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  1. TRANSPORTATION • Airport transfers will be provided to teams that confirm arrival dates and flight information in advance. • Transportation from the hotel to the beach during the contest days will be provided. • Each team that purchases the accommodation package will also have a van with driver for 12 people, at their entire disposition throughout the contest. • Transportation arrangements can be made by contacting: • Renzo Dañino: • Karin Sierralta:

  2. HOTEL INFORMATION • Surfers from all over the world that come to visit Perú, want to stay in Punta Hermosa where the best waves are, that’s why we want to take our world guests where the real action is. • The hotels in Punta Hermosa are smaller and designed for surfers. Most of them are strictly “surf camps”. • These surf camps are small, and not all the competitors will be able to stay at the same hotel. All of them are at a short walking distance from the venues where the tournament is going to take place.

  3. EDIFICIO SAUCE ALTO • Located on top of Señoritas. You just have to go down some stairs to be in the point of the event. • There are 16 apartments with room for 5 people in each. Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace. • Rates: US $50 per person/night. Rate includes breakfast and dinner. • Contact: • Renzo Dañino: • Karin Sierralta:

  4. CAFAE CLUB • Located next to Señoritas and Caballeros, near the road to Punta Rocas. • The club has 16 bungalows with room for 6 people in each. Each bungalow has a kitchen, living room, terrace and one bathroom. Other amenities: 2 pools, tennis and football court and conference room. • Rates: US $50 per person/night. Rate includes breakfast and dinner. • Contact: • Renzo Dañino: • Karin Sierralta:

  5. USEFUL INFORMATION • The legendary Punta Rocas is a pointbreak mainly rights that receive waves from two to fifteen feet. It is located 42 kilometres south of the Peruvian capital, Lima, a seaside resort in Punta Negra. • Punta Rocas is one of the most classic waves in the world when it comes to surfing championship as in 1965 when some of the best surfers competed there. It was in ‘65 when the first World Surf Championship was defeated by a Latino, Peruvian Felipe Pomar took the crown off of the final Champion Defender, Midget Farrelly of Australia. • Since then, Punta Rocas has been a classic for International Championships, with the presence of some of the best surfers in history, as the legendary Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiapuni, Larry Bertleman and Buttons Kailuhiokalani, among others.

  6. INFORMATION CONT. • DRINKING WATER • You should ALWAYS drink bottled water, which is cheap and easy to find. • CURRENCY • The Peruvian currency is the SOL. US $1 is equivalent to 2.92 soles. • SURFBOARDS • Most boards should be 6’0’’ to 6’6’’ and maybe 7’0’’ to 7’8’’ for special days. Take note that around the Punta Hermosa area, there are waves that can reach 10 to 12 feet moving big masses of water, like Punta Rocas, Kon Tiki or Peñascal, where other kind of surfboards should be used.

  7. INFORMATION CONT. • CLIMATE • It will be spring during the contest, having warm and sunny days, reaching a temperature up to 24º Celsius. At night and early morning the temperature can go down to 17º Celsius. • In Lima, rain is unusual. We are in an arid and desert zone. • WATER TEMPERATURE • Water temperature is usually cold, reaching 16° Celsius. Suits recommended for this season are: Full or Spring 3/2 or 2/2. • FOOD • Food in Perú is remarkably good and varied. You can find exquisite fruits and vegetables as well as fish and seafood, prepared in either style traditional or international.

  8. INFORMATION CONT. • TOURS • In a few days, the event host will be sending you tourist information from Perú. Including Surfing trips to the most famous surfing spots like Chicama (the longest left in the world), Pacasmayo, San Gallán, Máncora, Lobitos, Cerro Azul, Centinela, Bermejo, etc. Cultural or adventure trips to the lost city of Machu Pichu, the Nazca lines, the exotic jungle, the white cordillera of Huaraz, etc. • NEAREST AIRPORT: Jorge Chavez International Airport - Lima • Federación Deportiva Peruana de Tabla (FENTA) • CONTACTS • Karin Sierralta - - Tel 511 98126652 • Renzo Dañino - - Tel 511 97533391 • Office 511 447-5352