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Fundraising Action Planning I

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Fundraising Action Planning I. presenter 1[add your name and a fun fact] Presenter 2 [ add your name and a fun fact]. Objectives. Develop a customized fundraising plan that meets your youth program ’ s needs

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presenter 1[add your name and a fun fact]

Presenter 2 [ add your name and a fun fact]

  • Develop a customized fundraising plan that meets your youth program’s needs
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of major fundraising strategies that best fit your needs
  • Acquire the tools to develop a fundraising plan
youth fundraising 101 at a glance
Youth Fundraising 101 at a glance

What do we already know?

Major Gifts

  • Individual giving
  • Corporate, foundation, and government giving, including grants
  • Scholarships
youth fundraising 101 at a glance1
Youth Fundraising 101 at a glance

Event-based fundraising

  • Carefully set goals and choose your fundraising plan
  • Be creative
  • Be enthusiastic & confident when approaching donors and potential participants
  • Raise money for something specific & communicate this to donors
  • Tell your story!
  • Planning is key!
fundraising plan
Fundraising Plan

Comprehensive document that:

  • Clearly spells out the overall fundraising picture of your organization / group
  • Lays out action steps to raise money from a variety of sources
  • States how much you need to raise, from what sources, and how you will do it
  • Gives your fundraising efforts a direction and a clear process to follow
fundraising plan benefits
Fundraising Plan Benefits
  • Maximizes all resources, overlooks nothing
  • Prioritizes opportunities, events and actions
  • Adapts and takes advantage of new opportunities
  • Avoids repeating the same old strategies or mistakes
  • Delegate, monitor actions and secure funding
how to come up with a fundraiser that works for your area
How to Come Up with a Fundraiser that Works for YOUR Area?
  • Think of a creative solution to a problem people in your community face
  • Center your fundraising around activities people will already be doing and they will be more likely to participate in during an economic slowdown
group discussion
Group discussion

Identify a couple of fundraisers that have been held in your community (at least 3-4)

List some services specific to your chapter

Identify a major need in your community, a group at risk, or a critical situation you want to address

Identify what other non profit organizations are doing? The “ competition” – are they addressing the problem? How about their fundraising efforts? What are they successful at?

Factor in all these aspects. Gain a better understanding of how you can address the need, secure funding and be successful?

your fundraising cause
Why is your cause important? Why people should care?

Be able to succinctly communicate WHY you are a Red Cross volunteer and why you got involved with this particular project

Tell your story and paint the BIG PICTURE!

Your Fundraising Cause
your fundraising cause1
Your Fundraising Cause

Identifying your cause:

Be able to succinctly communicate what this specific project or service is and why it is needed

  • What are you raising money for? Be specific.
  • What other organizations provide the services you’re raising money for?
  • What are some of the downstream effects of not having this service?
your fundraising cause2
Your Fundraising Cause

What makes you a credible organization / group?

  • What are some past accomplishments of your youth program?
  • How long has your youth program been in existence?
  • How many members do you have?
elements of a fundraising plan
Elements of a Fundraising Plan


  • Brief identification and mission of your organization –chapter and youth program
  • The purpose and anticipated end result of this proposal
  • The type and amount of support requested
  • The total anticipated budget
  • Other information you deem pertinent
elements of a fundraising plan1
Elements of a Fundraising Plan

I. Introduction

The document should cover:

  • The purpose of your organization / youth program
  • Key activities and services
  • Target population
  • Past major accomplishments
elements of a fundraising plan2
II. Fundraising Needs

Where does your money currently go?

What projects do you currently spend money on?

Elements of a Fundraising Plan
elements of a fundraising plan3
Elements of a Fundraising Plan

II. Fundraising Needs

  • What additional service projects would you like to do this year and what are some of the costs involved with those projects?
    • Consider the services the Red Cross’s mission mandates
    • How can you help your chapter fill in the gaps?
    • What money/resources do you need to raise in order to help fill in the gaps and help provide that service?
elements of a fundraising plan4
Elements of a Fundraising Plan

II. Fundraising Needs

  • Are there specific tools or items that would make your program more efficient?
    • Would you like to consider raising the money to buy that item?
    • Can you justify this expense and quantify the benefits that would come from the purchase?
elements of a fundraising plan5
Elements of a Fundraising Plan

II. Fundraising Needs

  • Would you like to raise money for a specific Red Cross service as a project?
  • Would your program benefit from an endowment?
elements of a fundraising plan6
III. Fundraising Resources

What unique talents are represented in your youth program?

Technology skills?

Craft skills?

Cooking skills?

Especially a unique type of food

Musical ability?

Elements of a Fundraising Plan
elements of a fundraising plan7
Elements of a Fundraising Plan

III. Fundraising Resources

  • Identify your stakeholders
    • A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in or is affected by a project

Who are stakeholders in your Red Cross youth program?

elements of a fundraising plan8
Elements of a Fundraising Plan

III. Fundraising Resources

  • What other resources do you have?
    • Time?
    • Number of members?
    • Ties to the school system?
    • Current budget
    • Your age!
  • What resources are available through your chapter?
    • Development office?
Thank you ….

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