Travel, Entertainment and Meeting Expenses
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Travel, Entertainment and Meeting Expenses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Travel, Entertainment and Meeting Expenses Agenda Travel Highlights of Recent Changes Roles and Responsibilities Corporate Travel Cards Temporary Travel Advances Airline Tickets Lodging Agenda Meal & Incidental Expenses Automobile Usage Extended Travel Allowable / Not Allowable

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Presentation Transcript

Agenda l.jpg

  • Travel

    • Highlights of Recent Changes

    • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Corporate Travel Cards

    • Temporary Travel Advances

    • Airline Tickets

    • Lodging

Agenda3 l.jpg

  • Meal & Incidental Expenses

  • Automobile Usage

  • Extended Travel

  • Allowable / Not Allowable

  • Receipt Requirements

  • Travel Expense Voucher Form

Agenda4 l.jpg

  • Entertainment and Meetings

    • Definition

    • Responsibilities

    • Highlights of Recent Changes

    • Allowable / Not Allowable

    • Payment / Reimbursement Request

  • Resources and Contacts

  • Questions

Highlights of recent changes l.jpg
Highlights of Recent Changes

  • Increase in daily M&IE cap

    • Travel > 24 hours = $64/day

    • Travel > 12 hours but < 24 hours = $42

  • Internet Travel Packages Not Allowed

    • Not reimbursable without itemized documentation

Roles and responsibilities l.jpg
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Traveler

    • Become familiar with Bulletin G-28

    • Report actual travel expenses in a timely manner

    • Reservations and cancellations

    • Return for refund any unused or partially used airline tickets

    • Return unused cash advances

Roles and responsibilities8 l.jpg
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Approver

    • Become familiar with bulletin G-28

    • Review employee’s travel expenses certifying compliance to UC policy

    • Never approve own Travel Expense Voucher

    • Never approve travel expenses of near relative

    • Never approve travel expenses of persons above you

Corporate travel cards l.jpg
Corporate Travel Cards

  • US Bank

  • Available to employees who travel

  • Cardholder billed directly

  • Use to pay for all travel expenses

  • Use to obtain cash advances

Temporary travel advances l.jpg
Temporary Travel Advances

  • For travelers without Corporate Travel Card

  • Issued within 30 days of trip

  • Allow one outstanding cash advance at a time per trip

  • Not available for travelers with delinquent TEV accounts

Airline tickets l.jpg
Airline Tickets

  • Coach Class

  • State Airfare Travel Program

    • Only available through Fell Travel

    • Business Travel Account (BTA)

    • State Airfare Purchase Agreement

  • Other Agencies

    • Compare airfares against State discount fares

    • Vacation packages through internet not allowed

Lodging l.jpg

  • Allowable for travel > 12 hours

  • CONUS – use actual costs

  • OCONUS and Foreign - use actual cost or per diem

  • Actual expense may not exceed 300% of per diem

  • Lodging with a friend or relative

  • Supported by receipts

Meal and incidental expenses l.jpg
Meal and Incidental Expenses

  • Allowable for travel > 12 hours

  • CONUS – use actual costs

  • OCONUS and Foreign - per diem

    • Adjustment for partial days

    • Adjustment when meals provided

Automobile usage l.jpg
Automobile Usage

  • Car Rentals

    • Use UC contracted car rental agencies

    • Request negotiated discount rates

  • Use of Private Automobile

    • Require adequate liability insurance

    • Reimbursement of mileage

  • University Vehicles

    • Used only for official University business

Extend travel l.jpg
Extend Travel

  • Extend trip to save cost, e.g. a Saturday night stay

  • Reimbursement up to cost saving amount

Payment of expense on behalf of others l.jpg
Payment of Expense on Behalf of Others

  • Generally not allowable

  • Exception:

    • Co-travelers sharing a room

    • Group leaders may pay and claim reimbursement for all or part of group’s expenses

Allowable not allowable l.jpg


Registration fees

Dry Cleaning

Personal Telephone Calls


Bridges, tolls, shuttle

Not Allowable

Reimbursement for frequent flyer miles

Rental cars billed directly to the University

Motorcycles used for business.

Allowable / Not Allowable

Receipt requirements l.jpg
Receipt Requirements

  • Original receipts

    • Airline expenses

    • Lodging

    • Rental Cars

    • Registration Fees

    • Gifts provided to host costing $25 or more

    • All other expenses of $75 or more

Receipt requirements19 l.jpg
Receipt Requirements

  • Electronic Receipts

    • Acceptable if same detail provided

  • Missing Receipts

    • Provide statement with explanation.

    • Statement must include certification

Submission of travel expense voucher tev l.jpg
Submission of Travel Expense Voucher (TEV)

  • Use TEV Form U85-2

  • Submit completed form with 21 days of the end of the trip

  • Signed by and certify by both traveler and approver

  • Clearly state trip dates, destination, purpose, and amounts of each expenditure

  • Include deductions for any travel advances

  • If advance exceeds reimbursable expense, payment should be submitted with TEV. Checks payable to “UC Regents”.

Definition l.jpg

  • Expenditures for University functions, business meetings, and other occasions when meals and/or light refreshments are served.

Responsibilities l.jpg

  • Department Head

    • Ensures compliance with University policy

    • Ensures compliance with funding source restrictions

    • Appropriate documentation to substantiate expenses

    • Ensures proper approval

    • Maintains inventory of all quantity purchases

Highlights of recent changes25 l.jpg
Highlights of Recent Changes

  • Increase maximum meal rates

    • Breakfast $26

    • Lunch $38

    • Dinner $64

    • Light Refreshment $17

  • Exceptions

Allowable not allowable26 l.jpg


Hosted Events

Business Meeting Hospitality

Employee Morale-Building Activities

On-the-job Meals

Meals Provided to Students

Not Allowable

Lavish or extravagant expenses

Cash contributions to a political campaign or candidate

Allowable / Not Allowable

Payment reimbursement request l.jpg
Payment/Reimbursement Request

  • Use Check Request for Entertainment / Meeting Expenses (CREME)

  • Completed request must include:

    • Type of expense (lunch, dinner, etc)

    • Type of event

    • Number of participants

    • Date and location of the event

    • Purpose of the event

    • Signature and printed name of department head or authorizing official

  • Original receipts for expense $75 or more

Resources l.jpg

  • Controller’s Office Website

  • Policy and Regulations Governing Travel (G-28)

  • Meals & Entertainment Policy (BUS-79)

  • Accounts Payable Forms


  • Car Rental Agency Listing (enter keyword “car rental”)

Contacts l.jpg

  • AP Customer Center

    • (415) 476-2126


  • State Airfare Program


  • Travel Supervisor (415) 476-3656

  • Accounts Payable Manager (415) 476-8449