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Mandy L. Dillman

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Mandy L. Dillman. Secondary Art Lesson Plan - ARE 4352 - Spring 2010. AUTHENTIC ART LESSONS Inspired by Amy R. Giles . Lesson 1. IDENTITY CONTRAST CERAMIC SCULPTURE . SERGEI ISUPOV. SERGEI ISUPOV . SERGEI ISUPOV . Personal Identity.

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mandy l dillman

Mandy L. Dillman

Secondary Art Lesson Plan - ARE 4352 - Spring 2010

lesson 1
Lesson 1



Personal Identity

Student Name: ___________________________________________

Complete the following questions.

The most important thing that has happened to me is:


I am most proud of:


Something that makes me happy is:


I work hard at doing:


The funniest thing that ever happened to me was:


My favorite place to go is:


My hobbies are:


One secret no one knows about me is:



Social Identity

Our social identity can be developed based on many factors such as groups we belong to, physical appearance, behaviors, or values and beliefs.

Fill in the chart using descriptive terms to help identify characteristics of your social identity.

lesson 2
Lesson 2

Family circle portrait drawing



Name_________________ Class ___________________

Fill in the circle using each section topic as a guide. You may add additional family portrait ideas to help you figure out how to represent your family visually and symbolically.





lesson 3
Lesson 3

Class Debate Collage

lesson 4
Lesson 4

Comic liberation painting

lesson 5
Lesson 5

Modern Folklore Book Sculpture

modern folklore examples
Modern Folklore Examples
  • For initiation prospective gang-members drive around at night with their headlights off, and kill the first person who flashes his lights to warn them.
  • A woman in a mall parking-lot was approached by someone trying to sell an expensive bottle of perfume for only eight dollars. The salesperson insisted she smell the perfume and she did. A couple hours later she awakened to find her car and all of her belongings had been taken, the bottle had been filled with ether.

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