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  1. PR CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL Prepared for: Bet365 and ICS

  2. World Conker Championships 2014 Bet365’s Conker Championships Launch Bet365’s own championship in conjunction with the official world event on October 12 2014 Use sporting celebrities as contestants, who customers can bet on Drive media interest by generating coverage across social media platforms Produce and edit video content covering the build up and conker matches Increase media interest by holding the event at a well known location in Central London such as the London Eye or top of The Shard Option to increase the scale of the competition by holding a “Bet365 Wacky Sports Championship.” Incorporate more wacky British sports with an overall celebrity winner. Increase public interest by encouraging them to come along, try a conker match more themselves and share it on social media. (18+) #BonkersFor365Conkers Search For Bet365’s Conkers Launch an additional competition in conjunction with the World Conker Championships 2014 to increase social media interaction Place large pretend conkers in hidden locations across the country and give out clues to customers on social media for where they are hidden The first people to find the hidden objects and share a selfie with them win £X free bet

  3. Conker Championship Costing Bet365’s Conker Championships Location ideas: London Eye Capsule Hire: 25 guests for a 30 minute rotation - £500 per person The Shard: Hourly rates up to £12,500 + VAT Conkers: 40 conkers £2.80 (Ebay) 250g thin string reel £2.48 Video creation: 1 x Camera Operator and kit for 8 hours - £300 + VAT Editing - £40 per hour + VAT ( Celebrity Hire: 1 x day hire sporting celebrity - £5-10K + Search for Bet365’s Conkers Pretend conkers made to the size of a football: Lego conkers: First - £450 + VAT + Delivery Rest - £300 + VAT + Delivery 1 x model conker -

  4. Become a Bet365 Bingo Head Increase interaction with female audiences by launching an app which allows customers to become a Bingo Head Increase social media interaction by encouraging users to share their creation online Drive media interest by allowing Bet365 customers to vote for their favourite Bingo Head The winner’s design will become the official new Bingo Head used in campaigns Launch the app in Central London with a branded booth where passersby (aged 18+) can come and create a Bingo Head Drive signups by ensuring users must create an account in order to be considered for the competition Costing Simple app: up to 4 screens serving one main function ranges from £1,000 - £7,000 Social media integration: allows users to share post from within the app £300 - £1,000 Booth hire: Up to 8 hours of use in Central London including unlimited photo copies and social media uploads from £750 + VAT + cost of parking Logo branding on the booth from £150 + VAT ( Cost of placement in Westfield: From £6750 for one weekend

  5. Bingos In Barmy Places Hold Bet365 Bingo and Casino events in strange/extraordinary places: • The Underground • Guerrilla • The London Eye/ Manchester Wheel • 25 guests for a 30 minute rotation - £500 per person • Top of The Shard “Winning With A View” • Hourly rates up to £12,500 + VAT • Emirates Sky Line • Private cabin hire for 10 people, round trip, £88 • The Museum of London • Venue hire £5,500 + • Madame Tussauds- 800 guests, £78 per person, all inc. • Ice Bar Drive media interest and generate coverage across all platforms- social, online, broadcast and print Liaise with media before events to ensure coverage is met Allow passersby to play in an ordinary game in an extraordinary place Photographer hire: Up to 2 hours - £250 + VAT

  6. Bet365-A-Side Over 50’s League Launch a Bet365-a-side over 50’s football league Increase media interest by creating a team that has a combined age of 365 Liaise with 5-a-side football leagues to drive awareness Liaise with the FA’s Premier Over 50’s League to drive awareness Increase social media interest and generate coverage across all platforms through use of videos, photos and interviews from the games Drive media interest by using an ambassador for the competition- veteran football star Costing: Powerleague pitch hire per hour: Off-peak: £38 per hour (Manchester example) Peak: £61.95 per hour (Manchester example) Branded football kits for Bet365 team: 5 x shirts - £191.60 5 x shorts - £114 5 x socks - £16 ( Video creation: 1 x Camera Operator and kit for 8 hours - £300 + VAT Editing - £40 per hour + VAT (

  7. Bet365’s Cheese Rolling Sponsorship of the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Competition 2015 Increase media exposure by sponsoring next year’s unofficial cheese rolling competition (unofficial since 2010) Drive social media traffic by creating photos and videos of the event Ensure branding placement by attaching the Bet365 logo to the cheese Costs: 12 x stickers £4.52 (Vista Print) 5 x 6ftx2ft PVC banners £115 ( Branded t-Shirts for competitors: £13.70 each

  8. Measuring Success At the end of the activation Paul Ridley Limited will supply an activity report covering: All media cuttings Circulation figures AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) analysis Social media reporting covering: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube activity Growth in followers/likes/views Analysis of user engagement

  9. Contact Us PAUL RIDLEY LIMITED 35 New Broad Street London EC2M 1NH Email: Website: Twitter: @paulridleyltd