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Living the Free Lifestyle

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Living the Free Lifestyle Presented by David Greenbaum ( ) to the Lawrence Apple Users Group 2.0 ( ) In the Beginning... The Mac needed Microsoft!!! Microsoft Word was one of the first applications for the Mac in 1984 2 Microsoft Office

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living the free lifestyle
Living the Free Lifestyle
  • Presented by David Greenbaum (
  • to the Lawrence Apple Users Group 2.0
  • (
in the beginning
In the Beginning...
  • The Mac needed Microsoft!!!
  • Microsoft Word was one of the first applications for the Mac in 1984


microsoft office
Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office first came out on the Mac in 1989 with Word, Excel and Powerpoint
    • Word: Word Processing
    • Excel: Spreadsheet Calculations
    • PowerPoint: Presentations
  • In 2001, Entourage was added for email, scheduling and contact management


windows versions of office
Windows versions of Office
  • Many different versions
    • Some include Publisher for desktop publishing
    • Access for databases


problems with office
Problems with Office
  • Does not run native on an Intel Mac
    • Slows the computer
    • Interferes with the RAM available to other Rosetta Apps
  • A resource and memory hog
    • Even with no applications running, it takes a significant amount of memory and processor cycles


  • Student Teacher edition: can only be used by students or teachers for Academic work.
  • $129 for 3 computers
    • Though many people buy this version, if you don’t follow the End User License Agreement you are in violation of the agreement and are doing the equivalent of software piracy


other version costs
Other Version Costs
  • Without Virtual PC
    • Full version: $330
    • Upgrade: $200
  • With Virtual PC
    • Full version: $400
    • Upgrade: $250
  • WOW!


  • First we'll look at the Suites
  • Then individual programs
  • It *is* possible to live the Microsoft free lifestyle in the closet
    • Because with all these options you can read and send documents and your friends and family won't know about your choice


  • Not Intel plans to do so
  • Has Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Drawing
  • We loved you from the Apple II days.
  • If you have docs in that format, suggest converting them now to Microsoft compatible format
  • Appleworks is dead! Long live Appleworks!


neooffice open office
NeoOffice/Open Office
  • Both Free
  • Includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation
    • Require a relatively beefy computer and a bit slow
  • Neither is without major bugs..but the price can't be beat


openoffice org
  • Alpha for "Aqua", other versions require install of X11
  • X11 version requires:
    • Mac G3 400Mhz or higher
    • Mac OS X 10.3.x (10.3.5 recommended), Mac OS X 10.4.x
    • 256Mbytes RAM
    • 400Mbytes available disk space
    • X11 required.


  • Based on specs
  • Better interface, like other Mac Programs
  • Does not require X11
  • Donation requested


other free alternatives
Other Free Alternatives
  • Google Apps: my personal favorite
    • Can't do much more than TextEdit. Opens and saves as Word Documents
    • Must be logged into a free google account to use.
      • No Internet connection means no google docs


google apps features
Google Apps Features
  • Google checks track of your revisions, so you can go back to a previous version
  • Your documents are available anywhere you have access to a web browser:
    • No need to carry a flash drive, use floppies etc.


  • Allow others to review and/or edit your documents
  • Publish directly to a blog
risks of google apps
Risks of Google Apps
  • Privacy: someone (or the government) could get into your account without you knowing
  • No backups:
    • While Google has never officially lost a document, there is always that risk
      • However, you can save google doc files to your computer.
google competitors
Google competitors
  • ThinkFree online--always crashed my computer
  • Zoho:
    • Includes more than Google Apps: presentations, planner, database, contact management, mail
    • Worked, but enjoyed google!
word processing
Word Processing
  • Textedit--with every Mac
    • The latest version of textedit can read and write Microsoft Word documents.
    • Sweet. Free is in most people's budget!!
why would you need anything else
Why would you need anything else???
  • Textedit is very basic. It can't do much more than act like a glorified typewriter
  • Most people will be fine with this. Less features means less confusion


typical features used in word
Typical Features used in Word
  • These are not in TextEdit
    • Headers/Footers; put a page number at the bottom
    • Mail Merge: create mailing labels or take a list of people and send them the same letter with Dear and their name inserted at the top


alternative word processors
"Alternative" Word Processors
  • Fond Memories
    • WordPerfect for Mac
    • Macwrite
      • Ran on a floppy. Wow.


mariner write 60
Mariner Write $60:
  • An old standby that works on Intel based as well as PowerPC
  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to understand without too many features. Reminds me of Macwrite


supports key features
Supports key features
  • Mail merge, tables, and headers/footers
  • Target audience
    • Someone who needs these advanced functions but wants to avoid office
  • Mariner offers a full time-limited trial
  • Another program that's been around a long time
  • Key feature: accurate representation of foreign graphics
  • One of the first programs to accurately use right to left languages such as Hebrew, and non-Roman languages such as Chinese


  • Based on experience: this is the academic standard on the Mac for anyone using foreign language characters
  • Features academics like such as table of contents and advanced footnote support
  • Two flavors:
    • Express: $45
    • Pro: $79


  • Hebrew for "Typewriter" ’מלל’
  • Yet another group of programmers that were frustrated there was not a quality Hebrew word processor for the Mac
  • Key competitor of Nisus: See when you search for Mellel!


let s compare load times and features in real time
Let's compare load times and features in real time
  • We’ll take a complex document and open them in various programs:
  • ....
  • 2+2=4
    • Spreadsheets are used to do numerical computations--a calculator on steroids
    • If you don't use a spreadsheet, you'll be fine. Some people go their whole life without one
      • However they can come in handy sometime


google docs and spreadsheets
Google Docs and Spreadsheets
  • Similar to "docs"--reads and writes excel spreadsheets
    • Can't do complex "macro" functions.
  • Mariner Calc
    • Provides the basic Excel spreadsheet functions
    • Can read Excel Spreadsheets
    • Cost: $50, or with Write: $70 for the pack


let s compare again
Let’s compare again
  • This time using a complex spreadsheet
  • Keynote, part of iWork Suite
    • “You’re soaking in it now”
    • Can read and write into Powerpoint format
    • Advanced features such as easy export and integration with other iApps
  • You can also create the individual slides and put them into iPhoto as a presentation
  • Note: iWork, unlike iLife, does not come free with your Mac.


other office components
Other Office components
  • Database
    • For many members, spreadsheets or address book can acts as a database
    • Filemaker Pro clearly the leader
      • $299 New
      • $179 Upgrade
    • Unfortunately, many databases made in Access require Access on the computer due to special programming.


desktop publishing
Desktop Publishing
  • Microsoft Publisher Alternatives
    • iWork’s Pages again meets most of Publisher’s functions but cannot read or write it’s format
    • Quark/Indesign isn’t an alternative because they are full fledged design programs
    • Another great alternative: Swift Publisher by BeLight Software
      • $44.95 direct download
      • Powerful program!


entourage email
Entourage (Email)
  • Apple Mail of course
  • Online email
    • Gmail, yahoo (yahoo now has unlimited email)
  • Thunderbird
    • Cross Platform, from the Firefox crew
  • Mailsmith
    • Advanced scripting functions
  • Eudora (discontinued)


entourage calendaring
Entourage calendaring
  • Of course, iCal
    • Use MissingSync to sync with your Palm
  • Google again
    • Can read/write iCal Info
  • Yahoo
  • Lots of other websites as well depending on what features you need


entourage contact management
Entourage Contact Management
  • Address Book
    • Recommend "Address Book Exporter" for mail merges
  • Google and Yahoo again
  • Note: no reason you can’t use more than one and synchronize them
  • Personally I use Address book and google for contacts and calendars
    • Web based info can be viewed from your phone!


  • You can create word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without having to pay anyone though, there are tradeoffs
  • Ditto for the less popular functions such as publishing, calendaring, email and contact management
  • All these alternatives have generous trial period
  • Embrace your choice!!



thanks for your time
Thanks for your time!
  • Created by Dave Greenbaum, aka DoctorDave™:, with a Macbook using Keynote and PowerSlides templates
  • Don’t forget to tip your server!
  • Permission is granted for other User Groups to use this presentation so long as credit is given to Dave Greenbaum, DoctorDave™, and the is included