Travel entertainment fraud
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Travel entertainment fraud


Speaker: Peter Goldmann| Date: 5th October2016 2016 2016 | 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

Contact Us : Email: | Tel: +1-248-233-2049


Expense reimbursement fraud encompassing the numerous forms of employee travel and entertainment (T&E) schemes as well as Purchasing Card (P-Card) fraud costs organizations hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars per year.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), expense reimbursement frauds result in a median loss of $26,000 per incident and represent 14.5% of all employee fraud. While many of these schemes are consider eda immaterial such as claiming reimbursement for a personal meal ... charging a pay-per-view movie to a business-related hotel bill ... or inflating the cost of a taxi ride management should not underestimate the cumulative cost of these thefts.  


Areas covered in the session

  • Types of T&E P-Card fraud and most common of employee travel and entertainment (T&E) schemes as well as Purchasing Card (P-Card) perpetrators

  • Red flags of T&E fraud to watch for

  • Latest best practices in early T&E fraud detection

  • T&E fraud prevention best practices

  • Explore the common and not-so-common T&E fraud risks to your organization

  • Identify the most common T&E fraud perpetrators

  • Understand the red flags of potential or actual T&E and P-card fraud

  • Learn how to detect T&E and P-Card frauds quickly and efficiently

  • Understand best practices in minimizing your organization risk of falling victim to T&E fraud

Areas Covered in the Session:

Who will benefit

  • Internal and External Audit of employee travel and entertainment (T&E) schemes as well as Purchasing Card (P-Card) Professionals

  • Internal Control Professionals

  • Finance and Accounting Management

  • Compliance and Ethics Professionals

  • Loss Prevention and Risk Specialists

  • Security Professionals

  • Fraud Examiners

  • Procurement and Payables Specialists

Who will benefit:

Instructor profile

Peter Goldmann of employee travel and entertainment (T&E) schemes as well as Purchasing Card (P-Card) is President of FraudAware LLC, the publisher of White-Collar Crime Fighter, a widely read bi-monthly newsletter for internal auditors, controllers, corporate counsel, financial operations managers and investigators. The newsletter is in its 15th year of publication under Peter’s leadership.

Peter is the author of Fraud in the Markets: Why it Happens and How to Fight It, published by John Wiley & Sons. The book is an in-depth account of the role that fraud played in bringing about the financial crisis of 2008.

Peter is also the author of four other anti-fraud books covering accounts payable fraud, accounts receivable fraud, as well as two workbooks on fraud and cyber-risk and control, also published by Wiley.

Peter also developed FraudAware, the leading fraud and cyber-crime awareness training program. A user-friendly learning tool, FraudAware uses seminar, Webinar and E-Learning formats to train employees and managers at all levels in how to detect, prevent and report incidents of fraud, information theft and other forms of financial and electronic suspicious conduct.

Instructor Profile :