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Open House 2011

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Open House 2011. Mrs. Horst Intermediate Reading. Communication.

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open house 2011

Open House2011

Mrs. Horst

Intermediate Reading


Agenda Book: Students are required to write their homework in the agenda book each day. Additionally, teachers often use this as the first line of communication to the parents. Please check and sign your child’s agenda book each night.

Friday Folder: Graded work and information from the school come home at the end of each week. Please check it each weekend and send the empty folder back to school on Mondays.

Conferences: Conferences will be held in October at the end of the first grading period.


Email: The easiest way to contact me is through email. I am able to check our email at several points throughout the school day.

Phone: You are welcome to call and leave a message on my voicemail. However, I will not be able to return you call until my planning period or the end of the school day.


Cluster Web Site: Check here frequently for class announcements, a calendar of events, and homework assignments. Our web site also includes a variety of links for students and parents.

school procedures
School Procedures

Tardy- Arrival by 8:15, If tardy, the child must be signed in at the office. (Bus exceptions may occur.)

Absent- There is a absentee form to be submitted to excuse the absence. This may also be completed via the school website.

Jupiter Grades- All students/ parents received a letter (Meet and Greet or 1st Friday folder) with the login information to access your child’s grades and information on Jupiter grades.

school procedures1
School Procedures

Lunch $- When sending lunch money to school- please make sure your child’s name and pin number is on it, and any checks should be made to Gulf Gate.

Lunch- Our cluster’s lunch time is 12:00-12:30. You may join your child for lunch if you wish. There will be ( in the near future) a “family dining area” in the multipurpose room.

what does my child have for homework
What does my child have for homework?

Spelling: Each student has a “menu” of activities to choose from in their binder. Activities are worth either 5 points or 10 points a piece. Each student is responsible for earning 20 points during the week. Spelling homework is due on Friday.

spelling words
Spelling Words

Every Monday I give the students a spelling pretest to see which words they already know.  Any words that they get wrong become a part of their final spelling list.  Giving the spelling list this way means that each student has a different list than everyone else.  It enables me to differentiate according to each students’ needs: I can give more challenging words to students that need challenge and vice versa.  The list must remain in the binder in order for the spelling test to be given on Friday!

what does my child have for homework1
What does my child have for homework?

Vocabulary: Every Monday, each student receives their list of vocabulary words and their definitions. Vocabulary homework is the same each week.

Monday = Create flash cards for each word. Due Tuesday.

Tuesday = Study your flash cards.

Wednesday = Write a meaningful sentence for each word. Due Thursday.

Thursday = Study your flash cards.

what does my child have for homework2
What does my child have for homework?

Reading: Every student should be reading each night. Guidelines for grade levels are as follows:

3rd = At least 25 minutes each night.

4th = At least 30 minutes each night.

5th = At least 35 minutes each night.

In addition, the students will complete one Reader’s Response project per month. Project choices and due dates are in their binder.

what will my child be tested on each week
What will my child be tested on each week?

Each reading lesson lasts for approximately one week. We begin the lesson on Mondays and the students take the test on the lesson on Fridays.

The Weekly Lesson Test has 3 parts to it:

A comprehension test on their story for the week.

A test on the Focus Skill for the week (i.e. Author’s Purpose)

A vocabulary test on the list of words they receive on Monday.

Each part of the test will be entered as a separate grade in order to better pinpoint the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

how can i help my child at home
How can I help my child at home?

Practice your child’s spelling and vocabulary words with them. Quiz them using the flash cards they create and give them practice spelling tests.

Your child can access their reading textbook from home!

3 rd grade username horst3 4 th grade username horst4 5 th grade username horst5 password happy123
3rd Grade Username: horst34th Grade Username: horst45th Grade Username: horst5Password: happy123