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EXPLORER TIMELINE. By: Mrs. Abernethy’s Animal Planet Class of 2001/02. Nomadic Hunters. BORN: 10,000 Years Ago Place of Birth: Russia Place of Death:America. Nomadic Hunters. Sponsoring Country: Russia Method of Travel: Hiked and walked Discovery: America. Nomadic Hunters.

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explorer timeline

By: Mrs. Abernethy’s

Animal Planet

Class of 2001/02

nomadic hunters
Nomadic Hunters

BORN: 10,000 Years Ago

Place of Birth: Russia

Place of Death:America

nomadic hunters3
Nomadic Hunters

Sponsoring Country: Russia

Method of Travel: Hiked and walked

Discovery: America

nomadic hunters4
Nomadic Hunters

A long, long time ago ice had covered much of the world. The land between Asia and North America made a big land bridge. Hunters looked for game across this big land bridge into the new world.

nomadic hunters5
Then, a long time ago the temperature got warmer and the bridge was covered with water. Nobody could go across the bridge. These people were the first people to discover America.Nomadic Hunters
eric the red
Eric the Red



Place of Birth:Norway

Place of Death:Vinland

eric the red and his major discovery
Eric the Red and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country:Norway

Method of Travel:Boat


eric the red8
Eric the Red

Summary of Discovery:

In 982 he sailed from Iceland to Greenland. He was banished from Norway for manslaughter. Eric was also banished from Iceland. In 985 Eric’s banishment from Iceland was over and he returned.

leif eriksson
Leif Eriksson

BORN:About 960AD

DIED:About 1008

Place of Birth:Iceland

Place of death Unknown

leif eriksson and his major discovery
Leif Eriksson and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country:Norway

Method of Travel:Ship


leif eriksson11
Leif Eriksson

Summary of Discovery

Leif Eriksson discovered

America in 1001 AD

marco polo



Place of Birth:Venice

Place of death:Venice

marco polo13

Sponsoring Country:


Method of Travel:

Boat or Walk

Discovery: Riches of the East.

marco polo14

Summary of Discovery:

Marco found riches of the east. He traveled throughout China.

john cabot
John Cabot

BORN: John Cabot was born in 1450.

DIED: John Cabot died in 1498.

john cabot and his major discovery
John Cabot and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country: England

Method of Travel: Ship.

Discovery: He reached Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland. He discovered a rich codfishing ground on Newfoundland.He went on a voyage in 1496 and only got as far as Iceland.

john cabot17
John Cabot

John Cabot discovered many places. Such as Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland. He discovered many more places also. He tried to find gold, but he never did.

christopher columbus

BORN: 1451

DIED: 1506

Place of Birth: Genoa,Italy


christopher columbus and his major discovery
Christopher Columbus and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country:


Method of Travel:


Discovery: America

christopher columbus20

Summary of Discovery: Columbus proved that the world is round, He made four voyages to America, but he did not know he had discovered a new world. He thought he was in India and called the natives Indians.

christopher columbus21
Christopher Columbus
  • Christopher was 55

when he died. He worked for the King and Queen of Spain. He was born in 1451 and died in1506.

the voyage
The Voyage
  • Christopher brought back gold,spices & other things that they wanted.
christopher s life
Christopher’s life
  • He was married twice

and had two sons. His first wife died . He named his first son after one of his three brothers.

amerigo vespucci
Amerigo Vespucci



Place of Birth:March 9th in Florence,Italy

Place of death: Feb. 22 in Seville.

amerigo vespucci and his major discovery
Amerigo Vespucci and his MajorDiscovery

Sponsoring Country:


Method of Travel:

By boat

Discovery:North America, Coast of Florida

amerigo vespucci26
Amerigo Vespucci

America is named afterAmerigo Vespucci. He had 3 voyages one at year 1507. Next at (1499-1502). Last at year 1501-1502. He died at age 58.

bartolomew dias
Bartolomew Dias



Place of Birth: Portugal

Place of Death: Brazil

bartolomew dias and his major discovery
Bartolomew Dias and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country: Portugal

Method of Travel: Boat and by foot

Discovery: Explored Africa’s coast

bartolomew dias29
Bartolomew Dias

Summary of Discovery:

Led the first expedition around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. He sailed near South America on the way to Africa. One of the first Europeans to see Brazil. Died on an expedition.

vasco da gama
Vasco Da Gama

BORN: 1469

DIED: 1524

Place of Birth:

Sines, Alemtejo

Place of Death: Cochin, India

vasco da gama and his major discovery
Vasco Da Gama and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country:Portugal

Method of Travel: Sailing

Discovery: Calicut, India

vasco da gama32
Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama landed in Calicut, India in May 1498.

He returned to Portugal in 1499 because of constant danger.

vasco da gama33

For his discovery he was given:




vasco da gama34
Vasco Da Gama

After exploring for 20 years, Da Gama returned to India in 1524, but died shortly after arriving.

vasco nunez de balboa

BORN: Jerez de Los Caballeros, Spain 1475

DIED: Jan. 21, 1519

Place of Birth: Jerez de Los Caballeros, Spain

vasco nunez de balboa and his major discovery
VASCO NUNEZ DE BALBOAAnd his major discovery

Sponsoring Country: Spain

Method of Travel: By ship

Discovery: Pacific Ocean

vasco nunez de balboa37

What we call Pacific Ocean was really called the Magnificent Sea, and Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovered it. He ran away on a ship to escape from going to jail, because he was heavily in debt.


VASCO NUNEZ DE BALBOA is best known as the first European to see the Pacific Ocean. On September 29 he reached his destination, named it Mar del Sur South Sea and claimed it for Spain. Pedrarias Davila hated him. He was a Governor and had Balboa arrested, convicted for treason, and beheaded.

ferdinand magellan
Ferdinand Magellan



Place of Birth: Sabrosa, Portugal

Place of Death: Philippines

ferdinand magellan and his major discovery
Ferdinand Magellan and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country: Spain

Method of Travel:By Ship

Discovery: Magellan proved the world was round and that it is possible to sail around it.

ferdinand magellan41
Ferdinand Magellan

Magellan’s expedition proved the world was round and that it is possible to sail around it. Magellan renamed the Pacific Ocean. Pacific means peaceful. The ocean was calm that day.

ferdinand magellan42
Ferdinand Magellan
  • When Magellanarrived at the Philippines, he participated in native quarrel. He was killed during the quarrel. One of his ships the Victory returned to Seville. He had sailed around the world.
francisco pizarro
Francisco Pizarro



Place of Birth: SPAIN

Place of Death:Lima

francisco pizarro44
Francisco Pizarro

Sponsoring Country: Spain

Method of Travel: One ship

Discovery: He went to the know land

francisco pizarro45
Francisco Pizarro

Summary of Discovery

He is known for being a sea captain and he went to the know land. But he did not know how to read or write but he still became a sea captain.

hernando cortes
Hernando Cortes

BORN: 1485

DIED: 1547, Dec .2

Place of Birth: Spain

Place of Death: Castilleja de la

hernando cortes47
Hernando Cortes

Sponsoring Country: Spain

Method of Travel: Sailed and road horses.

Discovery:The most famous conqueros

hernando cortes48
Hernando Cortes

Cortes founded the city of Veracruz in Mexico and then marched on and destroyed the Aztec holy city of Cholula.with 500 soldiers and 16 horses. He then proceeded on to Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. Tenochtitlan is today called Mexico City.

alvar nunez cabeza de vaca
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
  • He was born in 1490 in Jerez de la Frontera.
  • He explored Texas through Mexico and back to Spain.
  • He explored some on ship and some on foot.
alvar nunez cabeza de vaca50
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
  • He was the first Spaniard to explore Texas in history.
alvar nunez cabeza de vaca51
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
  • He was 60 when he died.
  • He died in 1550 in Spain.
jacques cartier
Jacques Cartier
  • Jacques Cartier was born in 1491 in St. Malo, France and died in 1557. He traveled in 3 ships to make his discovery. He was sponsored by France.
he s best known for
He’s Best Known For
  • Cartier was best known for trying to find the Northwest Passage that France had sponsored him for.
  • He was also known for claiming Canada for France and being an admiral in the French Navy.
the second voyage
The Second Voyage
  • Cartier made a second trip to Canada in 1535. This time he discovered the St. Lawrence River. Thinking that this mighty river led to Indian Civilizations as rich as those in Mexico and Peru, He sailed up it as far as the Indian village of Hochelaga.
the second voyage cont
The Second Voyage (cont)
  • Cartier found the Iroquois Indians to be friendly and courteous. The French offered to share their hardtack and red wine with their new friends but the Indians refused thinking the French were eating wood and drinking blood!!!
winter in hochelaga
Winter in Hochelaga
  • The winter of 1535 had set in, and Cartier was unable to return to France. He and his men were forced to stay the winter with the Iroquois at Hochelaga. Because they lacked fresh fruits and vegetables, many of the Frenchman died of Scurvy
winter at holchelaga cont
Winter At Holchelaga (cont)
  • It is interesting to note that those who accepted and drank the Indian cure for Scurvy recovered. The Iroquois had learned to make brew from the branches of the hemlock tree that apparently cured this disease.
back in france
Back In France
  • Cartier returned to France with samples of what he thought was gold. But what he carried back was apparently “FALSE GOLD.” It was probably either copper or iron pyrite which is a combination of iron and sulfur that has a yellowish color.
the third voyage
The Third Voyage
  • King Francis sent Cartier back to Canada for the third time in 1541. This time he was to set up a permanent French settlement. He succeeded, but the colony only lasted only for one year.
jacques cartier60
Jacques Cartier
  • Cartier never found any gold in New France, as the French Empire came to be called. Nor did he find the Northeast Passage. For his efforts, however, France made him an admiral in the French Navy.
hernando de soto
Hernando De Soto

BORN: around 1500

DIED: May 21, 1542

Place of Birth: Barcarrota, Spain

Place of Death: on the Mississippi River in Louisiana

hernando de soto and his major discovery
Hernando De Soto and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country: Spain

Method of Travel: Ship, horseback, and foot

Discovery: Mississippi River

hernando de soto63
Hernando De Soto

Hernando discovered the Mississippi River. He fought in one of the bloodiest battles in history. He was the first Spaniard to explore the Southeastern United States. He was the governor of a country.

hernando de soto64
Hernando De Soto
  • While Hernando was exploring, he captured many chiefs, even after some were nice.
hernando de soto65
Hernando De Soto

When Hernando De Soto died on the Mississippi River, his crew members tied rocks to him and threw him overboard so the Indians couldn’t do anything to his body.

henry hudson
Henry Hudson



Place of Birth:England

Place of death:Hudson River

henry hudson hudson river
(Henry Hudson) Hudson River

Sponsoring Country: Holland

Method of:Travel: Ship

Discovery:Hudson River

henry hudson68
Henry Hudson

Summary of Discovery He discovered the Hudson River. In June 1611, after being stranded in Hudson Bay for the winter, his crew planned a mutiny. They placed Hudson, his son and seven sick crewmen in a small boat .

They were given no food, water,

or weapons. They were never heard from again.


BORN: 1510


Place of Birth: Salamanea,CA

Place of Death:Mexico City


Sponsoring Country:He sponsored himself.

Method of Travel: Ship

Discovery: He didn't find anything.


Summary of Discovery

He was cruel. He had slaves that did his work. That’s why he didn't find anything.

sir francis drake
Sir Francis Drake



Place of Birth:England

Place of death: Near Panama

sir francis drake and his major discovery
Sir Francis Drake and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country: England

Method of Travel: By boat, and by foot

Discovery: He stole gold from the Spanish.

sir francis drake74
Sir Francis Drake

Summary of Discovery:

He stole gold from the Spanish and gave it to the queen of England. He also defeated the Spanish Armada.

samuel de champlain
Samuel De Champlain


DIED: Dec. 25,1635

Place of Birth: Brouage, France

Place of Death: Quebec, Canada

samuel de champlain and his major discovery
Samuel De Champlain and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country:


Method of Travel:

Ship, horse, and foot

Discovery: Quebec, and a lake between the states of New York and Vermont

samuel de champlain77
Samuel de Champlain
  • In 1608 he discovered Quebec. At first it was a small fur trading post and became a large city. It is the only city with walls around it in North America. In 1609, he discovered a lake between New York and Vermont.
robert caveliar
Robert Caveliar

BORN: 1643

DIED: In 1687 he was killed.

Place of Birth: Rouen, France

Place of Death. Near the Trinity river in Canada.

robert caveliear and his major discovery
Robert Caveliear and his Major Discovery

Sponsoring Country: France

Method of Travel: Boat

Discovery: The Ohio River

robert cavelier
Robert Cavelier

Summary of Discovery:

In 1666 La Salle immigrated to Canada. He was granted land on the St.Lawrence River, and became a trader. From 1669 to 1670, he explored the region south of Lakes Ontario and Erie, and claimed to have discovered the Ohio river in 1671.

captain james cook
Captain James Cook
  • Born on: October 27, 1728.
  • Born in: Marton in Cleveland , Yorkshire England.
  • Died on: February 14
  • Died in: Hawaii.
james cook
James Cook
  • Mr. Sanderson accused James Cook of being a lazy Thief.
  • James Cook Joined the British Navy
  • James Cook learned how to climb the mast and pull the ropes.
james cook83
James Cook
  • One night the French planned to trap James Cook in the middle of the river.
  • James Cook spent eight years mapping the northern coast of North America.
james cook84
James Cook
  • Cook was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle.
  • James Cook explored and charted the coast of New Zealand.
  • He set foot on six Continents. He named hundreds of bays , islands, and straits.
meriwether lewis
Meriwether Lewis



Place of Birth: Unknown

Place of Death: In a tavern

lewis and his major discoveries
Lewis and His Major Discoveries

Sponsoring Country: USA

Method of Travel: Boat and horse.

Discovery: The Louisiana purchase

meriwether lewis87
Meriwether Lewis

Summary of Discovery He had a partner and together they explored the Louisiana purchase.

the end

Hope you enjoyed the show!!!!