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Amsinger Communications

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Amsinger Communications. Created BY: Alexandra Amsinger. Agenda. Briefly go over what my company is about Mission Statement Holophone Overview Launch Event Details Conclusion. What is Amsinger Communications is all about?. Ad Communication Agency

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Amsinger Communications

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amsinger communications

Amsinger Communications

Created BY: Alexandra Amsinger


Briefly go over what my company is about

Mission Statement

Holophone Overview

Launch Event Details


what is amsinger communications is all about
What is Amsinger Communications is all about?

Ad Communication Agency

We help companies with launch events and we try to encourage the companies to broaden their communication skills, while maintaining a professional relationship

mission statement
Mission Statement

It is our company’s goal to have the most innovative telephone on the market today. Innovation is key when you think of technology and that is what our company strives to achieve.

holophone overview
Holophone Overview
  • First of it’s kind
    • 3-D messaging
    • High-speed internet
    • 3-D GPS
    • The battery life is roughly 2 weeks, on standby (depending on usage)
    • Affordable. It’s only $250!
launch event details
Launch Event Details

Will be officially debuting in connection with the Star Wars premiere

Leading up to the event, the select individuals that have a ticket to the premiere will get a text message from one of the characters from the movie and invite them to the launch event.

The event will have the following: the premiere itself, a chance to meet the creator of the holophone, a live demonstration of the holophone, and a chance to play with the phone at different stations.

in conclusion
In conclusion…

The holophone is a great new item

Holophone is affordable

The launch event will be used as a springboard for people interested in the new technology