Breast cancer campaign proposal
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“When Life Kicks You… Let It Kick You Forward! We Got Your BACK.” - Kay Yow. BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL. Kayla Potts Amber Presley J. Llanelly Paz Whitney Chislom. Slogan. Explanation. Purpose. “When Life Kicks You… Let It Kick You Forward! We Got Your BACK.”.

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Breast cancer campaign proposal

“When Life Kicks You… Let It Kick You Forward! We Got Your BACK.”

- Kay Yow


Kayla Potts

Amber Presley

J. Llanelly Paz

Whitney Chislom

Slogan Your BACK.”



“When Life Kicks You… Let It Kick You Forward! We Got Your BACK.”

The purpose of this campaign is to inform and reach out to those who are in need for help, and also to save lives through early detection.

Target audience
Target Audience Your BACK.”

  • We want to capture the attention of women mainly because women are more likely to get breast cancer than men. Men are possible, but rare to get breast cancer. The group range is of 18-30 year old people. Everyone should be aware, no matter what age.

  • A woman’s risk of developing this disease increases as she gets older.

  • Women who have their menstrual cycle before age 12 or went through menopause late after age 55 have an increased risk for breast cancer as well.

  • Anyone who has family history of breast cancer

  • having a first full-term pregnancy after age 30

  • never having been pregnant

  • having dense breasts

  • obesity after menopause

  • alcohol use.

Goals of campaign
Goals of Campaign Your BACK.”

  • Our main goal is to help reach out and inform those who are in need for help. We also want to spread the awareness of Breast Cancer.

  • Early detection = Early diagnoses = Early Prognosis

  • Help younger women be better updated about themselves. Increase the percentage of women getting regular checkups which will decrease the percentage of women who are diagnose with breast cancer.

  • Also, we hope to cut down future medical costs by catching and treating symptoms early. We can save more lives by early detection of breast cancer.

Description of existing situation
Description of Existing Situation Your BACK.”

  • Kayla’s Mother’s Personal Experience: My mother’s first breast cancer screening was at age 40. It was then that she found out she had a mass in her left breast. The doctor took a biopsy of the mass and sent it off to the lab for testing. A few days later, my mother got a phone call that would change her life. The doctor told her the mass was cancerous. My mother could not believe it but never let my sister and me know how serious it was. She had to have a lumpectomy which is the surgical removal of a breast cyst or tumor. After the surgery, she had to go through 6 weeks of radiation and she took medication called Tamoxifen for 5 years. Some women have to have chemotherapy, but my mother did not. Because of her early detection, her breast cancer had not spread. My mother is a breast cancer survivor going on 9 years.

Campaign method
Campaign Method Your BACK.”

  • The Be Aware of BC (BABC) is a non-profit organization that offers a complete resource for breast cancer, including up-to-date information on the latest treatments, screening tests, and radiation test. BABC don’t want money or insurance to be an issue for anyone. We want to help women and some men who may be at risk of getting breast cancer. It’s to benefit people whoever it’s affecting.

  • We hoping our campaign to last for a year. This should give us enough time to get started and known around the area.

  • Be Aware of Breast Cancer (advertisments)

Budgeting Your BACK.”

  • This Breast Cancer Campaign will only go on for a year. If we see any improvements or see our campaign grow, we intend to keep sharing information.

  • $250,000 Budget

  • Salary for workers: $80 per week (52 weeks in a year) $4,160

  • Advertising (Fliers, Newspaper Ads, TV commercials, etc.): $ 5,840

  • Renting locations: $ 3,000 for each 4 locations = $12,000

  • Testings, Screenings, Treatments, etc.: $200,000

  • Merchandise and Donations: $28,000

Reflection Your BACK.”

  • Amber’s Reflection: What I learned from this project is that breast cancer is the most common female cancer. Breast cancer takes a toll on women who can’t handle the truth. I also learned that the treatments for cancer period, can make you very sick. I also learned that the rate of breast cancer has decreased because of earlier screening or taking tests on the breast of women 50 years and younger. This project has made me to want to learn more on the topic of Cancer.

Kayla’s Reflection: From this project and my personal experience with my mom dealing with breast cancer, I learned that cancer is hard to accept. Most common reasons women don’t get any tests or screenings because lack of knowledge, financial problems, or unaware of the seriousness of the cancer. Even though there isn’t a cure for cancer, there are treatments for it. I also learned that an early detection equals early diagnoses and tends to have a better outcome.

Llanelly’s Reflection:

Whitney’s Reflection: This healthcare project has helped me tremendously in our study. I now know more than what I knew coming into this project. Breast cancer death rates have been going down. I always thought that anyone that was affected with breast cancer had no survival rates and always resulted in death. I was shocked to hear that the chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 36.

resources Your BACK.”

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