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Amazing Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Americans

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Amazing Americans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Amazing Americans
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  1. AmazingAmericans Click on a picture to learn more about the person. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. Louis Braille Dr. Alexa Canady Roberto Clemente Eleanor Roosevelt ThomasEdison

  2. Dr. Alexa Canady

  3. Dr. Alexa Canady Alexa Canady wanted to be like Florence Nightingale. She became a surgeon at a children’s hospital. -Tanner

  4. Dr. Alexa Canady One of the children Dr. Canady has helped is Justin. She asked him questions to help find out what was wrong. -Jackson

  5. Dr. Alexa Canady Dr. Canady used tools to help her find out what was the matter. She wears gloves, a mask, and a gown to keep germs away from children when she treats them. Alexa Canady makes a difference by helping us stay healthy. -Imla

  6. Roberto Clemente

  7. Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente was born in Puerto Rico. He was one of the greatest players. They were poor so they used old golf balls with string and tape for baseballs.-Sydney

  8. Roberto Clemente Roberto grew stronger. He played baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was great! He also was great at helping sick children and people who needed him.-Audrey

  9. Roberto Clemente He died in an airplane crash, he was delivering boxes of medicine to the people and cared about them. He’s remembered because he helped many people and cared about them. He’s in the baseball hall of fame and on a stamp.-Brady

  10. Louis Braille

  11. Louis Braille Louis Braille lived in France a long time ago. When he was 5 he became blind. He learned to read by feeling bumpy letters. -Matthew

  12. Louis Braille His dad believed he could go to college. For Louis, listening was the only way to learn. Feeling the letters was hard for Louis because it took too long. -Dannielle

  13. Louis Braille Louis Braille learned to read by learning dashes and dots. He was 15 Years old and he made dots that were raised to help blind people read easier. This is called Braille. Schools still use Braille all over the world! -Nemien

  14. Eleanor Roosevelt

  15. Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the world famous women .She was born over 100 yeas ago. When she was a little girl her mother and father died and she was sad and lonely.-Josie

  16. Eleanor Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt was the governor of New York and was her husband. He got sick and his legs stopped working. She helped him by making speeches and visiting schools and hospitals.-Tyler

  17. Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt opened a furniture store and visited schools, hospitals, ran a girls’ school and helped build homes for the poor. She believed people should be treated the same even if they’re young, old, black or white.-Anna

  18. Eleanor Roosevelt Her husband became president of the U.S.A. and she kept helping people. After President Roosevelt died, Eleanor Roosevelt went to Switzerland for a human rights meeting. She also wrote an important paper about treating people equally.-Cassidy

  19. Thomas Edison

  20. Thomas Edison Thomas Edison tried new thing and he got in trouble. Like trying to hatch eggs and set his barn on fire. He made inventions never thought of before.-Hali

  21. Thomas Edison He sold inventions to get money to make a laboratory. A laboratory is a place where you mix liquids and make inventions. One of his most important inventions was the light bulb.-Brendin

  22. Thomas Edison He made the first movie projector and he made the first phonograph to listen to music. He made cool inventions.-Kalli

  23. Created by:Mrs. Budde’s 2nd Grade classLincoln School2006