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Student Presentations

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Student Presentations
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Student Presentations

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  1. Student Presentations

  2. Overview • Introduction • Prepping • Zipping • Uploading • unZipping • Viewing

  3. Introduction This is the Student Presentation icon. Some instructors choose to use this tool for collaborative or individual student presentations. The presentation is typically created using Microsoft PowerPoint then uploaded via this tool for viewing by peers.

  4. Student Presentations may be found directly on the Homepage OR inside a specific course section. Locating Presentations In this tutorial the Student Presentation tool is inside the section for “Study Tools”, click to enter section.

  5. Student Presentations To enter Student Presentations, click on the icon.

  6. The Presentations tool will list all presentation groups. Only a group member has access to their presentation area to upload or exchange files. Presentations Overview Click the button for “Edit Files” to enter your presentation area.

  7. Inside the presentation area there are many options for developing or working with your presentation files. Presentations Overview You can create your presentation directly online by clicking the “Create File” button and using the HTML editor.

  8. PowerPoint More often than not the presentation is created using Microsoft PowerPoint, saved as a Web page and uploaded. The following section of this tutorial describes saving as a Web Page in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000. Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 has similar steps.

  9. From within PowerPoint click on File and choose the option for “Save as Web Page…”. Saving as Web Page

  10. For any presentation to be viewable in the Student Presentations tool the top level file MUST be saved as “index.html”. Settings Click the “Publish” button.

  11. Settings Select the second radio button under “Browser support”. Click the button for “Web Options…”.

  12. Select the tab for “Files”. Settings

  13. DELESELECT the checkbox for “Organize supporting files in a folder” and click “OK” button when done. Settings

  14. Click the “Browse…” button. Settings

  15. Settings Select to create new folder.

  16. Enter same name as presentation and click the “OK” button. Settings

  17. Settings To exit, click the “OK” button.

  18. To finalize the save as web page process click the “Publish” button. Settings

  19. The save as web page process produces a single folder containing multiple files. Since WebCT only allows for single file uploading these will need to be zipped or compressed into a .zip file. Zipping Zipit Windows: winzip <> Macintosh: zipit <http://www.maczipit>

  20. Once the zipping program is installed, open the application, then drag and drop all files from within the presentation folder. Zipping

  21. Zipping With the mouse click after the word “\Desktop\” and type in the name of the presentation (index). This will be the name of the zipped file. Click the “Add” button.

  22. Zipping Click the x box to close.

  23. Zipping The zipped file (located on the desktop) is now ready for uploading to your Student Presentation area where it will need to be unzipped.

  24. Inside Student Presentations for your group click on the “Upload” button. Uploading

  25. Uploading Click the “Browse…” button.

  26. Locate and click once to select the zip file. Click “Open” when done. Uploading

  27. Uploading Click the “Upload” button.

  28. To extract the files select the checkbox next to the zipped file title and click the “Unzip” button. Unzipping

  29. Unzipping Click the “Unzip” button.

  30. To view the presentation click on the WebCT Breadcrumb for “Student Presentations”. Viewing

  31. Viewing To open a presentation click on the title in the “Description” column.

  32. Proceed through the presentation by clicking on slide titles. Viewing

  33. Refresher • Introduction • Prepping • Zipping • Uploading • unZipping • Viewing