Disposal of specialized categories of property
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Disposal of Specialized Categories of Property. Bonnie Wright-Comer Area Property Officer (APO) Personal Property Management (PPM) General Services Administration. Short cut for this page is www.gsa.gov/specialprocessesfordisposal. Firearms Program. Reporting Criteria.

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Disposal of specialized categories of property

Disposal of Specialized Categories of Property

Bonnie Wright-Comer

Area Property Officer (APO)Personal Property Management (PPM)General Services Administration

Disposal of specialized categories of property

Short cut for this page is www.gsa.gov/specialprocessesfordisposal

Reporting criteria
Reporting Criteria

  • Executive Branch agencies

  • Handguns, rifles, shotguns, light auto, less than .50 cal (FSC-1005)

  • Rifle and shoulder-fired grenade launchers (FSC-1010)

  • Condition code 4 or better

  • Regardless of unit acquisition cost

Reporting process
Reporting Process

  • GSAXcess.gov – web-enabled nationwide inventory system.

  • Report as a single line item with serial number, make and model (GSA Bulletin FPMR H-75)

  • Drop-down menu feature allows you to select type of firearm from existing lists

  • SF-120 paper submission also acceptable.

Who in gsa handles excess firearms
Who In GSA Handles Excess Firearms??

Property Management Division (7FP-8)

National Firearms Program Manager

Debbie Rojas Cook

Denver, CO

(303)236-7707 Fax: (303)236-7544


Who is eligible to acquire excess firearms
Who is eligible to acquire excess firearms?

  • Unless an agency has specific statutory authority to do so, excess firearms may be transferred only to those Federal agencies authorized to acquire firearms for official use, reference Section 101-42.1102-10(a)(2).

Regulatory change
Regulatory Change

  • Federal Register - July 28, 1999

  • Removed the prohibition on donation of surplus Federal firearms to eligible law enforcement activities

Donation program
Donation Program

  • Requires participation of State Agency for Surplus Property

  • Open to state/local law enforcement

  • Primary functions must be for enforcement of federal, state, and local laws

  • Officers must be compensated and have apprehension and arrest authority

Donation program controls
Donation Program - Controls

  • Prequalification process

  • Federal government retains title

  • Special terms and conditions apply

  • Yearly inventory report required

  • Must comply with applicable registration and use requirements

Firearms disposal
Firearms Disposal

  • No interest after completion of utilization and donation screening

  • Firearms are not eligible for exchange/sale (FMR 102-39.45(a)

  • Reporting agency must destroy by rendering completely inoperable (cut, crush, break, melt)

  • May then be sold as “scrap” only, reference Section 102-36.375.

Federal aircraft disposal
Federal Aircraft Disposal

Fmr title 41 102 36 340
FMR Title 41 102-36.340

  • Federal agencies must report to GSA all excess aircraft, regardless of condition or dollar value.

What is the process for reporting excess aircraft
What is the process for reporting excess aircraft?

  • Submit a Standard Form (SF) 120, Report of Excess Personal Property to GSA (Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Region 9.

  • Submit Electronicallyto GSA's Federal Disposal System via our website at www.GSAXcess.gov.

Include the following information
Include the Following Information

(1) Manufacturer, date of manufacture, model, serial number.

(2) Major components missing from the aircraft (such as engines, electronics).

(3) Whether or not the:

(i) Aircraft is operational;

(ii) Dataplate is available;

(iii) Historical and maintenance records are available;

(iv) Aircraft has been previously certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or has been maintained to FAA airworthiness standards;

(v) Aircraft was previously used for non-flight purposes (i.e., ground training or static display), and has been subjected to extensive disassembly and re-assembly procedures for ground training, or repeated burning for fire-fighting training purposes.

Disposal of specialized categories of property

Pop up Window in GSAXcess for Reporting Aircraft

Federal customers include
Federal Customers Include...

  • U.S. Marshals

  • U.S. Customs

  • Navy/Army/Air Force

  • Department of Interior

  • USDA Forest Service

  • NASA

  • National Science Foundation

  • Department of State

  • FBI

Donation customers include
Donation Customers Include...

  • Local Law Enforcement

  • Museums

  • Technical Schools

  • Cities and Counties

  • Fire Departments

Exchange sale

  • You may not exchange or sell aircraft unless there is full compliance with all exchange/sale provisions in Part 102-33 of this chapter (41 CFR 102-33).





Who in gsa handles excess aircraft
Who in GSA Handles Excess Aircraft?

GSA, Region 9

Sandra Klar

Phone: (415) 522-3041

Email: sandra.klar@gsa.gov

450 Golden Gate Avenue

Room: 4th Floor West

San Francisco, CA 94102-3434

What vessels are we talking about
What Vessels Are We Talking About?


The following are not included in this process



  • Battleships

  • Cruisers

  • Aircraft Carriers

  • Submarines

  • Destroyers

How do i report vessels
How Do I Report Vessels?

  • Electronically Report Property to GSA in GSAXcess; -or-

  • Submit a Standard Form 120

If the vessel is under 50 feet in length

Report it to the GSA Region in which the vessel is located.

If the Vessel is Under 50 Feet in Length:

If 50 feet or larger and civilian agency
If 50 Feet or Larger and Civilian Agency:

  • Report it to the Southeast Sunbelt Region in Atlanta

    GSA, FAS, Property Division (4QSC1)

    77 Forsyth Street

    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Attn: Mark Brantley

    Ph: 404-331-0972 Fax: 404-331-7584


If 50 feet or larger and military vessel
If 50 Feet or Larger and Military Vessel:

  • Report it to the GSA Mid-Atlantic Region in

    Philadelphia, PA

    GSA, FAS, Property Division

    20 North Eighth St., 10th Floor

    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Attn: Karen Craig

    Ph: 215-446-5071 Fax: 215-829-2771


What information is required when reporting vessels
What Information Is Required When Reporting Vessels?

  • Has it been inspected by the Coast Guard?

  • Are there hazardous materials on the vessel (i.e.

    PCB’s, asbestos, lead paint, etc)?

  • If required, when will the cleanup be completed?

  • A Builder’s Certificate or Quasi Title

Vessels 1 500 gross tons or more

  • These vessels are reported to GSA

  • GSA will then offer them first to the Federal

    Maritime Administration

  • The Maritime Administration will determine if

    the vessel is capable of conversion to merchant use

  • Merchant Marine Act of 1936


  • Civilian agencies should report their excess animals to the GSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Philadelphia, PA.

    GSA, FAS, Property Division

    20 North Eighth St., 10th Floor

    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Attn: Karen Craig

    215-446-5071 or fax: 215-829-2771


Animals cont
Animals cont…

  • FMR102-36 does not stipulate special handling requirements for most animals, so the traditional disposal process typically applies. However, optional methods exist for some species and may be exercised without GSA’s approval or involvement.

    • 40 USC 1308 - Unfit Horses and Mules

    • 41 CFR 102-36.365 - Canines (allows for direct donation to an individual who has experience handling K9s in the performance of those official duties)

    • 42 CFR 71 - Non-human primates

Animals cont1
Animals cont…

  • Canines may be donated to an individual who has experience handling canines in the performance of those official duties FMR 102-36.365

  • Typical disposal process applies to nonhuman primates but transfer, donation, and sale documents must address appropriate uses of non-human primates per 42 CFR 71.53

    • Scientific Research

    • Education

    • Exhibition

Can my agency keep gifts
Can my Agency Keep Gifts?

  • Yes, if your agency has gift retention authority. Gift becomes normal property – looses its identity as a gift.

  • Otherwise, report to GSA on SF 120.

  • If no authority to keep, but agency wants gift, note on 120 your interest and submit SF 122 to GSA.

FMR 102-36.405 thru 420

Can employees keep foreign gifts and decorations
Can Employees Keep Foreign Gifts and Decorations?

  • Yes, with employing agency approval if:

    • Gift has minimal value

      ($305 or less – but subject to change);

    • Decorations for outstanding or

      unusually meritorious performance.

  • If employing agency disapproves, gift becomes property of

    the U.S. Government and is reported as excess to GSA.

  • Employees must report all gifts to agency within 60 days.

FMR 102-42

What if employee wants to keep a gift disapproved by agency or above minimal value
What if Employee Wants to Keep a Gift Disapproved by Agency, or, above Minimal Value?

  • If the Agency does not keep the gift for official purposes, Gift is reported to GSA.

  • GSA will offer Gift to other Federal Agencies

  • If no Federal Agency wants the gift, the employee can buy the gift for the appraised value.

Questions answers
Questions & Answers or, above Minimal Value?