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Presentation Outline Introduction Content of the Education Kit Individual items within the kit Introduction

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presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Introduction
  • Content of the Education Kit
  • Individual items within the kit
  • To spread the message of hospitality to our young people, the Tourism Commission has appointed the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop a tourism education kit in December 2002.
  • The kits have been delivered to all secondary schools in Hong Kong.
  • The kit serves as reference materials to assist classroom teaching as well as the conduct of extra-curricular activities.
can i help you education kit
Can I Help You? Education Kit
  • The Education Kit comprises:
    • A programme booklet
    • A teacher’s guide
    • A board game
    • 2 CDs
content of the education kit
Content of the Education Kit
  • The content of education kit is based on a typical tourist visiting Hong Kong.
  • Since tourists may come from different places and have different preferences, two characters have been created to introduce the different sections within the programme booklet and the CD.
xiao ling in the chinese version
Xiao Ling in the Chinese version

“您 好,我 是 小 玲。很 高 興 認 識 您!”

Xiao Ling is an Asian tourist.

tim in the english version
Tim in the English version

“Hi! I'm Tim. Nice to meet you! ”

Tim is a Westerner.

section 1 i m tim can you help me
Section 1I’m Tim. Can you help me?
  • We introduce a typical tourist “Tim” in this section. 
  • Students can learn about the likes and dislikes of Tim.
  • A list of typical questions which a tourist might ask is also included in this section.
section 2 the things tourists do
Section 2The Things Tourists Do
  • This section presents some popular tourism sites in the following geographic locations:
    • Hong Kong Island
    • Kowloon Peninsula
    • New Territories
    • Outlying Islands
section 3 special interest tourism
Section 3Special Interest Tourism
  • This section introduces different special interest tourism sites and activities including:
    • Ecotourism
    • Cultural and Heritage
    • Horse racing
    • Places for children
    • Museums
section 4 special times for tourists
Section 4Special Times for Tourists
  • This section introduces some of the most popular festivals, holidays, and events which tourists may be interested.
section 5 we have something in common we re both from different cultures
Section 5We have something in common. We’re both from different cultures
  • Students need to be sensitive to cultural differences.
  • This section talks about how some cultures are different from ours and ways which students can handle sensitive situations.
section 6 tim is probably not bi lingual but you are
Section 6Tim Is Probably Not Bi-lingual... But You Are!
  • This section includes 10 conversations between a typical tourist and “You”.
  • These are common situations when tourists need help and how we can offer to help.
section 7 important stuff if you want a good grade
Section 7:Important Stuff If You Want A Good Grade
  • This section consists of facts and figures of Hong Kong tourism industry, which includes:
      • Top 5 Markets Ranked by Arrivals 2001
      • Top 5 Markets Ranked by Visitor Spending 2001
      • Length of Stay in 1997-2001 (No. of Nights)
      • Hong Kong's Top 5 Special Interest Activities 2001
      • Visitor Characteristics by Purpose of Visit 2001
      • Hong Kong's Top 8 Tourist Attractions 2001
      • First-time versus Repeat Visitors by Major Market Areas 2001 (%)
      • Visitor Spending Patterns 2001
      • Main Items Bought 2001
      • Number of Hotels and Rooms 1998-2005
    • Source of information : Hong Kong Tourism Board
teacher s guide
Teacher’s Guide
  • Teacher’s guide for the 7 sections of the booklet
  • 10 activities and guidelines
  • Other resources (e.g. list of websites)
  • 2 CDs:
    • Programme booklet
    • Teacher’s guide
  • Chinese and English versions
  • Quiz
board game
Board Game
  • It is a game for 2 to 6 players.
  • Destination cards will be distributed to the players. Each player will take turn to move to the destinations on the board according to the number drawn on the dice. Whoever reaches all the destinations assigned first will be the winner.
  • Different lines on the game board represent different transportation routes. They include:
    • MTR & Airport Express
    • Taxi and Bus
    • KCR
    • Tram, Peak Tram, Cable Car
    • Ferry
  • Website :


  • 2 versions :
    • Flash version
    • Text version
  • Quiz