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Pro-active Anti-crime Initiative

Pro-active Anti-crime Initiative. 24 September 2007. WHAT IS CAP?. A pro-active, anti-crime initiative , conceived by Community Active Protection (CAP) , built around a central Incident Control & Command Centre operated by the CSO.

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Pro-active Anti-crime Initiative

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  1. Pro-active Anti-crime Initiative 24 September 2007

  2. WHAT IS CAP? • A pro-active, anti-crime initiative, conceived by Community Active Protection (CAP), built around a central Incident Control & Command Centre operated by the CSO. • The CSO is a Jewish community organisation, whose infrastructure is used in delivering the initiative. The CSO has been operational for more than 13 years. • The initiative is community-based, non-denominational, not for profit, and for the benefit of all ratepayers / residents of the area. • Initiative implemented running in GAP area in November 2006, in SWAP in mid-March 2007, in Sydenham in June, and in Oaklands Orchards CAP in mid July 2007– a significant reduction in crime already. • Houghton, Melrose Birdhaven and Senderwood Linksfield CAPs are all in preliminary phases of implementing the CAP model and will launch during October / November. • The focus is on combatting violent crime. It is not an “armed response” initiative.

  3. WHAT IS VICTORY PARK CAP? • A s21 company under formation – an association incorporated not for gain - through which the initiative will be delivered / implemented. • Is currently steered by a committee of volunteer residents. • A trust account with Fluxmans Attorneys has been opened to hold all donations. • Is for home- and business-owners in the in the Victory Park / Pierneef Park area. • Victory Park CAP is managed under the auspices of CAP.


  5. THE PROBLEM • How many people here tonight themselves, or know a relative or close friend who, have been a victim of crime? • Some facts: • Per published official SAPS records, home invasions, hi-jackings and business robberies are all 10% up year on year. 16 incidents in August in VP CAP area – own info • In SAPS LInden area, crime up 68% on last year, housebreakings up 183% • There is an increase in “follow home” and “sourced and targeted” crimes • There have been four fatal shootings in the area – 1.5 km’s from this venue! • There is no particular pattern – crime / criminals adapt to circumstances. • Simply because the area has been safe historically, does not mean it is safe now, or that it will STAY safe. • This could be YOU\\hqsfps01\users\AlanG\SWAP\SWAP PRESENTATATIONS\Atholl_Armed_Robbery_030506.avi

  6. THE PROBLEM (cont’d) • The problem is exacerbated by: • non-standardised / inadequate household security • lack of ownership of public spaces • lack of coordinated intelligence gathering • inconsistent reporting. • Crime is a plague. It must be met head-on with conviction, determination, and absolute commitment. • We must be part of the solution. • VP CAP cannot afford to fail.

  7. THE CAP INITIATIVE Comprises the following elements: • 1. Centralised numberand command centre – 086 18 000 18 – 24/7. • 2. Residents / business owners participation, co-operation, and support: • reportingof suspicious people, vehicles, activity – start doing it NOW • block-watch programme (starting soon) – who wants to head this up?

  8. THE CAP INITIATIVE (cont’d) • 3. Strategic camera surveillance and 24/7 monitoring. • 4. Pro-active / pre-emptive, highly trained, skilled, well-paid resources on the ground: • hi-calibre proactive armed Tactical Response Units • roaming Filter Point. • 5. Full co-operation with SAPS, Metro Police and armed response companies.

  9. 0861800018 Alert ProactivePatrols Response S A P S Investigation Database IN REALITY … INCIDENT COMMAND & CONTROL CENTRE • Community • Block Watch • Proactive Patrols • Domestics • Private Guards • Cameras

  10. OTHER SALIENT FEATURES The VP CAP Committee: • Chairman Jonathan Gimpel • Admin/Fundraising Sue Bulafkin / Janine Sarkin • Marketing Lauretta Edeling • Financial Alan Bulafkin • Security Dave Rauff / Mickie Jacobs • IT/Database Mark Allen • Street Captains/CID Michael Block / Peter Elliot • Plus several others who assist on these portfolios. Committee has put in the risk funding. • represents VP CAP in all its dealings • undertakes fund-raising • implements the pro-active anti-crime initiative in the area • communicates on an ongoing basis with all parties • contracts with the security service provider on behalf of the residents of area and monitors the SLA.

  11. THE VP CAP PROPOSAL • Two zones: • Zone A : generally to the north of Rustenburg Road, bounded by the Delta and Zonda Ave . Includes the Pick n Pay shopping centre and along 2nd Ave to Crossroads School. • 275 houses, 120 apartments and 70 townhouse / clusters. Commercial properties include The Terrace Shopping Centre, Engen Garage, Ron Weisz / Chuckleberries and Florentia Centre. • Other institutions in the area are King David School Campus, Victory Park Synagogue, Beaconsfield Club and Crossroads School. • Zone A BUDGET - between R2.5m - R3m per annum, depending on the final security plan. • Assume 450+ ratepayers = average R550 per ratepayer / month.

  12. THE VP CAP PROPOSAL (cont’d) • Zone B : from Rustenburg Road to 3rd Ave Linden. • 95 houses, 30 apartments and 90 cluster units. • The institutions include De La Salle Holy Cross Convent and St Charles Church. • Zone B BUDGET - an additional R1.5m pa. • Assume 250+ ratepayers = average R550 per ratepayer / month • WE ARE STARTING WITH ZONE A, AND WILL LOOK TO ZONE B ONLY WHEN ZONE A IS OPERATIONAL.

  13. THE VP CAP PROPOSAL (cont’d) • The proposed solution: • ONE TRU for Zone A: 24/7/365 – 6 TRO’s + Area Mngr • ONE TRU for ZONE B: 24/7/365 – 6 TRO’s + Area Mngr • ONE roaming FILTER POINT: 12 hrs / day • Camera surveillance at minimum 5 points of access, hopefully 10 – monitored by ICCC • Use existing STATIC GUARDS in the area • Controlled access / fencing at either end of ZONDA Ave. • Environmental upgrade / improvement.

  14. THE NUMBERS • Final costing depends on exact security initiative to be implemented. • Assuming the complete initiative, budget is: • Phase A: R3 million • Phase B: R1.5 million. • In order to go live, VP CAP requires, at least: • 50% of the total budget committed, i.e. R2.25 million • four months operating cash-flow in the bank, i.e. R750 000. • Roll-out takes two to three months from the date when the VP CAP Committee determines that it has the required funding committed.

  15. THE NUMBERS (cont’d) • Initial funding to be raised from individual donors in the form of lump sum donations / debit orders for the 1st year. • If a solution is not deployed, all donations will be refunded, less bank service charges. • Plan assumes that after year 1, there will be broad-based • participation by all ratepayers in the VP CAP area via a Community Improvement District (CID). • In the interim we need to raise a minimum of R175 000 per month for Zone A from the community in order to provide a basic solution for the area. • It’s up to the community to get this going as quickly as possible.

  16. THE NUMBERS (cont’d) • Salaries R70 000 • Insurance & Levies R13 000 • Staff training R4 000 • Vehicle opex R12 000 • Communications R5 000 • Vehicles & equipment capexR20 000 • Management fee (ServProv)R25 000 • CAP Fees R25 000 • Total ±R175 000 • (4 Static Guards R50 000) The sooner we raise the funds, the sooner the initiative can be implemented! M O N T H L Y

  17. VP CAP WANTS YOU!! Note the 086 18 000 18 number – start reporting suspicious activity. Ensure that members of your household and others have the number – SPEED-DIAL 1. Give us your details – complete the attendance registers Be a Street Captain Volunteer for Block Watch Give monetary support – fill in Pledge Forms NOW! Support this important initiative in every way by spreading the message and getting your neighbours involved.

  18. VP CAP AND YOU!! • You will be saving lives. • Don’t be part of the problem. • Be involved in the pro-active anti-crime solution. • Contribute generously. • Thank you for your time.

  19. QUESTIONS? ICCC: 086 18 000 18 VP CAP Fax: 086 697 2754 VP CAP e-mail: info@victorypark.za.org victorypark@gmail.com Website: www.victorypark.za.org

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