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Sentence transformations( 句型转换 ) 1. “ I can ’ t play the piano well, ” she said. ( 变为间接引语 ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Sentence transformations( 句型转换 ) 1. “ I can ’ t play the piano well, ” she said. ( 变为间接引语 )

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Sentence transformations( 句型转换 ) 1. “ I can ’ t play the piano well, ” she said. ( 变为间接引语 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sentence transformations( 句型转换 ) 1. “ I can ’ t play the piano well, ” she said. ( 变为间接引语 ) She said________________________________. 2. We will hold a class meeting tonight. ( 变为被动语态 ) A class meeting__________________________. 3. He no longer does things like that. (变为同义句)

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Sentence transformations( 句型转换 ) 1. “ I can ’ t play the piano well, ” she said. ( 变为间接引语 )

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Sentence transformations(句型转换) 1. “I can’t play the piano well,” she said. (变为间接引语) She said________________________________. 2. We will hold a class meeting tonight. (变为被动语态) A class meeting__________________________. 3. He no longer does things like that. (变为同义句) He_______________________________________. 4. I finished reading the story. Then I went to bed.(同上) Before I went to bed, I__________________.

    2. 5.The manager has been to Hong Kong twice. • (就twice提问) • _____________________has the manager been to Hong Kong? • 6.We don’t know where we will visit next weekend.(改为简单句) • We don’t know_____________________________. • 7. It took my father two hours to repair the motorbike.(同义转换) • My father_________________________________. • 8.The nurses take care of the patients in the hospital.(就the patients提问)

    3. Who do the nurses take care of in the hospital? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 9.Where does he swim every day? I want to know.(合并成复合句) I want to know____________________________ 10.The box was too heavy for hem to lift. (同上) The box was_______________________________. 11.”Will you give us a piano concert this weekend?” He asked me.(改为间接引语) He asked me_______________________________.

    4. 12.Annie sent me the flowers at once when she saw me.(改为被动语态) The flowers _______________________________. 13.My uncle has been in the Party for five years.(改为同义句) It is _____________________________________. 14.My computer doesn’t work well.(同上) _____________________________my my computer. 15.We can get information from internet as well as from library. .(改为被动语态) Information_____________________ internet as well as from library.

    5. 16.Because of the thick fog, the students couldn’t get to school on time.(改为同义句) • (注意:原来的句子是简单句还是变为简单句) • The thick fog_____________________________ • ___________________________. • 17.“Can you take a photo with me?” The little girl said to Yao Ming.(改为间接引语) • 18.The little girl asked Yao Ming______________ • _______________________________________. • 19.Helen has never been to Hong Kong.Helen’s sister hasn’t, either.(改为同义句) • ____________________________been to Hong Kong.

    6. 20. The bridge is so low. The elephant can’t go through it.(改为复合句) • The bridge is_____________________________ • __________________________________________ • 21.The truck is too high to go under the bridge. • The truck is ____________________________. • 22.We should finish the paper in two weeks. • (改为被动语态) • The paper_________________________________. • 23.“Don’t make such a silly mistake again”. • Mother said to her daughter.(改为间接引语)

    7. Mother told her daughter____________________ • ________________________________________. • 24. You can borrow my Ps if you like.(同义转换) • You________________________to use my dictionary. • 25.Both answers are right.(改为否定句) • _________________________right. • 26.The stadium is quite large. It can hold more than ten thousand people. .(同义转换) • The stadium is___________________________. • 27.We saw the headteacher prepare lessons in the office a moment ago.(改为被动语态)

    8. The headteacher ___________________________ • _______________________________. • 28.The teacher said to us, “The earth moves around the sun.”(合并句子) • The teacher told us_________________________ • _________________________________________. • 29. The sightseeing is very beautiful.(感叹句) • __________________the sightseeing is! • 30.The hole is not large enough to hold the tree. • (同义转换) • The hole is________________________________ • hold the tree.

    9. 31.How many people were there in the world in 2000?(同义转换) • ____________________of the world in 2000? • 32. His mother isn’t a doctor. His father • isn’ a doctor, either. (同义转换) • _________his mother ______his father is a doctor. • 33.The boy answered the librarian, “I will return the book on time.”(改为宾语从句) • The boy told ___________________________ • _______________________________on time.

    10. 34.The police helped the old lady find her lost dog.(改为被动语态) • The old lady’s lost dog___________________ • the help of the police. • 35.After he had finished his homework, he went to bed.(同义转换) • He did_________________________________ • he had finished his homework. • 36.I hear that keeping our feet warm in the air-conditioning room is very important. .(同义转换) • It__________that________our feet warm in the air-conditioning room is very important. • 37.Can you hand in the project in time? • .(改为被动语态)

    11. Can___________________________ in time? • 38. You can go to the United States with me, or Ben can do so. .(同义转换) • _____________________________________can go to the United States with me. • 39.I don’t mind that you smoke here since this is the smoking area.(同义转换) • I don’t mind _____________________here since this is the smoking area. • 40. I would rather be a reporter than a business woman . (同义转换)

    12. 40. I would rather be a reporter than a business- • woman.(同义转换) • I__________________a reporter better than a businesswoman. • I __________________a reporter rather than a businesswoman. • I__________________a reporter to _________a • businesswoman. • 41. He played football yesterday afternoon. He didn’t play badminton. (同义转换)He played football__________________________ • yesterday afternoon.

    13. 42.He said, “What am I going to be like when I grow up?”(改为宾语从句) • He wondered______________________________ • _________________________________________. • 43.I can’t find him at home. He can’t be in the office now.(改为反意疑问句) • I can’t find him at home. He can’t be in the office • now,__________? • 44.Mother said, “Will you please work hard at maths, Tom?”(改为间接引语) • Mother______Tom _____________hard at maths. if

    14. 45.This camera is used to take photos. • (改为同义句) • This camera __________________photos. • 46.Zhonghua Middle School is famous in this city. It is about 50 years old.(合并为非限制性定语从句) • Zhonghua Middle School,__________________ • ________________________________________. • 47.There is something wrong with the player who just scored.(改为同义句) • _____________________________________the player who just scored.

    15. 48. Most children hardly have time to play. • (改为反意疑问句) (page8, Ex. V) • Most children hardly have time to play,________? • 49.I don’t like staying at home all day. Neither does my brother. (改为同义句) • __________________________likes staying at home all day. • 50. Bruce had a nice trip this summer holiday. Leo had a nice trip , too. (改为同义句) • _______________________________________a • nice trip this summer holidays. • 51. The boy is from New York. I talked with him just now.( 合并为定语从句)

    16. The boy ________________________________is • from new York. • 52. It rained heavily. We couldn’t go for an outing. (改为同义句) • The heavy rain _______________________for an outing. • 53.My bookshelf is full of books about science. • (改为同义句) My bookshelf _______books about science. • 54. You must take out the empty bottles. • (改为被动语态) • The empty bottles__________________by you.

    17. 55. They invited many guests to the New Year party. (改为被动语态) • _____________________________the New Year party. • 56.I find that it is very difficult to learn computer well.(改为简单句) • I find________________learn computer well. • 57.“Where are you going? ” he asked me. • (改为间接引语) • He asked me_____________________. • 58.Hardly anybody is good at everything. • (改为反意疑问句) • Hardly anybody is good at everything, ________?

    18. 59. He likes swimming better than running. • (改为同义句) • He __________________________running. • 60.He can play not only table tennis but also tennis. (改为同义句) • He can play________________________________. • 61.She is a beautiful girl who has a pair of blue eyes. (同上) • She is a beautiful girl__________________. • 62.My grandmother is over inety years old, but she is in good health. (同上) • Although my grandmother ____________ninety years old, she is____________________________. (同上)

    19. 同义句转换 • 63. At the age of thirteen, Anne Frank started writing her famous diary. • ___________________________,Anne Frank started writing her famous diary. • 64. If my teacher didn’t help me, I couldn’t get good marks in the exam. • ___________________________, I couldn’t get good marks in the exam. • 65. Almost nobody can make much money without hard work. • __________can make________money without • hard work.

    20. 66. I can’t clean the classroom so quickly if you don’t help me. (改为同义句) • I can’t clean the classroom so quickly___ • __________________________. • 67. The teacher is standing on Lily’s right and on Lucy’s left. (改为同义句) • The teacher is standing ________Lily______ • Lucy. • 68.The little girl likes the skirt. There • is a Garfield on the skirt.(合并句子) • The little girl likes the skirt__________ • ______________________________.

    21. 69. Tom can speak not only Chinese but also German well. (改为同义句) • Tom can speak German_________________well. • 70.They will arrive here in about half an hour.(就in about half an hour提问) • ______________will they arrive here? • 71.综合填空 • 根据短文内容填入适当的单词,每格限天一个单词,开头字母已给出。 • About fifty people lied in a very small mountain village. It was far from the other villages and towns. They had f_____

    22. and they got bad harvest. None of them left the village. Of course, there was n______electricity • nor gas there. • Once a writer came to the village. The backwardness of the village surprised him. He decided to show it to the w______ .So he brought • The o_______villager to London. The old man told him all about his home village. Several months later he r______.All the villagers went to see him and asked him how he had enjoyed h____ • in the capital. • “ E________is wonderful in London.” said the • old man.

    23. “I’ve b________to many good places and eaten • all kind of nice food. But the t_____ was I couldn’t sleep well at night.” • “What was the problem?” his wife asked. • “The light was o______in my bedroom all the time.” • “Why not blow it out(吹灭/熄灭)?”) • “I tried to, but it was inside the glass of bottle.” • 72. We went to Sichuan by train.(同义句转换) • We________________________to go to Sichuan. • 73. Look, there is a heavy snow outside. • Look, it________________________outside.

    24. 74. To finish the difficult work in half an hour is impossible. • ______is___________________________in half an hour. • 75.The wind was so strong that I couldn’t ride easily. • The wind was_________________________ride easily. • 76. Mary and her classmates are friendly to each other.(改为同义句) • Mary_______________________her classmates. • 77.We are living a happy life. .(改为同义句) • We____________________________________. • 78. It was 7:00. Ben got up as early as he could. • It was 7:00. Ben___________________(同上) are living happily

    25. 79.No one was late for school today. • No one was late for school today, ___________? • 80. He is almost never ate for work.(改为同义句) • He is____________________late for school. • 81.Everybody is here.(改为反意疑问句) • Everybody is here,____________? • 82.I asked the new student,”Where do you do ?”(改为间接引语) • I asked the new student__________________ • ________________________________________. • 83.The bridge is so low that the cart can’t go through it. .(改为同义句)

    26. The bridge ____________________ go through. • 84.The wind must blow off your bike.(改为被动语态) • You________________________the wind. • 85.Kate studies better than the other two. • (改为同义句) • Kate studies the best____________________. • 86.The girl could hardly understand what he said.(改为反意疑问句) • The girl could hardly understand what he said,_____________________________?

    27. how many sheep there are • 87. How many sheep arwe there in Australia? • She asked.(合并为宾语从句) • She asked_______________________________in Australia. • 88.The teacher often lets the students speak English in class.(改为被动语态) • The students__________________________by the teacher. • 89.Think hard, and you’ll have an idea. • (改为同义句) • ____________________, you’ll have an idea. are often let to speak English in class

    28. 90. He got too angry to speak. (改为同义句) • He_______________he______________speak. • 91.All of them didin’t go there. (改为同义句) • ________________them ______there. • 92.They felt very pleased with their new house. (改为同义句) • They ____________________their new house. • 93.The play was put on by the school. I used to study in the school.( 合并为定语从句) • The pay was put on by the school_______I used to study • _________.

    29. 94.My father didn’t come home. He came home when I went to bed at ten. (改为同义句) • My father ______ _______ home____I went to bed at ten. • 95.Both Li Ye and Meimei go to see A Paper • House.(改为否定句)_______Li Ye__________Meimei________to see • A paper house. • 96. The bottle is filled with water. (改为同义句) • The bottle______ ______ _______water.

    30. 97. Two more fire trucks were driving down the street as fast as they could. (改为同义句) • ______ _______fire trucks were driving down the stret as fast as they could. • 98. Several doctors and nurses were taking care of anyone who was hurt.(改为同义句) • Several doctors and nurses______ _______ • ______ anyone who was hurt. • 99. In those days students didn’t have computers. Now students have computers. • (合并句子) • Students____ ____ ____ _____computers but now they______.

    31. 100. The largest number of people in the world speak Chinese. • Chinese________________________the largest • number of people in the world.(改为被动语态) • 101. He took these pictures on the Great Wall.(同上) • ________________________on the Great Wall. • 102. We must do th exercises in class.(同上) • _______________________________in class. • 103. He can finish he work on time. (同上) • ______________________________on time. • 104. The nurse takes good care of the children. • The children____________________by the nurse.

    32. 105. I went to bed after I finished my homework. • .(改为同义句) • I_______________________________my work. • 106.I didn’t know what we would do next.(同上) • I didn’t know________________________next. • 107. My father said to me, “Don’t swim alone.” • (改成间接引语) • My father_______me___________________alone. • 108. Both Tom and Mike like playing football. • (改写成两个简单句)(March 21,2006 Class 2) • Tom_____________football. _____________Mike.

    33. 109. I had had my breakfast before I went to school. (改为被动语态) • My breakfast _____________________________ • before I went to school.( in the middle( 5)page10) 110.Mum said to us,” Don’t get up late, children.” • (改成间接引语) • Mum______us_______________________late. • 112. Dad said, “Don’t play football in the street.” • (改成间接引语) • Dad______us_______________________football in the street.

    34. 113. Mr Smith said ,“John told me all about his past three years ago.”(同上) • Mr Smith said that John______ _____ ______ • all about his past three years_____. • 114. He said, “ Will all of you take part in it?” • (同上)He said (us)__________all of _______ ________take part in it. • 115. She asked, “Which one do you like best?” (同上)She asked ______one I ______best. • 116. “What kind of drinks do you prefer?” She asked me. (改成间接引语) • .She asked me_____ ____ _____ _____ _____ ___. I

    35. 117.Lingshi runs faster than Yongxian. .(改为同义句). • Yongxian_______________________as Lingshi. • 118.Tom asked me,” How long have you been here?” (改成间接引语) • Tom asked me_____________________________. • 119.I wanted to go fishing. My parents didn’t want me to go fishing alone. (改为同义句) • My parents ______me_______________________alone. • 120. We must do eye exercises every day.(被动) • Eye exercises___________________________________. • 121. The children didn’t have supper. They had supper • after their parents came back. (改为同义句) • The children_____ _____ _____ _____ their parents • ______ ________.

    36. 202.The car was made by the workers in Guanzhou , I bought it three years ago.(合并句子) • The car that I ____________________three years was • made by the workers in Guanzhou. • 123.The teacher ________________________football in the street. • 124. The boy with a red cap is my cousin.(改为定语从句) • The boy _____________________a red cap is my cousin. • 125. “Hand in your homework tomorrow morning. Tom.” said the teacher. (改成间接引语) • The teacher________________________________. • 126.”Will he come here on time ?” the mother wondered. ( 同上 ) The mother wondered________________________on time.

    37. 127. “Listen to me and don’t make so much noise, children!” said Mr Brown. (改成间接引语) • Mr Brown asked the children_______________ and _____________make so much noise. 128.”Can you wait for a minute, please, Sally?” asked Lingshi. Lingshi asked Sally ________________________a minute. 129.” I want to be a musician,” Annie said. Anine said that_________________be a musician. 130.“We will go climbing if it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

    38. Ben said that____________________go climbing if it____________the next day. • 131. “I can’t play the erhu.” Wu Liling said that ________________play the erhu. • 132. “The earth moves round the sun, ” the geography teacher said. • The geography teacher told us that____________ • ________round the sun. • 133.Deming told us ,“My father is going to buy a computer for me.” • Deming told us that________________going • to buy ______a computer.

    39. 134. “ Don’t be late for school next time, Zhenhui. • said the teacher. • The teacher _______Zhenghui_______ _______ • ________ late for school next time. • 135. Mr Watson asked, “ What do you want to be ?” • Mr Watson asked me ____________________. • 136. I think he will come tonight.(改为否定句) • I___________________________come tonight. • 137. He always gets to school early.( 同上 ) • He_______________________to school early.

    40. (对decided to prove his guess提问) • ______________Newton____________________? • 138. The boy began to play the piano when he was three years old.(改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • The boy began to play the pinao_____________ • __________________________. • 139.The truck was too high to go through the gate.(同上) • The truck was________________to go through the gate. • 140. Newton decided to prove his guess.

    41. 141. My brother went to Beijing last year. He is still in Beijing now.(改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • My brother ________________Beijing________ last year. • 142. I think Tom will fail in the exam.(就Tom提问) • _____________________will fail in the exam? • 143. We call them bird fossils. (被动) • _________________________________bird fossils. • 144.He drew the beautiful picture many years ago.(同上) • The beautiful picture________________________many years ago. • 145. Te scientist will give us a report tomorrow. (同上) • __________________________a report tomorrow by the scientist. • 146.The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. • (就Alexander Graham Bell提问) • _____________________the telephone___________________?

    42. 147. Stamps are used for sending letters. (就sending letters提问) • ____________stamps used _____? • 148.The Mickey Mouse looks funny.(改为感叹句) • _______________the Micky Mouse_______! • 149.The old man was so tired that he couldn’t go on walking. (改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • The old man was__________________________ • on walking. • 150. I have two forks. Sally has two forks, too. • (改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • I have______________________________Sally.

    43. 151. All the students cleaned the classroom, but Li Ping didn’t. (改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • All the student’s cleaned the classroom______Li • Ping. • 152. Do you clean your teeth every morning?(被动) • ________your teeth________every morning? • 153.They took good care of the old eople. (同上) • The old people__________________________. • 154. The manager won’t complete the project in a week. (同上) The project____________________in a week by the manager. • 155. His secretary has been to Shanghai several times.

    44. (就several 划线部分提问) • ____________times_________his secretary_________to Shanghai? • 156.My uncle doesn’t agree with him, I ddon’t agree with him, either. (改写句子,保持原句意思)My uncle doesn’t agree with him._____________. • 157. The maths problem is very difficult that no • one can work it out. .(改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • The maths problem is_______difficult_______ _______ • _________. • 158.My brother doesn’t get up late any longer. • (改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • My brother________________________up late. • 159.Ann’s father spends a lot of time reading newspapers every day. (改写句子,保持原句意思不变)

    45. My brother____________________up late. • 160. Ann’s father spends a lot of time reading newspapers every day. (改写句子,保持原句意思不变) • _______ ________Ann’s father a lot of time ____ • ______ newspaper every day. • 161. If you don/t help me, I couldn’t work out the problem.(同上) • _______your help, I_____ ______ _____ work • _______out. • 162.Can you mend my shoes now? (被动) • ______________________________________.

    46. 163. We have watered all the flowers. (被动) • _________________________________________. • 164.You may go out for a walk, or you may stay in the room.(合并成一个句子) • ________________________________________. • 165. Why don’t you tell them more about yourself? (改为同一意思句子) • ________________________________________. • 166.Wiill the boy become a musician?(改为I wondered 的宾语从句) • I wondered_____________________________.