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Table of Content. Page 1: Initial reflection Page 2: Abuse Page 3: Uncoupling Page 4: Gender Equality Page 5: Racism Page 6: Education Page 7: Final reflection . Initial Reflection. When I think about sociology. I think of human behavior. All I know about human

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Table of Content

Page 1: Initial reflection

Page 2: Abuse

Page 3: Uncoupling

Page 4: Gender Equality

Page 5: Racism

Page 6: Education

Page 7: Final reflection


Initial Reflection

When I think about sociology. I think of human behavior. All I know about human

behavior is that everyone has their own personality. People react a different way to things,

and they have different beliefs and cultures. The world communicates with one another

whether it is with technology or food. Even though were different, we all come together as




This article relates to the abusive effects we learned in class and how much of an impact it can have in someone’s life. However, this article talked about how to prevent abuse from someone who was abused as a child, but did not want to do that to their child. This was a positive article that prevented the line of abuse because even though one is abused as a child, it can impact them in a more positive way.



This article talks about the statistics of divorce and the impact it has on both adults and

children. In class, we learned about the “uncoupling” theory. I believe this article relates

to this theory because a lot of people know when they are not right for each other, or they

might have a feeling there is nothing left in the relationship. This leads to divorce.


Gender equality

This article relates to our course because we talk about society and workplace and

discrimination. This discrimination is towards gender. A huge topic is women getting paid less than men. This article explains the reasons women get paid less than men. However

there should be no exceptions to why women get paid less than men.,8599,1983185,00.html



Racism still exists in today’s society. It is also a huge topic today. In this article, it shares

a story about racism. It has one of Food Network’s chefs cut off from the show

because of her racist comments. With that, it is sad to know that even people we

are suppose to look up to, are one of the many racist people we have in our world. This

relates to what we learned in the course as an example.



Education is another topic we learned about in class. This article connects with what we

learned because it talks about our education being better than what people think it

to be. The U.S has, I think, done a great job educating young adults to help them become

a responsible civilian.


Final reflection

Throughout this course, I have learned many things. I have learned that love is respect

and that abuse can be simply using your words to hurt others’ feelings. From this, I learned to

watch what I say so that my communication with others are positive, making my social skills

Better. Another thing I learned was that there are so many programs and organizations that

Help people in our world. We have the government support young adults getting an education

and feeding them low cost food that they can afford so that no American can go hungry. I

also learned there are help for alcoholics online! They can get support from individuals to

Get rid of their habit without needing to come in or inputting their personal information. I also

learned things like our “teeth” helps us socialize. A simple smile, or just by us talking helps

others know what we are feeling and we are able to express ourselves to one another.