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Presentations Developing slides in Microsoft Powerpoint Tom De Paepe IT & Web Manager Dst voor Wetenschappelijke en Technische Informatie (DWTI) Fed. Dsten voor Wetenschap., Techn. en Cult. Aangel.(DWTC) Service d'information scientifique et technique (SIST)

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  1. Presentations Developing slides in Microsoft Powerpoint Tom De Paepe IT & Web Manager Dst voor Wetenschappelijke en Technische Informatie (DWTI) Fed. Dsten voor Wetenschap., Techn. en Cult. Aangel.(DWTC) Service d'information scientifique et technique (SIST) Services féd. des aff. scient., techn. et cult. (SSTC) Keizerslaan 4 Bld de l'Empereur, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium Telephone : 32-2-519.56.43 Telefax : 32-2-519.56.45 e-mail : Tom.DePaepe@stis.fgov.be - URL : http://www.stis.fgov.be

  2. Introduction: The Federal Scientific and Technical Information Service - STIS • Developing good presentations • Hands-on Microsoft PowerPoint XP tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  3. STIS • The Mission • Information brokerage & document delivery • Promote the use of online scientific and technical information sources • disseminate information concerning European Research and Innovation programmes. tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  4. 2. The Tools 2.1. Information brokerage We represent in Belgium • EINS (European Information Network Services) • STN International (The Scientific and Technical Information Network) • CAS Online (Chemical Abstracts Service Online) tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  5. 2.2. Promotion of online information sources Development of the portal www.research.be , the Belgian portal for Research and Innovation 2.3. Dissemination of information concerning European Research National contact point for the 6th framework programme http://eurofed.stis.fgov.be tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  6. tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  7. tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  8. Any Questions? tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  9. 2. Developing good presentations 2.1. Planning & structuring a presentation 2.2. Communicating the message 2.3. Some Tips and Tricks 2.4. Developing slides tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  10. 2.1. Planning & structuring a presentation • Define your objectives : what do I intend to achieve? e.g. in this case - a basic understanding on how to give presentations - some basic skills on how to use powerpoint tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  11. Objectives should be SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  12. What is my target group? Focus on the audience: interact and try to find out what interests them • Design a skeleton : a general plan Start with the skeleton, then add ‘the flesh’ tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  13. Preparation is crucial A good plan consists of… Listing (describe the topics) Sorting (annotate & sort chapters) Arranging (define the order) Reviewing (reflect & rehearse) …the presentation tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  14. Summary • Define objectives • What is my target group? • Design a skeleton • Prepare yourself tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  15. 2.2. Communicating the message • Use a classic chronological order : 1. Start : Introduction e.g. Introduce your hypotheses 2. Middle e.g. Argumentation 3. End e.g. Conclusion tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  16. The beginning • Get the attention of your audience : ask a question, use a quotation, tell a story, a fact, … • Be enthusiastic, speak clear, express emotions • Explain how you will proceed : introduce the structure • Explain your objectives • Show the relevancy if needed tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  17. 2. The Middle Key aims: • Explain in detail your message • Maintain the interest of the audience • Maintain order & logical sequence Marketing term : KISS Keep It Simple and Stupid tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  18. Communicating the content • Be clear : adapt your language to the target audience • Use visual aids if necessary • Watch your gestures • Use your voice (avoid monotony, make some music) • Timing: see that there is time left for your conclusion tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  19. Watch your audience • Watch & Listen for signs : are they still interested • Try to anticipate these signs • Ask for feedback • Adapt to the audience : use examples adapted to their own lives & profession tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  20. 3. The End • Repeat the starting point • Repeat very briefly main arguments • Give your conclusion Don’t rush to the end ! tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  21. 2.3. Some Tips and Tricks • Find equilibrium between oral & visual communication • Silence is powerful • Be schematic : use tables & graphs tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  22. Repeat the core message several (3) times • Use one-liners: powerful short sentences • Interactivity & animation : speaker/audience oriented, not technology oriented tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  23. 2.4. Developing slides • Use key words, no long sentences • Only few items per slide (< 10 lines/slide) • Use bullets or numbers to give structure • Use large fonts (Arial) tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  24. Avoid too much italic text (readability) • Leave space on the edges of a slide • Use colors or underline • Use Contrasting colors between foreground & background tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  25. Don’t overuse multimedia effects • Use templates: do not alter the background • Use drawings (e.g. icons) & schemes • Timing : 1 minute/slide with a passive audience tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  26. 2.4.1. Example of a good slide • Not too many words • Not too many lines • Simple and large typeface (Verdana) • Good contrast (black text, white background) tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  27. 2.4.2. Example of a bad slide • This slide takes too many words to say very little • There are too many lines of text • Watch the colors: use different colors for headings and body text (PWP XP uses automatically contrast) • Use a large typeface • Leave some space between the lines • We can use keywords instead of long sentences • Use structure tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  28. 2.4.3. Advantages of slides • easier to use than overheads • look more professional • stored easily • You can face students when teaching tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  29. 2.4.4. Disadvantages of slides • Learning curve is not high, but takes time • Developing presentations is very time consuming • Presentations are not action-oriented : they do not invite the public to interact • Static format, does not invite to add or change viewpoints tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  30. References • Forsyth, P. (1994) Ready made activities for presentation skills, Institute of Management Foundation, Pitman Publishing. • Paul Nieuwenhuysen http://www.vub.ac.be/BIBLIO/nieuwenhuysen/courses/chapters/present_files/frame.htm • Various Internet resources tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  31. Any Questions? tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  32. 3. Hands-on Microsoft PowerPoint XP 3.1. Why Microsoft PowerPoint XP ? • Lonely player on the market other products: - Coreldraw - Harvard Graphics - Lotus Freelance (Part of Lotus SmartSuite) - Keynote (Macintosh) - Astound tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  33. Advantages of PowerPoint: - Easy templates - Easy wizards - Multimedia support - Easy publishing (Web integrated) - Integrated with MS Office - Web assistance: http://search.office.microsoft.com/assistance/producttask.aspx?p=PowerPoint tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  34. 3.2. Working with Powerpoint XP • Start a new presentation • Open a presentation • New presentation - Blank : text layout/content layout/text & content/other - Design template - Autocontent wizard tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  35. New from existing presentation • New from template • General templates • Templates on my websites • Templates on microsoft.com 2. Alter Master Slide • Compare with CSS • Alter Header, footer & body text tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  36. 3. Designing slides • insert picture • format text • insert textbox • insert movie/sound • insert chart • insert table • insert hyperlink • tools : spelling • Slide Show • Slide Sorter tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  37. 4. Adding Animation • Select object (e.g. textobject) • Choose custom animation • Select ‘Add Effect’ (e.g. entrance > Fly in) • Change the direction or speed tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  38. 5. Publish Presentation • PRINT • Slide • Handout • Notes • WEB (web page preview) tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  39. Any Questions? tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

  40. EXERCISE tom.depaepe@stis.fgov.be

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