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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic . By Gabriel and Jonathan. Country flag, bird, tree . Flag T he bird is the P almchat W est Indian M ahogany. Maps and location. Location in the Caribbean next to Haiti Dominican Republic is on the map near South America. The climate is very very hot.

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Dominican Republic

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  1. Dominican Republic By Gabriel and Jonathan

  2. Country flag, bird, tree • Flag • The bird is the Palmchat • West Indian Mahogany

  3. Maps and location • Location in the Caribbean next to Haiti • Dominican Republic is on the map near South America

  4. The climate is very very hot. The landscaping is so nice and sandy with palm trees Climate and Landscaping

  5. Economy • The Dominican Republic has the second largest economy in the Caribbean. • Primarily dependent on agriculture, trade, and services, especially tourism • An important aspect of the Dominican economy is the Free Trade Zone industry (FTZ), which made up U.S. $4.55 billion in Dominican exports for 2006 (70% of total exports). This really stinks

  6. Assembly of God • Church of God • Baptist • Pentecostal • Seventh-day Adventist Church • Brethren This is our Religion Religion

  7. Education • Education in the Dominican Republic is free. However, a lot of students plan to enter college in the US.

  8. Culture • The people and their customs have origins mixing of Spaniard, African and Taino roots. The Dominican Republic was the first Spanish colony in the New World.

  9. HOLA SEÑORA! Language • They speak Spanish. • But some people speak English.

  10. There is a lot of people walking and even living on the streets. • A ton of people go on vacations there in resorts which are really nice. Way of living

  11. Government • Nationality: Noun and adjective--Dominican(s). • Population (2012 est.): 10.09 million. • Annual population growth rate (2012 est.): 1.3%. • Language: Spanish. • Education: Years needed -6. Attendance--70%. Literacy--84.7%. • Health: Infant mortality rate--19/1,000. Life expectancy--75.28 years for men, 79.69 years for women. • Work force: 60.2% services (tourism, transportation, communications, finances, others), 15.5% industry (manufacturing), 11.5% construction, 11.3% agriculture, 1.5% mining.

  12. History • Hundreds of thousands Tainos living on the island were enslaved to work in gold mines. • The first major slave revolt in the Americas occurred in Santo Domingo during 1522, when slaves led an uprising in the sugar plantation of admiral Don Diego Colón, son of Christopher Columbus.

  13. Interesting Facts • Albert Pujols was born in Dominican Republic. • Dominican republic has lots of good baseball teams

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