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Reporting a missing person & public alerts PowerPoint Presentation
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Reporting a missing person & public alerts

Reporting a missing person & public alerts

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Reporting a missing person & public alerts

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  1. Reporting a missing person & public alerts Presented by Brian Frost Montana missing persons clearinghouse

  2. Reporting someone missing • Call your local law enforcement by dialing 911. • You do not have to wait to contact law enforcement, don’t delay! 2

  3. Contact your local law enforcement immediately • Basic Information about the person: • Full name, DOB, nicknames (aliases), current addresses, people the missing person may be with or associate with. • Last contact. • Physical description - height, weight, age, build, hair color/length, eye color, scars, piercings, tattoos.

  4. Contact your local law enforcement immediately • Recent photo. • Clothing they were last seen wearing including jewelry, headwear, purses or bags, etc. • Health concerns / caution information – what is the overall health and condition of the missing person? This includes both physical and mental health such as disabilities, psychological issues, medications and possible addictions.

  5. Additional details Vehicle information – what is the missing person known to drive? Make, model, color, license plate. Dental information (x-rays). ion if available (x-rays). Personality habits – places they frequent, where were they traveling to and from, places they are known to stay.

  6. Additional details If the missing person has social media accounts, advise law enforcement regarding their accounts and apps. If you have access to the missing person’s belongings, advise law enforcement of the location of the person’s cell phone, journal/diary, and other personal documents.

  7. After you’ve made the report • Write down the steps you’ve taken and the information you’ve provided to law enforcement. • Be sure to get good contact information for the investigating officer or agency so that if you remember anything else, you have an avenue to share that information.

  8. After you’ve made the report • Confirm with the local law enforcement agency that they are entering the missing person into the FBI National Crime Information Center’s (NCIC) Missing Person database. • Visit the Montana Missing Person’s Clearinghouse website and search the database.

  9. Montana Alerts & advisories 9

  10. Reasonable belief by law enforcement that a child has been abducted or has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. • The missing child is age 17 years or younger, or has a proven mental or physical disability. • The law enforcement agency believes the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death. • There is enough descriptive information about the victim and abduction for law enforcement to issue an AMBER Alert to assist in the recovery of the child. 10

  11. AMBER Alerts utilize a tremendous amount of resources in order to share the message about the missing child. • The resources include: • Montana Department of Transportation • Montana Lottery • National Weather Service • Montana Broadcasters Association 11

  12. AMBER Alert National Statistics 2018 AMBER Alert Report 161 Alerts issued involving 203 children 36% Black, 33% White, 19% Hispanic, Bi-racial 8%, Asian 3%, Indian 1% 11 still missing, 7 recovered deceased 12

  13. Mepa MEPA’s often are limited to a specific geographic area Media has discretion on broadcasting MEPA Missing Endangered Person Advisory • Can be an Adult or a Child. • Missing under unexplained, involuntary, or suspicious circumstances. • Believed to be in danger (age, health, mental/physical disability, environmental/weather conditions, potentially with a dangerous person). • Information released to the public may assist in recovery.

  14. Mepa 2018 Montana MEPA Statistics 25 MEPA’s issued involving 26 persons 65% under the age of 18 62% White, 35% Indian, 3% Black All persons located 1 person deceased

  15. Peace officer has been killed, seriously injured, or is missing. • Suspect is at large, posing a serious threat to the public and law enforcement.

  16. Resources • Montana Missing Persons Clearinghouse (406) 444-2800 • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) (800) 843-5678 • National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) (855) 626-7600

  17. Brian Frost CJIN Training Officer Montana Department of Justice BFROST@MT.GOV