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Warm – Up 11/15/12. What is the difference between a member of the Centalist Party and being a member of the Federalist Party? (Answer in complete sentences). The Fredonian Rebellion. Who : Haden Edwards

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Warm up 11 15 12
Warm – Up 11/15/12

What is the difference between a member of the Centalist Party and being a member of the Federalist Party?

(Answer in complete sentences)

The fredonian rebellion
The Fredonian Rebellion

Who: Haden Edwards

What: Edwards and his troops over an area near Nacogdoches and claimed it an free and independent nation. They called it the Republic of Fredonia.

Where: Nacogdoches

When: 1826 (Dec 16, 1826)

Why: Because the land given to Edwards was already claimed by other Mexican families.

The mier y ter n report
The Mier y Terán Report

Who: Gen. Don Manuel de Mier y Terán

What: Mier y Terán

Was sent to tour Texas and write a report about the situation with the Anglo-Settlers. Terán

Reported there was a major problem in Texas.

Where: All over Texas

When: 1827-1828

Why: The Mexican Government was worried about the loyality of the Anglo-settlers in Texas.

The law of april 6 1830
The Law of April 6, 1830

Who: The Mexican Congress

What: Passed a law that

  • Canceled all Empresario’s Contracts

  • Outlawed slavery

  • Taxed good from the United States

Where: Mexico city

When: April 6, 1830

Why: As a result of the Mier y Teran Report

Trouble at anahuac
Trouble at Anahuac

Who: Capt. Juan Bradburn and Mexcian Army

What: Bradburn went to rescue 2 people (Travis & Jack) who were imprisoned because they had slaves.

- Ended Peacefully

Where: Anahuac

When: June 1832

Why: To rescue William Travis Patrick Jack

Bloodshed at velasco
Bloodshed at Velasco

Who: John Austin

What: John Austin went to collect a cannon for the settlers. A battle broke out between the Anglo-Settlers and the Mexican Army. 1st time settlers attacked and killed Mexican troops.

Where: Velasco

When: June 26, 1832 (After Anahuac)

Why: John Austin went to collect a cannon for the settlers.

Turtle bayou resolutions
Turtle Bayou Resolutions

Who: Prominent Texas Colonist

What: Some of the colonist tried to explain Velasco & Anahuac. They said that

  • they supported the Constitution of 1824,

  • Supported the new leader Gen. Santa Anna.

Where: Turtle Bayou

When: July 1832

Why: To prevent the Mexican Army from coming to Texas to punish the Anglo-settlers.

Stephen f austin imprisoned
Stephen F. Austin Imprisoned

Who: Stephnen F. Austin (SFA)

What:SFA was sent to Mexico City to pursuade Mexico to make Texas it’s own Mexican State. While in Mexico City, he wrote a letter to the people of Texas. The note was intercepted and he was arrested for treason.

Where: Mexico City

When: 1833-1835

Why: Austin had written a letter that told the people of Texas that was the only solution to being free.

Santa anna abolishes constitution of 1824
Santa Anna Abolishes Constitution of 1824

Who: Santa Anna

What:Santa Ana abolished (got rid of) the Constitution of 1824 and became the Supreme Dictator and General of Mexico.

Where: Mexico City

When: April 1835

Why:To keep in power Santa Anna abolished the Constitution of 1824 and became the dictator of Mexico.