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Post COVID-19 Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Post COVID-19 Treatment

Post COVID-19 Treatment

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Post COVID-19 Treatment

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  1. POST POST COVID-19 TREATMENT COVID-19 TREATMENT A path to sustained recovery and good health

  2. The incidence of Covid-19 is shrouded with dynamic changes and something new coming every other day. Likewise, the treatment results and post-treatment status of a person also varies, requiring you to be vigilant, alert, and highly careful post your treatment.

  3. POST-COVID-19 SYNDROME Common observations post Covid-19 treatment Mental distress and anxiety Excessive fatigue and tiredness Breathlessness and itchy throat Memory and cognitive decline Degrading quality of life Reduced immunity and weight loss

  4. CONTINUE STRICTLY TO THE PATH OF RECOVERY A Covid-19 negative test result after the treatment should not be considered as a relaxation to your prevention regimen. A negligence could cost relapse of the infection on a weaker body. Continue respiratory hygiene Do not share personal things Stick to the medicines as suggested Have enough sleep & meals on time Work on boosting immunity

  5. MEDICAL ADVICES POST-DISCHARGE Repercussions of Covid-19, an unsolved medical mystery, has been studied well by the researchers. The doctors suggest a continued care plan to avoid long-term adverse implications on different body organs. Be prompt in maintaining & monitoring your overall health after discharge Revisit for follow-up as suggested, especially for underlying health conditions Plan Master Health Check-up to scout for risk of diseases post recovery Schedule a lung check-up to check the extent of lung recovery Keep checking your temperature & O2 level Reduce stress levels and work on mental health

  6. COVID-19 REHABILITATION The struggle with Covid-19 leaves lasting impact on physical and mental health. Recovery from the infection and coming back to normal life requires a lot of patience and efforts. Adjust expectations Give your mind and body time to recuperate and get back to old life and abilities Do Brain exercises Start new activities and hobbies to stimulate your brain and enhance its abilities Prompt yourself To avoid missing important activities, keep lists, notes, alarms and reminders Physical exercises Introduce gentle and gradual exercises to boost physical and cognitive health Accept help Restlessness, fatigue, and brain fog might require you to take help. Go for it! REMEMBER: If at any point, your physical or cognitive difficulties feel overwhelming, then seek doctor’s help or connect with a neurologist.

  7. LET’S FIGHT COVID-19 PANDEMIC TOGETHER STAY HOME! STAY SAFE! Order medicines online | Consult doctors online | Order Covid-19 Essentials