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Main Section of Centro PowerPoint Presentation
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Main Section of Centro

Main Section of Centro

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Main Section of Centro

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  1. Main Section of Centro

  2. Formule 1 Hotel

  3. What to Know about the Formule 1 • Recently changing name to Ibis Budget • Modern hotel • Simple – no frills • 1 double bed and upper bunk in each room • Simple Brazilian breakfast • Breads, cakes, juices, yogurt, milk, coffee, cheese, ham and two kinds of fruit.

  4. Hotel Location

  5. Centro

  6. Rooming List • Need them to be completed by Friday, March 22nd • They can be adjusted • Reminder – 3 persons • 1 double bed • 1 upper bed

  7. Group Updates • Groups are doing pretty good • March payment is now due • Final Balance due May 1, 2013

  8. Visa Process for Brazil

  9. Documentation Requirements PASSPORT • US Citizens must have A valid Passport with expiration date at least 6 months from the date of your return • Takes 4 – 6 weeks • Go to passport office • If someone has not applied yet, now is the time!! • Original Passport, must have at least one blank visa page and additional space for entry/exit stamps.  • Attention: on US passports, only pages with the word “visa” on them can be used for that purpose.

  10. VISAS – What is needed • Valid Passport • Need to have expiration date beyond 6 months of return date • Completed Visa application form • Need to choose “WYD Rio 2013 – Pilgrim” • 1 Passport size photo • A 2x2 inch colored picture (frontal, with white background). • Home printed pictures will not be accepted. • Proof of Registration • (NEED MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME) • Trip Itinerary

  11. Visa’s Continued Visa application form, which must be filled out online at Fill it out, print the receipt page, sign in the bottom box. Travel itinerary or round trip ticket (if available). Original or certified copy of Visa, Green Card or equivalent document (plus copy) if you are not a US citizen. U.S. Post Office Money Order to the order of the Brazilian Consulate (bring the money order to the Consulate with your other documents). Any other type of payment will not be accepted.  Check the costs on the visa fee schedule. Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support your trip to Brazil (last three months statements from your checking account, credit card limit, last three paychecks or any other proof of cash). Proof of Residence issued in the last 90 days (copy of utility bill, bank statement, etc.)

  12. Visa’s Continued 2 • ATTENTION: • Visa Application for Minors must also include:  • visa authorization form, with notarized signature of both parents or guardian(s). In case of legal custody, you must include original or certified copy of court documents with recent (no more than 6 months ago) court stamp. • Birth certificate,original or certified copy plus simple copy. Note: If the name of a parent is no longer the same as on the child's birth certificate, additional documentation is required to prove a legal name change has occurred (i.e. marriage or divorce certificate, court order etc.) • If the minor was born to Brazilian parent(s) abroad or born in Brazil to foreign parents please contact the Visa Section by email or telephone before submitting the Visa Application for further orientation.

  13. Brazilian Consulate 20 Park Plaza,Suite 1420Boston, MA, 02116 Tel: (617) 542-4000 Applying hours are from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Monday through Friday. Pick up hours are from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

  14. WYD Flight Information -Flights will be an overnight flight – about 8 or 9 hours American Airlines

  15. Mission Component • Groups will be divided into 3 • Favelas will be Cantagalo, Santa Maria, & Babalonia • Involve your parish

  16. Travel Insurance • Do I need insurance? • What is Covered? • What if I do not want to buy it? • Cost is $158 for best coverage (under age 31) • Cancel for Anytime ($205 pp) • Call our agency with any questions

  17. Insurance Continued • Check with your health insurance for out of country coverage • WYD does have a thin layer of in country care • Allianz covers that plus the rest • Waiver required if not taking insurance • Go to our website ( • Click on Allianz

  18. Cell PhoneRental Some problems with phones in Madrid Early start this year Checking various companies

  19. Cell Phone Rental • Prices are not finalized yet – still negotiating • Offerings similar to Madrid Basic phone Blackberry (basic calls & texts) (email & Blackberry Messenger free)

  20. Added Security Layer • Vismo Features • GPS Tracking • Panic Button • Geo Fencing • Incident Response NEED A BLACKBERRY SEE A DEMO AT VISMO.COM ORDERING IN APRIL

  21. Thank You!!

  22. Questions

  23. HOMEWORK: • Go online to download all your resources. • Each group will be assigned a WYD Saint to research deeper, type up a page, and present on. • Each group will be assigned a Rio Religious Site to research deeper, type up a page, and present on. • Angry Birds Rio Player from your group for May. • Submit your Medical and Legal Forms. • Submit your Prayers for the “Spiritual Bouquet”. • Have all your Passports and Visas in order. • Submit your Rooming Lists. • Check out and decide if you are ordering the WYD Resource from the Pontifical Mission Society. • Save the Dates for the next WYD Leader Meeting May 23 and the All-Pilgrim Gathering June 15.