewed 42k times in 2 weeks, Sony affixed a value of €294k (€7 x 42k) to a single piece of content, then developed more content to address the pain point.

    31. Customer Experience Metrics

    32. Content can be an extremely effective and efficient way to solicit ideas and engagement from community members and contribute to multiple organizational objectives.

    33. Domino’s Australia wanted to better engage customers to create their own pizzas …they even paid them!

    34. Domino’s quantified most popular pizzas and who earned the most from their recipes

    35. Innovation Metrics

    36. Next Steps to Craft Your Content Measurement Strategy

    37. 1. Measurement must be the foundational principal of content strategy

    38. 2. Every measurement strategy must focus on the business outcome

    39. 3. Know your metrics and your data

    40. 4. Be realistic about organizational capabilities and tools

    41. Q uestions?

    42. Thank You! Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models. Rebecca Lieb Industry Analyst @lieblink Susan Etlinger Industry Analyst @setlinger

    43. Brand Health Metrics

    44. Marketing Optimization Metrics

    45. Revenue Generation Metrics

    46. Operational Efficiency Metrics

    47. Customer Experience Metrics