Take a stand for bullying
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The Process Of Bullying - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take A Stand For Bullying . The Process Of Bullying. The Victim. A person being Hurt aggressively Physically or emotionally by a person or group of People. Dose not attempt to discourage the behavior from the bully(s). The Bystander.

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Take a stand for bullying

Take A Stand For Bullying

The Process Of Bullying

The victim
The Victim

  • A person being Hurt aggressively Physically or emotionally by a person or group of People.

  • Dose not attempt to discourage the behavior from the bully(s).

The bystander
The Bystander

  • A person or people who witnesses the bullying happening or happen but has no desire to stop it from happening.

  • The Bystander is someone who has reason to not discuss the bullying.

The bully
The Bully

  • Someone who attempts to hurt enough physically and/or emotionally and aggressively progressing the behavior.

  • Often times when there is a bully, something is wrong emotionally or physically with them that they envy

  • Other times they are jealous of an item you have or people who care about you.

The story
The Story:

Felicity had been to Lone Pine for five years and nobody had bothered her. But one day a new girl came to school.

Jess was her name and she was really nice to Felicity at first but later Jess started calling Felicity poor because Felicity couldn’t afford all the higher brand clothing. But this was strange because a lot of people wore the same brand Felicity did.

Nobody knew but at Jess’ house her older brother called her a loser all the time and stole and broke her things. Also Jess’ family fought a LOT and that hurt Jess emotionally.

Jess took it out on Felicity and one day…

Felicity was talking to her friend Max and Jess came up to her out of no where and threw her books at her. Max saw what happened but he was afraid of Jess now. Felicity was afraid of being called a tattle tale and so she didn’t tell either.

When Falicity got home her older brother saw what happened. Wesley

Knew what happened because it happened to him too when he was in 4th grade. Wesley told Felicity that he was going to watch out tomorrow.

As usual Felicity was talking to Max but this time Wesley was there too, as he promised he was watching out for her.

Jess stormed down the hallway to where Felicity was and called her poor and dumb. Today Felicity was NOT afraid.

When Jess left Wesley walked down the hall to Mrs. Bee and told her about what had happened to Felicity.

Mrs. Bee took Felicity and Jess into the office where they talked it out. Jess explained how life at home was for her. Felicity didn’t know at all that had happened and felt sorry.

After that day Jess and Felicity became best friends and forgot about what had happened


Quiz: was in 4

  • Who was the bully?

  • Who was the bystander?

  • Who was the victim?

  • Who stood up?

Answers: was in 4

  • Jess

  • Max

  • Felicity

  • Wesley

More questions
More Questions: was in 4

  • Why Did Jess Bully Felicity?

  • Who did Wesley Tell that Felicity was being bullied?

  • What was Max’s reason why he didn’t tell an adult Felicity was getting bullied?

  • Why didn’t Felicity tell an adult about Jess?

More answers
More Answers: was in 4

  • Because things where rough at Jess’ house

  • Mrs. Bee

  • Max was afraid of Jess

  • Because she didn’t want to be called a tattletale.