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Presentation outline. IT pain points The product Testimonials Kudos Conclusion. It pain points. IT pain points. 89+% of all email messages are spam Spam and Phishing Landscape, 2010 Spam estimated to cost a total of $130 billion worldwide in 2009, of which $42 billion in the US alone

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Presentation outline
Presentation outline

  • IT pain points

  • The product

  • Testimonials

  • Kudos

  • Conclusion

It pain points1
IT pain points

89+% of all email messages are spam

  • Spam and Phishing Landscape, 2010

    Spam estimated to cost a total of $130 billion worldwide in 2009, of which$42 billion in the US alone

  • Ferris Research, 2009

    Theft through phishing activities costs US banks and credit card issuers $2.8 billion annually

  • Gartner Group, 2009

    45% of bank customers who are redirected to a phishing site divulge their personal credentials

  • Trusteer, 2009

Knock out spam with gfi mailessentials
Knock out spam with GFI MailEssentials™!

  • Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide and numerous awards – including:

    • Best Channel Product 2009 Award, InfoSecurity Global Product Excellence Award 2008, MSExchange.Org Readers’ Choice Awards winner forfour years, and more

  • High spam detection rate thanks to SpamRazer filtering, IP reputation filtering, greylisting, Bayesian and other advanced filtering technology modules

  • Low false positives through intelligent identification and whitelisting features

  • Detects Directory Harvesting attacks, eliminating unnecessary load and bandwidth on your mail server

  • Server-based install, no client software required

Top 3 features
Top 3 features

  • Advanced anti-spam technology modules including SpamRazer filtering, IP reputation filtering, greylisting, Bayesian and more

  • Blocks phishing emails by comparing the content of the scam with a constantly updated database of phishing URLs

  • Allows end users to optionally review their spam through the spam digest or dedicated folders in their Exchange mailbox

Other features
Other features

  • Supports SPF – Sender Policy Framework

  • Spam quarantining

  • Precise, real-time dashboard that provides a visual of the software’s status and the server’s email flow

  • Inbuilt spam reporting that provides a snapshot of email traffic

  • Other tools included with GFI MailEssentials:

    • Disclaimers

    • List server

    • Email monitoring

    • POP3 downloading

What s new in gfi mailessentials 2010
What’s new in GFI MailEssentials 2010?

  • Greylisting is used to detect non-compliant mail systems, such as those used by spammers

  • Spam emails can be quarantined

  • Email digest allows users to easily review and approve quarantined spam

  • User-specific information can be retrieved from Active Directory to personalize the disclaimer

  • Dashboard entries can be filtered; this makes it very easy to locate logging for a particular email

  • Logging for spam or whitelisted emails automatically rotates by day, week or month

Product snapshot
Product snapshot

GFI MailEssentials anti-spam filters

Product snapshot1
Product snapshot

GFI MailEssentials dashboard – status tab

Product snapshot2
Product snapshot

GFI MailEssentials dashboard – statistics tab

Product benefits 1 2
Product benefits (1/2)

  • Two anti-spam engines – Bayesian filtering technology and SpamRazer – and several other layers of anti-spam protection

  • Increases your employees’ productivity by eliminating the need to manually sort and remove spam from their mailbox

  • Protects your users from identity and information theft by blocking phishing (scam) emails

  • Eliminates directory harvesting attacks and detects non-compliant mail systems

Product benefits 2 2
Product benefits (2/2)

  • Inbuilt spam reporting that shows how many emails were received by that individual and how many emails are identified as spam and filtered

  • Eliminates ‘offensive’ spam such as emails with pornographic contentthat may be disturbing or legally contentious

  • Protects against spam containing malicious objects such asscripts and exploits

  • Excellent pricing

Available in the following languages:

Product testimonials
Product testimonials

“I can sum up my experiences using GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP in one sentence: By installing GFI MailEssentials on the network I manage for about 85 people, I have instantly become a hero!”

  • Paul Morris, Systems Administrator, Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky, Kentucky, USA

    “What a fantastic product GFI MailEssentials is! Within less than a week I had all of the filters in full swing with very minimal configuration. I now have less than .03% visible spam in my network. Reports show that 12,000-15,000 pieces of spam are stopped every month.”

  • Erik Pryor, Network Administrator, LCHA – Pryor Consulting,Lancaster, USA

    Click here for more testimonials!

Product kudos
Product kudos

  • Thousands of customers worldwide use GFI MailEssentials

  • Validated for the HP Converged Infrastructure

  • Apart from being voted MSExchange.Org Readers’ Choice Awards winner for four years, GFI MailEssentials has earned numerous other prestigious awards which include the following:

Gfi product complements
GFI product complements

  • GFI MailDefense Suite™

    • Antivirus, email content checking and anti-trojan protection for your mail server through GFI MailSecurity™

  • GFI EmailProtection Suite

    • Block all viruses and spam and archive all internal and external emailwith the GFI MailEssentials, GFI MailSecurity™ and GFI MailArchiver™ bundle


  • Worldwide increase in spam and phishing emails that waste human and network resources

  • Anti-spam and anti-phishing protection at server level through GFI MailEssentials

  • GFI MailEssentials offers a fast set-up and a high spam detection rate using a number of anti-spam methods

  • Inbuilt spam reporting

Corporate overview
Corporate overview

  • Offices located around the globe: USA (North Carolina, California and Florida), UK (London and Dundee), Australia, Austria, Romania, and Malta

  • Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide

  • Trusted by thousands of companies around the world

  • GFI products are sold by a global network of thousands ofpartners

    All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

More info and downloads
More info and downloads

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  • Check out our competitive pricing

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