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Open House

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Open House
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  1. Open House Welcome Homeroom Sixth Grade Parents PLEASE SIGN IN!

  2. Opening of schools information, Parent/Student Handbook, Policies and agreements can be found on the school website. Forms must be viewed and checklist signed and returned: • 2013-2014 Media Release • Internet and Technology Acceptable Use Agreement • Miami Dade County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct Agreement • Print and fill out forms #1, 5, 11 and 15 • Additionally, the HIV/AIDS and Sexual Predator Information • may be located on our website. Go to:

  3. Parent Portal • Access to Real Time grades • Must obtain PIN from front office with a picture ID • Parent Portal Training Sept. 10th @ 9:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. VERY IMPORTANT AND INFORMATIVE!

  4. Accreditation Process Miami Dade County Public Schools is applying for District-wide Accreditation using the Advanced Ed protocol. All stakeholders –parents, staff, students and community members – will be involved in the process through online surveys and small group meetings. The goal of the process is to ensure that everyone and everything is focused on student achievement. Through internal and external reviews, NSE/SIB K-8 will demonstrate that it implements a continuous improvement process.

  5. Mrs. Perdomo’s Web Page The best way to reach me is via email at: NEWSFLASH! Easy access to my webpage by visiting the school website at: And then find my name in the staff section under 6th Grade Teachers.

  6. PTSA WE NEED YOU!!! Please join our Parent Teacher Student Association. • Wall of Giving, Marquee Announcements, Box Tops, Coke Rewards • PTSA website:

  7. Classroom Rules “R” 1. Respect yourself, your fellow students, and most of all, your teacher. 2. No eating, drinking or chewing gum in class. Water bottles permitted. 3. No talking out of turn. 4. Avoid unnecessary conversation. 5. Respect school property. 6. Take your seat and begin the warm-up immediately upon entering the room. 7. Stay in your assigned seats unless you have permission to stand. 8. Always come prepared for class. 9. Any items not used exclusively for school purposes should be left at home or kept out of sight, this includes cell phones which must be turned off. • Class ends only when I have dismissed you. • Be honest

  8. Uniform Policy • Middle School uniform consists of a navy blue shirt with the school logo. • Boys: Khaki pants or shorts with a belt. • Girls: Khaki shorts or skirt, (no shorter than finger tips) or khaki pants. • Jackets: Jackets are permitted as long as official uniform is underneath.

  9. Attendance/Tardies • If your child is absent from school, he/she will have up to 3 days to bring in a note for the absence to be excused. It is your child’s responsibility to obtain their missed assignments. This must be done outside of class time (7:45 a.m.) • Tardies: School begins at 8:35 a.m. Students arriving at 8:36 a.m. will be marked tardy. Students arriving after 8:45 a.m. must go to Student Services to obtain a tardy admit to class. • ABSENCES SERIOUSLY AFFECT YOUR GRADES AND DISTURB THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT!!! Please do not schedule vacation on school days.

  10. Criteria for Fieldtrips • Fieldtrips are REWARDS in Middle School!!! • Students must maintain an “A, B, or C” average in conduct to be eligible for fieldtrips. • Students must not have more than 3 unexcused absences or tardies per grading period in order to participate.

  11. Parent Involvement • If you are thinking of becoming a school volunteer, you must log into the parent portal and fill out a volunteer form. • Directions to log into the portal…

  12. You must first obtain a password from the main office.

  13. Point Values • In order for your child to pass each class he/she must obtain 10 points in each class for the year. • Below is the breakdown of points for quarter grades: A=4 x 2.5 B=3 x 2.5 C=2 x 2.5 D=1 x 2.5 F=0 x 2.5

  14. Conferences • Appointments for conferences can be made through your child’s teachers. • Conference times are usually in the morning, but may vary depending on the day and/or the teacher. • Thank you for understanding.

  15. Questions/Concerns

  16. Good Night! • Thank you for attending our Open House. I look forward to working with your child. • Please proceed to your child’s next classroom. • If you can help with any class supplies, please take a notecard from the Wishlist on the door.