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Amazing Americans

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Amazing Americans
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Amazing Americans

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  1. AmazingAmericans AlexaCanady LouisBraille Click on a picture to learn more about the person. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. EleanorRoosevelt ThomasEdison RobertoClemente

  2. Alexa Canady

  3. Alexa Canady When Alexa Canady was little, she dreamed of being like Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was a famous nurse who helped soldiers. When Alexa Canady was young, she read about Florence Nightingale. Alexa grew up and instead of becoming a nurse, she became a surgeon. A surgeon is a doctor that gives operations.-Sierra

  4. Alexa Canady Alexa Canady studied so hard to become a surgeon. Alexa Canady operates on people like Justin so they can get their bodies fixed and working again. Alexa Canady visited Justin to see how he was doing. Alexa Canady helps people like Justin when they get hurt. -Andrew

  5. Alexa Canady When Dr. Canady got ready for an operation, she got on gloves, a mask, and a suit.-Jared

  6. Louis Braille

  7. Louis Braille Louis Braille was five years old when he became blind. He couldn’t run and play or read. He had to feel everything with his hands.-Jasmine

  8. Louis Braille When Louis was seven years old he tried to remember everything his teacher said to him. He was a good listener. When he was older, he learned to read by feeling wooden letters. He forgot the letters before he got to the end of the line! Later, Louis Braille learned to read with holes cut in paper. When he was 15, he invented an easier method of reading using raised dots.-Logan

  9. Louis Braille Louis never got to see his method for reading used because he died. People started using his method after he died. There are machines and computers that use Braille’s method. The Braille method helps people all over the world to read and write.-Kylie

  10. Eleanor Roosevelt

  11. Eleanor Roosevelt When Eleanor Roosevelt was little, she was scared of absolutely everything. When she was ten years old her parents died. She moved in with friends after they died.-Jazmyne

  12. Eleanor Rooesvelt When Eleanor grew up she married a man named Franklin Roosevelt. Franklin got sick and couldn’t walk anymore. Eleanor knew Franklin wanted to keep working even though he couldn’t walk, so Eleanor traveled and made speeches for Franklin. Franklin was elected governor of New York and Eleanor visited schools and hospitals. Eleanor came home and told Franklin how people needed help. All of Eleanor’s hard work wasn’t just for Franklin. Eleanor started a furniture business to make jobs for the poor.-Cassie

  13. Eleanor Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt was elected President of 12 years. When he died, Eleanor felt that her work was over. The world had grown to love her and they knew her work was not over. She flew to Switzerland and helped write a paper about how people in all countries should be treated equally. Eleanor had grown up and learned not to be scared anymore and was loved by the world.-Demarco

  14. Roberto Clemente

  15. Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente was born in Puerto Rico. He had a dream of being an athlete. Roberto and his friends played baseball a lot. Roberto’s family didn’t have any money to buy baseballs. Since they didn’t have any money to buy baseballs they used old golf balls and wrapped them in tape and string. Roberto and the other kids in his house learned to share with each other. Roberto never forgot this lesson.-Katina

  16. Roberto Clemente When Clemente became famous he visited children in the hospitals. Roberto liked teaching children how to play baseball. Roberto Clemente wanted children to be good athletes.-Hunter

  17. Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente played baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He traveled from Puerto Rico to Pittsburg each year. He hit 23 homeruns in 1961, which helped him become famous.-Noah

  18. Roberto Clemente There was an earthquake and Roberto Clemente wanted to help the people there. He was taking food to them on a plane but the plane crashed and he died. He got put in the hall of fame. Roberto Clemente is remembered because he cared about other.-Mya

  19. Thomas Edison

  20. Thomas Edison When Thomas Edison was a little boy, he set the barn on fire and even tried to hatch the eggs for the hens by sitting on the eggs. Even when he grew up he was still like a little boy because he was so curious.-Olivia

  21. Thomas Edison When Thomas Edison grew up he became an inventor. He sold his inventions because he wanted to build his own laboratory. He worked on his inventions in this building.-Deja

  22. Thomas Edison Thomas Edison invented the light bulb by using special string and after two years it finally worked. He became a famous inventor. He invented the phonograph to play music and a projector to play movies.-Austin

  23. Thomas Edison Thomas Edison’s inventions helped others. He invented the projector so we can watch movies. Edison invented the record player and he also invented the light bulb. He was a good inventor and a great person.-Alea

  24. Created by:Mrs. Knockel’s 2nd Grade classLincoln School2006