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In Conclusion. Drawing Conclusions Second Grade. A conclusion is a sensible decision you reach based on details or facts in a story or article. . When you draw a conclusion, you use what you already know .

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in conclusion

In Conclusion

Drawing Conclusions

Second Grade

a conclusion is a sensible decision you reach based on details or facts in a story or article
A conclusion is a sensible decision you reach based on details or facts in a story or article.

Reading comprehension is the ability to read a story, understand story details, make connections among story details, and draw conclusions.

drawing a conclusion
Drawing a Conclusion
  • The smell of peanuts and cotton candy filled the air. I heard clapping. I even heard loud bellows that sounded like elephants. I knew a circus was going on.
Use what you already know and the details (smell of peanuts and cotton candy, clapping, loud bellows) of the storyto draw a conclusion.

Sarah waited nervously. She knew the nurse would call her next. She looked at the models of healthy teeth. She hoped her own teeth would be healthy.

  • Where is Sarah?
what do i already know

What do I already know?

I know I get nervous when I wait at the dentist office.

I know I would see models for healthy teeth at the dentist office.

I know there is a nurse at the dentist office.

what did the story tell me
What did the story tell me?
  • Sarah is waiting nervously.
  • She is looking at the models of healthy teeth.
  • She hopes her teeth will be healthy.
in conclusion10
In Conclusion
  • I think Sarah must be at the dentist office for a checkup.
read this paragraph
Read this paragraph.

One day pa said that as soon as he had finished planting the crops, they would all go to town. Laura, Mary, and Carrie could go too. They were old enough now.

Laura and Mary were very excited. The next day they tried to play going to town.They could not do it very well because they were not sure what a town was like. They had never even seen a store.

Why are Laura and Mary so excited?


What do I already know?

What did I learn from the story?